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  1. @Rickbobby: Not that I have seen. I keep one window with IQD/USD and one with IQD/GBP, but only the GBP one seems to do it. This is the 3rd time in 2 days I have caught it doing that, but the first time the daily figures also reflected it in the range. Now if only it would change and stay that way! Go RV!
  2. Well, I witnessed it again today, and it stayed for about 3 minutes with those figures. Here is the screenshot from it:
  3. You are right will take time. Oh wait, apparently you haven't done your homework to realize they've been at this for what, 7, 8, 8+ years. When is enough time enough time? I think it will happen at some point, but unfortunately like others, we really don't know when. What people choose to believe is their choice, and their weight to bare when it becomes a disappointment as well. FREEDOM OF THOUGHT and FREEDOM TO DREAM are about the only things one can hold and not let others ruin. You don't have to believe in Sunday George, nor do they/anyone, but if one chooses don't have the right to tell them otherwise either. Go RV! For so much of Iraq & our sakes.
  4. Although numbers far lower than recently, it did update...unlike yesterday. So now adds even more confusion to the supposed 2 day holiday with all banks shutdown over in Iraq as people were trying to say. Let's just hope that tomorrow on the 30th, 1170 isn't rearing it's ugly self... Go RV!!!
  5. Some are saying "holiday for 2 days there" now...but so far, outside of people claiming that, I have seen nothing to support that being factual
  6. It does make me wonder if anything is going on, as the CBI site still has no updated numbers for 6-28-11... Hopefully that is a good sign!!!!! Or at least one of PROGRESS.
  7. I couldn't agree more Buckeye. What seems like should've been done long ago, just seems to keep lingering on, with no real clue what the delay is.
  8. How many times have we heard that information getting into the wrong hands, or too public, could be contributing to the delay? I totally agree that calling anymore attention to this has to be the least intelligent idea or path to take. We all want this, and the Iraqi people NEED this, but nothing any of us do or try to force is going to make it go any faster. If anything, you'll only fuel a fire that helps the government more with finding a way to make it more costly for us. The more people that become invested, and the government knows of it, the less likely I see it as a positive for those already invested. I just keep quiet, don't tell a bunch of people about it, and try to wait as patiently as we can. If/when this happens, we'll be blessed for any positive return.
  9. Getting the same, no matter what browser I use, when use your link. However my other that I watch is fine.
  10. 100% agree! Always great information. Thanks for your extreme efforts, as with all the mods!
  11. Why do so many people ask stupid questions, like "date & rate" when clearly nobody really knows? Why don't more have respect and appreciation for the efforts of so many like yourself Adam, instead of being viscious to others, or spewing time wasting crap, or just the same mundane questions like Ayahuasca just did above? My question...why in the world do people like Adam keep trying to help, inform, or tolerate that type of crap. If you want to be immature, disrespectful, and hateful towards others...I think many on DV would welcome you to disappear and not come back. Go RV! And thank you Adam, mods, and those that truly share what you can to try and help educate the rest of us that truly appreciate your labors.
  12. About friggin' time! My update is done...hooray! After 5 "red ring of deaths" no thanks! I have 2...they sit and collect dust. PSN update 3.61 applied...but still can't login, says maint still.
  13. That has been something I've thought of many times. People forget how it went from well valued to garbage in an instant, and that makes me believe it could also return in the same fashion. For all of our sakes, as well as the Iraqi citizens, lets hope so. GO RV!!!
  14. No Flash, I know you didn't say he would re-open on the 16th...that was a previous rumor that some were spouting. Personally I believe Ali is a businessman, and also just like the rest of us entitled to be a family/private man as well...and whatever he needed to do, he has the right to do. I think he has conducted business on a very professional manner, and I don't hear anyone screaming that he wronged them, but wow did tons try to complain he was closing for now. Let's hope Iraq gets this all done soon.
  15. In my "short time" on this forum and in this investment (compared to the time many others have been), I've never heard Ali come close to a rate or date prediction. With the rumor of him re-opening on the 16th (or assumption by some), then trying to use this super-indirect relationship to spout a supposed quote or intel from Ali, is IMO absurd. I would definitely not think Ali is stupid enough to risk giving any information that could be cosnidered the same as "insider trading" type situations, and find it more believable you fell for someone claiming he was reopening the 16th and using that in confjuction with him saying he'd be back in business when the RV occurs. I understand anxious, frustrated, etcetera.....but come on, there is or should be some limit to totally fabricated non-helpful posts and "intel" like this. For the sake of EVERYONE involved, I too hope this ride is over SOON (never soon enough though). And Flash....totally agree, GO REDWINGS!
  16. It isn't about much as it is that people aren't respectful of how or what they say. Everyone has an opinion, and often give it even when the others don't truly want it. HOW you share your thoughts is really what becomes the issue that offends someone else too often. Just my observations. $.02 The "Opinons, Rumors, ..." section is really nothing more than a "Hey, I'll post to try and share.....go ahead, be ready to bash and be a jerk to me" section TOO OFTEN. Yep, I'm sure this post like others, will get -1 from those who can't handle realizing how they act demeaning to others. Real big people there, slam & bash, all while hiding behind the internet.
  17. That just cracks me up, all that coming from a guy who has posted and stirred the pot a 100 times over, telling everyone to relax and ignore the "intel" or "information" that is being given and is misleading. Hey OKIE, quit screaming "Black" at the kettle I'm glad he is "comfortable" and funny how the more he "supposedly knows" the less he actually seems to want to speak or share. Now that is a sign of a consistent guru trying to lead and he sure acted as though he was trying to do before. I'll be "comfortable" too, just like many of you, when this is all over and never have to read more of Okie's blabbering inaccuracy and rants. Come on Iraq... "Get'er done!!!" Go RV!!!
  18. Maybe someone gave them a -1 for the total waste of everyone's time? I could see how/why that would be. I know that this added zero value to anything.
  19. I guess I'm confused. PD confirmed the RV signed off on, and I'm pretty sure a while back they even confirmed some had cashed in (Switzerland) after the RV had been completed. I'm sure it must really all have happened, we have all cashed out, and this is where we come to celebrate life an "after RV party" - right?
  20. I would have to assume that Jokie meant between a Tuesday and Thursday....but it doesn't mean they have to be in the same week, month, year...maybe not even decade. So, it could be between today (Tuesday) and Thursday August 22nd of 2013. At least then he would stand a chance of being in the right window.
  21. I live in Michigan, and so do other invested friends and relatives...and I can tell you from our experiences, this truly depends on the branch. We've had similar situations with the same bank, 5/3, literally 5 miles from each other having 100% different rules or services, on the same day. One will sell, one will not. One says must be travelling, the other doesn't care. This has also been the case for family and friends in FLA, so it isn't just MI. Go RV! (soon!!!) It has been awhile since I've been to 5/ hopefully if this is a new development, it truly is a sign of good things in the works. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Do you have a problem getting anyone to take your USD with pen marks on them? NOPE! Money is money, and all spends the same. I have much uncirculated, and then some bought at 5/3 that came with mix of circulated and non-circulated, and some have writing on them (most of it non-English for sure). I can't imagine it would make any difference. IMO
  23. Amen! Especially when posted in and then believe what you want, or don't. However, feeling the need to degrade or attack others is not going to accomplish anything positive towards the goal we're all here for.
  24. Holiday for them was the 21st, not the 22nd. They get more days off than any US government worker...I bet we'd all like to have their schedule. LOL
  25. However, they were not closed yesterday, and CBI updated rates on 3/ their site reflects currently.
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