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  1. Can anyone help me here? I want to tactfully call this person and idiot or even a moron but, I want to be as tactful and respectful as possible so as to not hurt their feelings an somehow do irreversible damage to their imagination thus causing them to be less intelligent than what they could/should have been. All the while they float lightly above reality on a flower shaped balloon thinking that the government is the answer to all their issues and turds smell like roses! So I guess until I find that special way of saying, "Hey you're a few bricks short of a load!" I won't say anything. Cause being polite is always prefered by others and enjoyed by all! Peace.
  2. All of this does not matter! Let them make as much money as they want! It's theirs not ours or yours! Get over it! Go out there and make your own! We don't need more taxes, we have enough revenue coming in as it is! We need to quite spending because it's not working! Where have you heard that spending more money when you are broke increased your revenues? No where! You want to know why? Because $0.00 in the bank x $100,000,000,000.00 is still $0.00!!!!! No matter who it is! And there is nothing wrong with being a rich fat cat in this country! I hope to be one, one of these days and so do you! The problem is still too much spending! This millionare tax that CNN and all the left wing media keeps talking about is not a millionares tax! Other wise you would start taxing people that make a million or more! It starts at $250,000.00! How many rich fat cats do you know that fly around on their private jets that only make $250,000.00 a year? Well, how many? Having trouble finding any? There's a reason for that, because there arn't any! To be able to aford to do this like Obama states, you would have to be worth a lot more money that just $250,000.00 a year! "Well, they can pay their part in taxes......." Guess what! They do! and then they pay for extra for those that don't pay anything! The problem was never about more money needed for the government! The problem is all about control! The government want to get you to depend on it instead of you depending on yourself and making something of yourself. They can't do this if America is thriving and the economy is doing great! Because jobs are not hard to find then, there are plenty for everyone that wants to work. This is why Obama keeps trying to pass regulations and laws that strangle the economy! He knows the more you depend on him then he has the control and you will have lost what most Americans take for granted every day.... Their freedom! So Argue all you want, but the numbers do not lie! You want a better economy? You have to let America do what it does best! America makes people rich and free. What other country on the face of this planet does this? NONE!!!! Peace
  3. Ummm..... Lol, I know you're not trying to act like you didn't say the things you have said and that you of all people are not racist! Ha,ha,ha, thanks I needed that! Alright all sillyness aside, you have responded in the same pattern as someone else we all know and are not too fond of. I can't help but wonder that he quit posting about the time you started. It is a weird timing indeed! Lol.... The fact that you tried to say that because someone called Obama the 1st black President or African American is racist proves my point exactly! Thanks for underminding your own arguement for me! It does not happen every day! Lol! I would give you a +1 if I had any more left to give, just for the humor in it! Here is a little more rope lets see what you do with it.... Lol! If that is all you have then you have nothing. Photoshop is a wonderful thing! I hear you can even create a sloppy looking birthcertificate if you can hire someone that is politically correct and not very smart! Lol, nice try!
  4. What will change is that they will use UN bombs and missiles to shoot at Israel instead of Iranian made junk! Their goal of genocide will still remain. This has been a proven fact.
  5. Are you for real? So far the only racist person on this post has been you, IMO. You do realize that being racist is not about the suffering of just one people right? Whites and blacks are in this together! The rich, middleclass and the poor are in this together! We all are/have been affected. Just because you are not rich does not give you the right (in this country) to the rich mans money! Also, just because the color of your skin is different than mine does not give you an exclusive right to the term racist! It has always been the character of a man that should be judged and not the appearance or their difference of oppinion that determines who a racist person is. For you to keep bringing up this racist term, your character is being shown as being what you blindly declare others to be!!! Yes your are wearing the shoe! Why? Because it fits! Sorry if you don't like it, not my problem! May I humbly suggest a mirror, instead of your usual stone that you throw? Peace (and hopefully enlightenment)
  6. "Blacks are filing a law suit against the US government for slavery " Ummm..... Why would they do that? Are there any 150 year old slaves out there today? Didn't think so! I dare say that if the slaves back then could only see what they would turn into today they would be ashamed. Most just wanted freedom to live their own lives like the freeman did. They were not interested in living off of the government or having an entitlement attitude towards everyone! They were brought from another country who were a proud people! I think your views of what was and what is, would differ drastically from those you talked about. The war happened, 100,000+ free men gave their lives to set the slaves free! What about them? Do they sue the people of the former slaves because of lost loved ones? No, they don't and they won't! They gave the ultimate for the slave to have the ultimate! Now, apparently the ancestors of the slaves want more.... (go ahead and stop me when you start feeling ashamed, cause for me to even have to write this makes my heart heavy!). Waiting on your response... Peace.
