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  1. Detailed New Briefing Paper on Iraq Posted on 25 February 2011. Tags: Briefing Book, reports, United Nations The United Nations has prepared a comprehensive Briefing Book on Iraq, and presented it to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. The book is comprised of two parts: The first part addresses key policy issues, including: macroeconomic challenges, development planning and prioritization, governance and public sector reform, anti-corruption, private sector development, social protection and the challenges of regional cooperation and internal disputed territories. The second part focuses on the various sectors and cross-cutting issues, including: human rights protection, civil society and the media, gender mainstreaming, basic social services, water resources management, agriculture, environment, energy, transport and telecommunications and cultural heritage. There are a total of 16 chapters for each of the policy issues with an outline of the challenges based on analysis of Iraq’s context and experience, a presentation of recent and ongoing policy actions followed by a series of recommendations for further initiatives. Please click here to download the full report; … here for the executive summary; and … here for the 2-page synopsis.
  2. Are we admitting failure here or what?
  3. links to LA Times. Article may be gone by now. Not sure. Agreed. It's bad but can't be as bad as it was. Not lost in vane!
  4. Interesting you should bring this up. Been wondering myself. Corruption, scandals, missing funds, foreign investment in Iraq from non US companies? USD in the drink, Etc......Makes me go Hmm. Beginning to think this invading Iraq thing didn't play out as well as planned a few years back. Seems to be a lot of interested outside influence that may not have the US interest in mind. Don't mind me, just an observation. Thanks for bringing it up!
  5. Offer to DV vets. If you need security help for a Windows based operating system and the most aggressive system maintenance tools available, contact me through PM and I will be glad to help you out. These tools are available as free down loads. I don't promote other sites, sorry, can't list them here. Mac and Lynix users, your good. Nobody hacks those systems. Windows 98, XP, Vista, and 7 only. I really don't have the time to troubleshoot individual issues but will gladly provide you with a list of tools to make the internet experience a little more pleasant. Slay. Somebody had to. Glad ya did.
  6. Brother, I see your point. In order to do that, every Wal mart and Target in our great country would have to fall. Even our drug store and retail outlets are polluted, including Kmart, Sears, and Roses. It's everywhere and out of control. I shop USA when I can find it. The only thing I can count on these days being made in America, is the venison in my freezer and the back yard garden I grow. I know it's source. Thanks.
  7. And the beat goes on! Good stuff Mr Q.
  8. Nani, I wouldn't believe this guy if he told me my dead father was dead. I'm gonna give the poster a green one for their efforts and conversational piece. Thanks.
  9. Consider the source and close proximity to Wall Street. How do you spell "Dictatta"?
  10. I have similar issues navigating some posts. I am using Chrome Beta with RR and have noticed that it does not like Proxy Servers. Add my security features including IP blocker which updates and changes every 5 minutes and DV site server ability to process data causes me many hang ups and failed connections. However, IE8 is a "Dog" because of it's security check features and tends to be super slow. I have not got any experience with FireFox. I chose the best of two evils and have pretty much just learned to deal with it. My explanation. Thanks.
  11. Yea, I saw it. The fact that it's moving is good. Seems to be fluctuating with the state of economy. Good find. Every time I check Netdania, it's the same old story. Keep watching. Thanks for posting.
  12. Adam, I love your site and all your Vets as well. Thanks for bringing it to us! I don't send many flowers to guys, but you deserve these!
  13. Slightly interesting. Journalists claiming censorship (Democratic Government remember?). Security claiming "Car bombs". Who's right? Both?
  14. Remember what happened the last time he tried blowing smoke up someone's rear end, He got a rocket up his. I read somewhere he's moved into a cozy bunker.
  15. Winner may survive but be severely wounded.
  16. Gettin kinda late to laugh this hard. Good 1 Qman.
  17. Yea, I know, it's bad stuff, but this is the sort of garbage that is being printed everywhere now. Especially with this "Curveball" guy. Every body want's to get a lick in where ever they can to discredit. Didn't say I liked it. Put it out as awareness. Talk soon Smee2, have a good 1.
  18. I love it Qman! I may never be a wealthy dinar investor, maybe I will. There's one thing I am and always will be. An American! Money can't buy that! It's earned.
  19. Seems "Curveball" was a trucker.
  20. This story is about as good as the last 300 or so I've read saying pretty much the same thing only someone else's views. It's all boiling down to corruption on both sides of the fence, ours and there's.
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