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  1. I understand the discourse in "Rumors," but wow, in the news section? Some folks need to step away from the computer. GO RV!
  2. Key word: "RUMOR" I thought this was starting with some sarcastic humor, but looks like some folks just need to go to bed and get some sleep. You'll feel better and be able to laugh again. Go RV!
  3. This rumor is at least plausible. Keep your friend close for further insight. GO RV!
  4. coolbeans, You bring some food for thought to the table. GO RV!
  5. McDoogle's Law: Murphy is an optimist. GO RV!
  6. Could this be a light at the end of the tunnel, or a train coming? Thanks for the post. GO RV!
  7. Maybe. Just maybe, This has been backroom done. (similar to Kuwait)? GO RV!
  8. Looks like they want to tighten security. Help reduce wrong people with foreign IDs. That's my thought. Thanks for the post. GO RV!
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