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    Taster of Fine coffees, I also race cars, shoot Glocks, collect He-Man Action Figures, and study Shakespeare often.
  1. Well, keep you got those that pump up the dinar hype, then you got those that pump up the guru hype, pretty simple
  2. He sells dinars? of course its about to hit and all the Christ we go again Same ole thing, different year
  3. Check the price of gas lately? Dont we still drive gas cars? Economy's in the tank, Yet people still fill er up. Not sure if you are talking about now or ten years from now? Do you watch the news? Did you see the mess sandy caused with people unable to get gas? Wake up people, if we are gonna stay on gasoline to travel, something needs to change.
  4. We are dependent on m.e. oil. Seen the prices at gas stations lately? People are losing there homes, jobs, etc. Now look at gas, sky rocketing, yet we have to have it. As of right now the m.e. has the leverage. Supply and demand. We have our own oil? Evidently it doesnt matter, gas pump prices dont lie.
  5. I heard the bartender took all his tip money and bought dinars, everybodys gonna be rich now!
  6. When tha dinar hits, you can go down the candy isle!
  7. Slow and gradual. How long should it take to increase value to make this investment worth our time and money? At the current speed, it might be 20 more years. Safe to say, they dont know how to increase the value, or they can not increase the value due to circumstances. Either way, I think people invested could lose confidence in iraq's ability to manage the iqd's value. Hopefully, they have a plan.
  8. I hope they peacefully move quick and all agree on a solution that benefits americans.
  9. He will be back, im thinking....
  10. Omg...corny. Can this thing just rv and be over.
  11. They can pull back in whatever they want, as long as they give me 3.00 dollars a dinar.
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