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  1. My husband is thier & 100% NO BIG SCREEN T.V's!! And all of BBalls info to his knowledge is false. P U M P E R!!
  2. BBalls must be talking about another Iraq, my husband is thier and nothing like that is to be true to his knowledge. GO RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE BBALLS IS NOT A PUMPER?? WHO KNOWS???
  3. Thank you........... Newman
  4. Why delete my facts about no RV??? Can not handle the truth???
  5. It's sad in some ways, grown adults can not handle the truth............. Given negs for the truth? Why? NO RV!!
  6. Sorry I put in wrong spot, but I was looking for a fact section..........
  7. When I say the TOP.......... It means the RICHES......... Money people N.Y. The top, I hope this helps........ Sorry for some mis spelled words........... I have had to many captans & cokes today......... I am bummed out!!! This is 10000% sure.. Again very sorry!!
  8. This is the most messed up deal.............Since 2005 for me & for some 2003............. I know now this is not going to happen............. This info is from the TOP!! I am not saying anymore because of all the bashing j er ks u know who u r.. To all the good people............ yes its true..... RV will never happen.... I am VERY invested also............. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS STATEMENT!!!
  9. I have been vested for years and for some reason I see no hope...... does anyone agree??
  10. NEWMAN

    RV Sunday

    I get minus signs? Sounds like you CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! This is why I said B S "friends Abida and Farrah at an Iraqi Bank that the CBI " No way this happen. PLEASE PEOPLE STOP DREAMING it will happen so, but do not let people feed you B S! GO RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. NEWMAN

    RV Sunday

    Sounds like your full of b s & you can not even spell deposit! GO RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. YOUR NOT A STORY TELLER!!! FRICKEN LY ER.............. Thats not bashing this is telling you the facts!!
  13. RUMORS NOT DREAMS!! DUMB DONKEY!!! G RV!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I'm sorry, but I think either POSSUM or OKIE found Adams password. GO RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I been vested 4 years and I just joined not to long ago. SO WHAT?
  17. I do not need to give a link, but I know 100% sure Mr. Trump is not involved in DINAR. At least the Trump that you all know. Now to tell I am. I truly believe we will be rving this year. I do have some friends in some real HIGH places. You can bash away because I do not give a birds stuff!!!
  18. POSSUM is a little child with no friends.... loser!!!
  19. This site makes me get drunk!!!!!!! And I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! go rv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. NEWMAN


    Everytime I get drunk (smashed) I always come up with rv will be on monday of this year? And I am not related to the losers like possum & okie jokie either. G RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. NEWMAN


    There is a 5/3 open sunday in my krogers store on sundays for full business. JUST SAYING!! GO RV!!!!!
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