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  1. I'm not really into plaid. Who knew it was right after Pink? Wow! r2
  2. I'm getting misty eyed. A blast from the past! Wait, nothing has changed, never mind. r2 :-)
  3. I'll bet that's not all they're doing with their Dongs. r2 :-)
  4. BearingSea I think that Old Okie has several different ID'd and talks to himself and always loves what he as to say. We should look into that. =-) r2
  5. Hey Total, you were right. What a shock. r2
  6. Is she riding 6 white horses? r2
  7. Thanks for the info, code or new code, r2
  8. Thanks dodah, okie is an old stand by for entertainment value only. I'd hate to think that he thinks he's right......... Ever. You'd think that he would get tired of being wrong all of the time, and what's up with the people on his site that are so loyal to him and he has Never said a thing that was even remotely accurate. I don't get it, but I do love to read Okie posts anyway. The little goof ball. r2
  9. Thanks Thug! I'm always happy to read Bondlady's posts. She always brings great articles and conversation surrounding them. Loved it! Thanks again Thug, r2
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