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  1. All of a sudden the blogs have gone negative on the RV. "Guru's" Sonny1, Med and another site all made statements to the effect that there will be no RV now or in the near future. On the other hand, Okie and his lot are silent on the subject. Thinking back over the last year, the blog sites have been "absolutely certain" of an RV at any minute. Now the nay-sayers are telling us that Iraq never promiosed an RI/RV only the Gurus have pushed the RV. If I was a suspecious type I would think that all the hype is just that and that Iraq (as they have stated many times) plans on a LOP ONLY. I c
  2. Think of all the new gurus like Obama thinks of szars - the best way to isolate ones self from taking any responsibility is by appointing demi-gods to surround you.
  3. This is not a rumor. I have been in touch with my WF branch manager for months regarding the RV. Every time his response was "I've heard nothing yet". This morning I went to WF to cash a check the branch manager called me over to tell me that they have been allerted to "get ready" for the revaluation of multiple currencies. I reminded him to call me when it happens and he replied that I was to be his first call. BTW, the manager and both loan officers are Dinarians..... I wonder how many hours after the RV before they quit and go off to a better life... Come on RV
  4. Does this send off an alarm??? If the RV is imminend why are all these gurus upgrading their sites and selling more pre-RV services. Smells like we are being duped again by the hustlers. At this point, I can't believe anybody - even though I want to. One has to question the real potrential here. My gut tells me this is a good investment but all the lies and disinformation is making me dizzy. I've come to accept that we might (likely) get the short end of this while DT, DB and the others make millions on the gullible.
  5. First, I am not an accountant or an attorney. My thoughts are the conclusion of a discussion with my tax attorney. I asked "why do I need a trust?" His answer was (in my case) that it would be a waste of $$ and lead to significant additional taxes. He pointed out to me that most trusts benefit the attorney setting them up and not the trustee. He stated that the current MAX long-term rate was 15%. So if I lived in a tax-free state I should deposit my Dinar money directly into my savings account and be done with it. If I decide to put some money onto a trust or LLC I will face an income ta
  6. All of a sudden we have gone from an imminent RV @ $8.47 to "maybe next year @ $1". What changed that created this sudden turn-around? Seems we have been here many times in the last 2 years. One has to question if this is real in the first place, or only real in Tony nd Okie's mind. I for one have wasted too much time and hope on this. It's back to work for me. This way I can (hopefully) awake to a suprise someday without the continuing daily anticipation and inivatable depression. Nuff is Nuff. RV wishes to all....
  7. Every day we wake to some guru stating that today is the "day". Okie and the PTR guys keep churning up the hype - for what reason? If they are nor "pumpers", why are they telling all these lies? Today one post stated that we will be cashing out on the 30th, while another states that "maybe" 2012-2013 for the RV. After 15 months at this I am pissed and tired. I suggest that we hold every guru responsible for their quotes - especially the ones where they clain to have inside information. It's all BS. If anyone of these guys or gals really knew the rate/date they would end up swimming with t
  8. Guess most of you have never played polker. The first rule is ALWAYS go with the odds. From the hundreds of posts from those who haven't done their research, or suck up every unfounded rumor as absolute fact, you are in unfamiliar territory and you shouldn't be here. But, by luck and the grace of God you are here. Rest assured that you will look back to this day (very soon) and tell yourself how smart you were to make this investment. Today you are in panic mode and tomorrow .... you'll see. Stop worrying about the Dinar. This investment was never intended for us little guys. We're in the
  9. ABSOLUTELY TRUE STORY. CIRCA 1967, Business School in Boston. While discussing the difficulties of doing business with Middle Eastern countries, especially sectarian countries, a question was posed to the prof related to future commerce and the growing obstacle of Sharia (then in its infancy). The question was related to our way of life versus theirs taking into consideration their explosive population potential (now realized) and years of brainwashing of their citizenry. Faced with a battle of ideas on the horizon he was asked "what is the solution to this dilemma"? After playing with his b
  11. Like you and all of us the news was "certain" that last Thursday was the announcement. I too was sucked in by the rumor mill. But Friday was different. I actually has unsolicited confirmation that something big was occuring regarding the Dinar. This from a bank in a small town that is far from the top of the Wells org.
