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  1. In 1513 a young Spaniard named Ponce De Leon set out on a voyage to the New World in hopes and dreaming of discovering the " Fountain of Youth". In his travels with Christopher Columbus he discovered the island of Puerto Rico( which he became the 1st governor) , and later the isle of Bimini. Certain this mythical place of paradise existed, he set sail for yet another island but landed upon a new territory on the coast of what is now known as Florida. He had finally reached his aspiring but not so mythical now the true " Fountain of Youth ". He lived out his dreams and but later had to give
  2. I'd be interested if you would consider $53 pr million. I can get them from another source for that. I would help you out if you're wanting to release them.
  3. If you still have these little ole dinars, I'll offer a cool $4k for all of em. Hit me back if this is reasonable for you.
  4. Thanks again, Adam, for having a site that has " Integrity " . I can't stand these so called know-it-all's who want to use scare tactics and out-landish false intel. Keep it clean and above board. You have a Great Place for us to come to & feel safe and secured with all the info that's floating round.
  5. Seriously, I mean SERIOUSLY, did it happen. I didn't get the memo. Is TNT for real or is he Kaperoni's sidekick.
  6. Well if they are still under US Protection, who gives the right to release the Perverbial RV RATE. Is it still in the hands of IMF, US, or CBI.
  7. Who let the cat out the bag. Somebody is in big trouble. I told you not to spill them beans. Someone's gonna think they are real. ........NOT
  8. well that's good but can we see a new rate please. Today Pretty Please with cherries on top and sprinkles. Okay Nuts too.
  9. Ok can we please see the rate for today, an R I or R V would be jut fine.
  10. I have bought several times from DT and have never found a discount code, don't know where they are hiding them. Keep looking if they ask for it on their order they must be around somewhere or you can call em and ask them where to get them.
  11. I got some from Dinar Trade and paid $1020 per million. Good Deal, and very reliable.
  12. Guess we could get the Raisin people resurrected and maybe they could help them out with the reset. GO RV !!!!!!!!!
  13. Well if they don't get it done soon, we'll have to send in the Navy Seals again. Seems like they need a little help from our friends. EH..... Go RV
  14. Well if the HCL agreements have been made, why in the world aren't they passing the laws and putting it in the Gazette for heavens sake. It's Parliament that seems to be dragging their butts. Come on dudes , Did yall run out of ink??? Sign it in " oil " since yall gots bunches of that. It'll do for now. Go ahead. The Oil will dry on paper. It will stick. Go RV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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