  7. welcome to the club. sorry you had to get to this point of enlightenment the same way all the rest of us has. It just not fare, right? You should just jump right in and automatically know all there is to know and make your millions right? Sorry pal the world don't work like that. You have to do your due diligence just like all the rest. Yeah I know, it sucks right? If you don't want to do the work then maybe you are not ready for the rewards. After all, we all are rewarded by how much we put into something. Sorry if you want a free pass straight to happiness an all. Trust me it takes time and effort. Study, and find out for yourself who to believe and who not to believe! This investment is as much about learning as it is about getting rich!!! Life is like that wither we like it or not. Peace.
  8. I could not have said it better!!!! +10 (If it were possible)
  9. they do state a holiday for 3 days starting on the 31st. But this does not explain the 29-30th. IMHo. Peace.
  10. For once I agree with you Mojack, race should not distract us from the real issues! The same could be said for class warefare as well. When this Dinar comes in there will be a lot more rich folks who will have a rude awakening when it's time to pay the tax man. +1
  11. I think you have uncovered the real truth behind all this! What is most amusing to me is that liberal Dems often use the term Racist without really knowing what the word really means. There are a lot of those people here as well. Just because your skin is a certain color that does not automatically give you the right to use this term freely when you come across someone who does not share your opinions. IMO, I have met just as many black people who are as racist as I have white people. Black people do not have an exclusive right to the term! Neither do any other individual of a different color of skin. Any person can be a victim of racial hatred. The Tea Party has been accussed of being this way because of hatred from the liberal left! It's the only thing they can come up with because they know they can't attack them on the issues or the reality of our country right now. Although it should be said that the Tea Party has not IMO responded in kind, but rather they respond by doing what they say they are going to do and restore the constitution back to America! That's for all America! Not just the white America, or the black America or the hispanic America, but to all Americans!!! They fight for us all, even though some of us have tried to hurt, slander, call names and make false accusations against them. They still are fighting for us all! So even though you may hate them, they still fight for your right to be free! So just remember that the next time you hear a liberal left media trying to trash them, just ask this one question of that liberal lefty.... What have you done to help all Americans? the answer is a big NOTHING!!! Peace.
  12. Just because this is an old article then I am to not consider what it says? Or because snoops says its all fake? The article brings up some very important questions that should be answered. Sorry but I am one that would like to hear the answers! Dated article or not, until these questions are answered fully and truthfully we will always keep asking them. So far nobody has answered them. And the threat of being racist holds no fear over us because it is not an answer either. The bottom line for me is this, why would someone go to such great lengths to hide his past from America? America is a nation who lives on Facebook and MySpace,( Obama himself uses these tools) we want to share to everyone what and who we are! Its our way! So it is only natural to want to know about your President as well. This is where most Americans start to question Obama, because his past simply does not add up to what we are being told. Peace.
  13. Sorry, but class warfare was one of the things Obama started. Knowing this, one automatically has to re-think this issue! We never had a money issue, we have a spending problem. If you quit spending more than you take in then you will balance the budget and American's can continue to reach for their financially free dreams that made us the envy of the world!!! I suggest if you don't like the big fat cats in their corperate jets then you ought to become one! Because this is still the land of opportunity so go get your own!!! You only limit yourself when you quit trying. So yes corporate tax breaks are not evil. The rich are not the bad guys. And they do not owe you anything! Period! Peace!
  14. Uncs hang in there. By now you know the routine as well as anyone else. For me to say that we are getting close would serve no purpose, other than to tell you something you already know. Stay with us. This has been one crazy ride! I like to pass the time in the off topic section it seems to help. But thats just me. Peace.
