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  1. Thug, I reread the post and Wow you're right. Let's hope he has that movement soon! You are Sofa King Funny! r2
  2. Thanks JMULS31, for bringing the TerryK post over. $6.18????? Well, I'm not sayin' that I wouldn't take it, but come on! r2
  3. Thanks JMULS31for the Blaino Post. r2
  4. Wow, Great informative information tonight! Thanks Luigi1, VIZIOIRAQI, Eagle007 and Markinsa r2
  5. Geeze, I hope that didn't really happen! I felt bad about laughing so hard! In fact I'm still laughing, sorry Thug, r2
  6. Thanks Thug, a two fer tonight. Great to see Bond Lady and Scooter in one post. Great read. r2
  7. Thanks Thug for bringing this over. I do like reading BondLady and friends posts. r2
  8. Wow! If Only. I love bedtime stories. r2
  9. How on earth did this get so far out there! Woooo ohhhh, earth to conspiracy theory people. Come back down the "aliens" need their space back. Wow, that's all I can say, r2 Wow!!
  10. I remember the Hot Dog at the bank. That was funny. Thanks for setting it straight back then. r2
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