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  1. I'm getting a little short on 10 year increments myself. Better days ahead hopefully.
  2. Been so long, I forgot. Sorry. Liked your post though!
  3. Folks, take look at this clip. It's from a Religious site. If you don't like it it , please move on. I don't do "Negative" real well. I like this DV and really don't wan't problems. I put this here for everyone's benefit. It reflects a new way of thinking. Certainly important to us all when we visualize who an Arab is. Most of us have never made contact. If they were all like this, the world would be a better place. Thanks.
  4. Follow Link Please.
  6. I'd be a fool to disagree my friend. With all the SDR talk and the recent NYSE news, along with the new "Budget" plan, still tying to sort it all out. To early to tell just yet what's going on behind the scenes. Too many bits and pieces. Thanks.
  7. Gulftainer to Build New Port North of Umm Qasr Posted on 11 February 2011. Tags: General Company of Iraqi Ports, Gulftainer, Ports, Umm Qasr The director of the Iraqi Ports Company said on Thursday that the company signed its second contract with the Emirati company Gulftainer to establish a dry port north of Umm Qasr port, at a cost of $150 million [180 billion Iraqi dinars], according to a report from AKnews. Khudair Aboud said that the project is part of a plan to upgrade the transport system in Iraq, which includes ports, railways and roads, and this is the first step in the establishment of logistic infrastructure. “The project includes the construction of the dry port on an area of 300 acres, five refrigerated and unrefrigerated warehouses, the building of management and services building, and construction of roads entering and leaving the port of Umm Qasr and bringing 48 cranes and tankers.” Keith Nitel, the commercial director of Gulftainer, told AKnews that “the contract value is $ 150 million and the duration of the joint operation is three years; it will be completed in one year.” “This project is of great importance as it links Iraq commercially with the world through the dry canal that the company will esablish.” Gulftainer will rehabilitate berth number seven in Umm Qasr port and it started receiving commercial ships since last March. The company’s investment is estimated at about $ 500 million over a number of projects related to ports, transportation projects and local airports. Iraq has five ports in Basra province (550 km south of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad): Umm Qasr port, Abu Fulus, Khor Zubair, Faw port, Khor Abdullah and al-Amaya oil port. (Source: AKnews)
  8. New Iraqi Import Tariffs – The Full List Posted on 14 February 2011. Tags: Tariffs, WTO Further to our report last week on Iraq’s new import tariffs, you can download the new tariff list in English by clicking on the link below: Import tariffs (English version)The Arabic version is contained in 21 large pdf files, and can be downloaded from the Ministry of Finance: Import tariffs (Arabic version)Iraq Business News cannot accept responsibility for any errors in these documents. For more discussion on the new tariffs, please click here to read Mark DeWeaver’s latest article.
  9. Iraq Can Double Oil Output in 10 Years Posted on 16 February 2011. Tags: oil production, Shell Iraqi oil output will double in the next decade, not quadruple as in initial government targets, but the country could still test Saudi Arabia’s influence in OPEC, oil major Shell said on Monday. In its energy scenarios to 2050, published for the first time since 2008, Shell said Iraq was a key uncertainty in the oil supply picture, with output likely to reach 5-6 million barrels per day over the next decade if reasonable stability and security are achieved, according to Reuters. Iraq’s previous government had said partnerships with oil and gas companies including Shell could push output to as much as 10-12 million bpd. “This would mean annual growth rates of 10-15 percent would have to be sustained for at least 10 years — a feat unseen in recent history,” Shell said. Shell said that in the medium term, a balance must be struck between ramping-up production quickly for Iraq to generate income and avoiding over-supply so that OPEC can manage its spare capacity buffer adequately. “Key to price volatility will be OPEC’s spare capacity levels, its adherence to agreed quotas to limit production during periods of weak demand and continued market perception of medium to longer-term supply-demand tightness”
  10. Electricity Ministry Needs $8 Billion to Pay Debts Posted on 16 February 2011. Tags: Budget, Electricity The Electricity Ministry says it needs $8 billion [9.6 trillion Iraqi dinars] this year to pay its debts and finance current and new projects. The sum amounts to nearly 10 percent of the country’s budget, reports Azzaman. “The sum is needed to pay the ministry’s debts and finance new projects to revive the power sector,” said Adel Mahdi, the Electricity Ministry’s top financial adviser. He said this year’s allocations “are exceptional” and that the ministry will not need such massive sums in the future. Mahdi said he has been in contact with Prime Minister Nouri al-Malaki on how to make the money available for the ministry. “I have received assurances from the prime minister, who sees improving electricity supplies as a top priority by his government, that the ministry will get most the allocations it needs,” Mahdi said. If the money is made available, Mahdi claimed the ministry should be able to put an end to power shortages “in one to two years.” But, the report claims, there are few in Iraq who take Mahdi’s claim seriously. The electricity sector has devoured billions of dollars since the 2003-U.S. invasion and Iraqis still get less power from the national grid than they received previously. (Source: Azzaman)
  11. Don't think for a moment I don't appreciate your post, I do. If you haven't already, please take another look at someone's else's perspective. A 4 part series known as "The Rabbit Hole". Link bellow. I subscribe to "Uncommon Wisdom" as well. Both sources help me paint a clearer picture in my own mind. Thanks for putting the word out. Forgot to say, Great Post!
  12. It's good to hear some positive news for a change. Much appreciated!
  13. East Coast NC Checkin in! Good morning Qman!
  14. You said it so well! Peace be to all the other sites. I don't knock them at all. Seems that no matter what is put out, it filters through DV at one point or the other. Seems most of us migrate here to hear the Vets sort it all out. I guess some folks are just a little more vocal than others. There are many members here that wan't to voice their opinion but do not for fear of humiliation. I wish they would post their constructive option because it needs to be heard. JMO, by the way, I think this is a great post!
  15. Way to break it up! That's nice! Thanks!
  16. Okie is as tough as Possum ever was! If we didn't have them. What would we yell about? Nice post Scooby Doo.
  17. Sorry folks, not Iraq or dinar related but it is news. Apologies.
  18. I don't scare easily. Now I'm scared.
  19. Not so good. What else?
  20. There's still plenty of good in this world! Congratulations!
  21. Very refreshing! What a beautiful country! Nice post! Thanks much.
  22. I love an F350 Duramax with leather! Guess what, when they get a little age one on them, they're still an F350 Duramax with leather! Happy V-Day Ladies!
  23. Needed that Qman! It's been a rough morning.
  24. Go easy man. I'ts all good.
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