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  1. I still say the guy looks like Bill Murray, doing a skit on SNL!
  2. tried to send you message with my email, but site said you cannot accept my message. I don't want to broadcast my address in thread. I will gladly pay you more than jgreene offered.....What a tool!
  3. That's funny, because our group met with the same bank, and got a COMPLETELY different story........
  4. That list is #$%^ing hilarious !
  5. Since I hate when people "bravely" pass out anonymous "minuses", I am telling you that the bright red 1 came from me. Here is why: You went to Okie's own website to destroy whatever positive reputation his followers believe in. You then came on here, to strut around and pat yourself on the back. You told those followers- in a pompous, know-it-all fashion, to show some intelligence, then.... You said Jackson Hole is in Mississippi, dumba$%$ ! And, now, I see that you gave yourself a "plus"!
  6. Love that line! Refusing to post the proof, after everyone has called her group out as liars a thousand times....
  7. Speaking of pricing.....Have any of you seen how the military family from Arizona is trying to stick it up our arses on ebay? Highest prices I have ever found!
  8. Combine the White House celebration of Ramadan with Obama bowing to a Muslim leader, and we all should care. I am no "bible thumper", but I don't want us cowering to Middle Eastern powers, either.
  9. Obama invites Minnesota Viking and his brother, with Muslim names, to celebrate Ramadan at the White House.....REALLY???
  10. I gave you a minus for those last three words...Doesn't sound very Christian, to me. BTW, this should be in Off Topics.
  11. Yes. As far as the Dinar is concerned, his source is Pope-like...
  12. What are you going to do, when you meet Okie face-to-face? PS... Shouldn't a post used to call someone a racist be in Off Topics?
  13. Just remember that John Kerry is a multi-millionaire, who really doesn't give a crap about you....
  14. We all need to remember that the actors and rock stars that think they know how to fix the world are your old classmates that sat cross-legged, and ate their lunches on the high school cafeteria floor.
  15. Good thing he didn't rough up some terrorists at Gitmo. He would have been thrown UNDER the jail!
  16. I think he proboaly got the negatives for his comment on Ramadan.I am not Muslim, but I have always been a proponent of any political or religious comment going straight to the OFF TOPICS forum. He should be nice about Ramadan...Shabibi celebrates it, and he holds the key to our futures.
  17. If our executive office allows the dollar to tank, it will be for strategic reasons, and, therefore, short-term. If the dinar is already set at a per-dollar-rate, it will be good for us, because the dollar's value will quickly rebound.
  18. Very simply, the person behind the counter is wrong.
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