  12. On Friday I went to my local Wells bank to do a wire transfer for some Dinars. When I arrived the bank was very busy so one of the loan managers handled my transaction. When he saw the word "dinar" in the notation area of the wire app he asked me if I had many Dinars. To my surprise I answered "yes, many". He immediately asked if I would like to meet the manager, who was brought over immediately to introduce herself. She said she was aware of something happening with the Dinar, and that something big was happening "NEXT WEEK". She said that they were heavy in cash as all of Wells Fargo appear
  13. Dinar Inc through their subsidiary Dinar Global has stated many times that they are experts on Iraq and that there is no RV happening. Dinar Global is an MLM offshoot of Dinar Inc and after only 4 weeks from kick off went silent abruptly two weeks ago when the CEO was scheduled to make an important CC from Baghdad. The call was canceled at the last (literal) minute without explanation. Since then - silence. Maybe they got there and found out that the RV was in fact really happening and then made the decision to stop. They are still selling DInars but no more on the MLM network. Go figure.. L
  14. First thing tomorrow I recommend that all Dinar investors, regardless of age, go to the market and buy a box of Depends. Then wear them until the thrill of the RV is past, Don't want to have any embarrassing accidents when we get the news now do we..... Thursday could very well be the day of Jubilation.
  15. Too Late? No way. Silver has been purposely depressed by JP Morgan and the Chinese Government for years. Now that there's a real shortage of silver these guys can no longer afford to buy spot silver and then dump it at a loss to bring the market down. Silver is on a free run and will top $250 in 24 months - and you can bet your boots on that!
  16. STOP WORRYING ABOUT A LOP. If you and I were the only holders of Dinars Iraq would screw us in a New York second. But if Uncle Sam is the major player, we're just along for the ride. It's been stated in print and prophesy that Iraq would soon become the worlds strongest nation (once again). What makes a nation powerful? Its MONEY, not arms. Without money you quickly run out of ammunition but with money you can buy all the weapons you need to protect your nation. For America to remain as strong as the "strongest nation in the world" America must capitalize big on this event. LOP's would on
  17. Silver is definitely the investment to make! But I'd caution you to stay away from the secondary metals market (like KBGold) unless you are making a small (under $50K) investment. For the serious Dinarian I strongly recommend this strategy: 1. Set up an LLC in Nevada or Arizona 2. Cash out and put 10% into your PERSONAL account, and 90% in the LLC 3. Invest most of the LLC's cash in Silver Bullion (US Minted ONLY) through MONEX or similar bullion seller that stores the bullion for you 4. Establish two separate accounts within the LLC - one for you and one for Federal Taxes (35%) 5. On Apr
  18. Under any other conditions an RV will be announced in "the dead of night" when least expected as it was in Kuwait. But these are not normal times. Unlike Kuwait when they RV'd Iraq is under considerable pressure both inside and out to revalue the Dinar and join the world circus. Even S stated within the last few daze that the Dinar would be revalued. It's not a matter of IF, its a matter of RATE. When is soon so it is not an issue. The rate however is all over the map from 8/10th of a cent (loping 1 zero) to over $6.00 without a LOP. Since a LOP is highly unlikely, it's a matter of what the
  19. What in the world are these guys smoking? These numbers sound great to a newbee but they spell LOP all over them. Get a grip! Any RV number over 85 cents is ALMOST CERTAINLY a LOP. LOP means you LOOSE. No LOP means we all WIN.
  20. Look, ANY yes ANY removal, deletion, or whatever that removes the three zeros is a LOP and very bad for us - it just reduced the potential value of 1 Dinar by 1,000 - not to our advantage. Although an RV at 75 cents makes more sense and would be fantastic for us, we can't ignore the constant press about the three zeros. If someone can show us how a LOP is not possible please do so. We are all very anxious and interested.
  21. Tonight Delta went through the difference between raising (retrieving?) three zeros and lopping three zeros. His explanation was that a lop would effect all denominations whereas "raising" three zeros means collecting them and removing them from circulation while introducing the lower denominations (I thought these were already in circulation - see the CBI site at Delta said that the rate had been set but didn't talk about it much. If there is no lop, only an RV, one has to ask "at what rate"? Looking at the hard facts (the cbi's currency) we'll see that the lowest denomination is
  22. How can this be good? Deleting the three zeros before the low denoms are made available through the ATM's sounds like a LOP to me. Unless the LOP occurs weeks AFTER the rate is published I don't see a good outcome here. 1 million Dinars becomes 1,000 (each worth 86 cents) plus an RV bump to $3-5 gives us a 3-6X return on our investment. Someone please explain how this is good news.
  23. No LOP sounds great. But how about this? Sure sounds like LOP to me. Iraq’s Central Bank announced on Tuesday that the project of Iraqi Dinar re-denomination consisting of removing three zeroes is close to completion. The re-denomination project is believed to be a strategic plan that will be passed to the ministerial council and Parliament once complete. The plan to remove three zeroes from the Iraqi Dinar is a strategic plan that the central bank is currently finalizing, Central Bank’s advisor Mothahhar Mohammed Saleh said in a statement to Alsumaria News.
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