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  1. This article makes no sense at all. What year did this happen. Certainly not this one.
  2. I'm starting to become optimistic again.. Finally some visible progress..
  3. There is another article posted earlier saying that it is Thursday that this would happen, just further proof of the smoke and mirrors/ journalistic defeciencies of iraq.
  4. This was being discussed in chat, supposedly last month Bolivia devalued without warning. So potentially Iraq could do the same thing without having submitted their rate by the 25th like the rest. Thanks for the post.
  5. The date is for 2010, cool your jets, don't panic yet.
  6. Frank, who is supposedly a preacher or really religous or something, just said, and i quote, "Iraq needs to be pimp slapped" End qoute.
  7. 1. A member of the National Alliance said there were problems within the political blocs on the submission of the 3 candidates for the security ministries and the names given out by the media is not accurate 2. He said the political blocs did not meet on this subject 3. He said that Maliki will go with the names chosen by the House 4. He said that Maliki is on this file and there is no specific time frame to display the names of the candidates to the House 5. He indicated that the possibility of Maliki giving the names to the House this week or next is pure speculation 6. He said that the
  8. I need the RV because i'm laid off about to run out of unemployment I also would like to start a business I also really wanna goto a Real Madrid game I also badly need a new vehicle =P
  9. I have to type in all caps, in a large font, that is colored purple so that it makes my point seem interesting enough to read!
  10. Pretty sure that the BanHammer is about to come out on this clown.
  11. Are some of you people just starving for attention? This post is almost as bad as my least favorite phrase, "it is, what it is." Well of course is it is what it is, if it wasn't what it is, it would be something entirely different. Your statement makes an effort to say that the rest of us beleive that when it happens, it actually hasn't happened. How genius of a concept you have conjured up! You mean to say.. that it will actually happen, when it happens? Wow. Take a break buddy.
  12. LOL, i wanna believe it so bad.. But i just can't.
  13. Yeah i don't understand why he would want to wait until after.
  14. Oh i'm not at all affected by the bashing personally, i just think it's annoying that all these posts fill up with posts that are totally negative and derogatory. I'm just of the belief that we all just take in the info we're given, and appreciate it for what it is, rumor, or true news.. That this will be alot better place to congregate. I just wanted to share something i found, and i will continue to do so, bashed or not.
  15. LOL after all of what they said on the call last night, i was expecting a week hiatus at minimum!
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