  15. And doing what? What has he done to earn respect other than hold the title of President of these United States of America? What has he improved on? What many promises has he kept that inspire respect? What character has he shown? What principles has he stood by that make you want to respect him? How has he lead this country that inspires any respect from anyone or any country for that matter? Where are all his original advisors? How many times is he going to have staff changes until people start saying that they want out because it's a sinking ship and they don't want to be apart of it? With the backing of 4/5ths of the media he still can not hide his many failures and lack of leadership from America! So just what about him is inspiring? I really want to know? Maybe it's his total lack of following any of the standards he himself has imposed on the rest of us? No? Well pleace let us know, because the rest of America would like to start respecting the President as well! All we see is someone who has done the opposite of everything that would cause us to respect him. Maybe we are not getting enough of it through the mainstream media! Maybe we ought to start thinking that 2 + 2 does in fact = 5 or 6! Peace
  16. It's really a shame you can't. Because this really tells a lot about the character of Bush and Obama and wither you like it or not, a persons character should be a class act if they are to be the leader of the free world! To me this one story says it all! If I knew nothing about either president but this story alone, then it would be easy to choose which I would want to be my president! Someone who really cares about me and my family, means more to me than the color of their skin or how well they can read a teleprompter! For all you Liberal Dems out there, I know this is hard for you to believe or even read because it brings Obama's character up front and center with a spotlight shinning on him. But sometimes the little things give away the biggest information about a person. If you will allow yourself to look. Bush was not perfect, yet he never complained about what he inherited from Clinton (unlike our current President), he just rolloed up his sleeves and went to work. Right or wrong, the decisions we his and he owned them! That is also real class! Obama has done the opposite and we as a country have paid a high price! Obama has also wars attached to his record that claim the lives of fathers, mothers, sons & daughters! Can you forgive him? Peace, and God bless President Bush and his family. If you don't know automatically by what he said then you may not be as smart as I thought you were! Personally I think you are smart but just too proud to admit what this story tells about the former President and the current President. It's hard for you to swallow, I understand. What it means to be proud of someone who has class and that is worthy to be looked up to is different that the outward appearances that your side tends to judge by. I ask that if you were that soldier lying in that bed, who would you feel cares more about you? The look on his face says it all! To him, this was his president!!!! Peace.
  17. The point should not be that wither we all agree or not about this happening in America, but instead to realize that if we don't do something to turn this country around from the direction her captain is steering us into, then yes these things and worst are in our near future! Just because you don't believe it will ever happen over here does in no way make it true. Just think right now of all the scared Liberal Dems over there in Britain right now who never thought it would happen to them! They were wrong just as (I pray I am wrong on this too) their counter parts over here will be!!! They created the problem by creating a welfare state, and only realized too late that socialism does not work! They are paying for it with burning cities! Time to learn from their mistakes America, or face the same consequences and burn! I choose to learn from them and NOT repeat their mistakes!! All Obama wants is another term, he could careless about our country! Anyone can see this. The Brits now wish they would have done things a lot different than what they thought was the right thing to do! I say stick with something that has worked through out history! And NOT change to something that has NEVER worked anywhere!!!! Peace.
  18. Even though I have heard this many times, it still touches my heart. As it should. If I was her daddy that was in heaven I would want to know that my little girl was thinking of me in the same way. Since the love you have for your family never truly dies, it only grows stronger when you carry these memories with you through life. The ultimate sacrafice of a father or parent should always be honored. Peace.
  19. There are just too many un answered questions and shady deals connected to this president to ever really trust him. No matter what they say, he is not a normal president like they try to make out. Remember that when it comes time to vote. Peace
  20. Lol!!! Wait! Shabs is responding in kind.... My smoke signal translator is a little rusty so bear with me.... It's saying... "" (Oh for heavens sake!) Lol. Thanks Easy for the laugh, you're awesome!
  21. But only when they concern Obama. Any other topic there is not much effort into debunking. This is why the title of government troll was bestowed. And to be fair, I have no problem with being called a Tea Party troll either. I have a feeling that we both feel like we won on that one. Lol. Peace.
  22. Thanks Oregonhopeful, this is good info.
  23. As I said earlier, the blame is always been at the top. I say we worry about getting to safety first then if blame must be placed then would be the time. During the whole crisis issue, there has been only one side that has shown interest in saving us. The other side spent all their time and effort demagoging and tearing down the ideas placed by the other side. So then in my minds eye, I am thinking that the smart thing to do would be to side with the ones who are looking for ways to save us all and not with the ones who keep telling us that each thing they come up with is wrong and old people will die. To try nothing means you have already failed and old people will die for sure. To try something means there is still hope for us all! Only the one side has shown us there is still hope! The choice is simple really. Sink or swim, because the ship is going down now! I say swim! Peace
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