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    Genealogy, drawing, writing poetry and many other things. I love genealogy, it is my favorite thing. Several years ago I found a half brother that I never knew that I had, which was a shock but very rewarding when I got to meet him!

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  1. Have not been on here in a very long time, still trying to hold on to hope that this will come to an end Soon!!!!!!!!!! What do you think Adam? It would be so wonderful to at least feel like it might be sooner and not later!!! hehe! Thanks for all you do for us!!! Brenda Davis
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all, may your day (days) with family be completely awesome!!!! I don't post much, but I too want to thank you Adam for all that you do for all of us!!! Can't wait for all of this to happen, It would be an awesome Christmas present, don't you guys agree!!! hehe!!!
  3. I cant seem to find my receipt for my last renewal, it was 6 mo. I wanted to find out when it ends so that I will renew with Adams new offer. I cant find how to do that. HELP please!!!
  4. to: eburt, Hi eburt, so sorry about the news on your heart. What kind of news? Last September, for the first time in my life I had 3 episodes with my heart racing and had to be rushed to the ER. The third time they would not let me leave and I had to have a Pacemaker put in. I had NEVER had an inkling with anything about my heart, that was my first time!!!! The 3rd time in the ER, they would not let me leave and I was a bit scared, my heart felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest. I had AFib. no kind of warning before!!! I had no idea. The Pacemaker seems to be doing
  5. Hi Adam, I have bee a VIP for several yrs. now, but due to finance situations and taking care of my Mom (Altzheimers) I was only able to do it 3 mos. at a time, but stayed VIP. This last time I was able to go to 6 mos. I was excited!!!! hehe. I have never gotten my Certificate and was wondering what I need to do to get that. I have so enjoyed being a part of Dinar Vets and being a VIP. I respect you because I do believe you are so very honest and tell us the truth. Just wanted to know how to get my "Certificate!" I also wanted to let you know that I appreciate all that you do for us al
  6. I think it is hilarious that this thread did an about face the very moment "Boobs" were mentioned!!!! hehe hehe!!!!
  7. Caye, that was so nice of you to say about Adam! I think MOST all of us know how much Adam cares about all of us, but I guess there is always a few. I have only been here about 4 yrs and it has been a ride. There are some really awesome people here and I have so enjoyed getting to know some of you! (howbeit "online") You can tell that he puts soooo much time into this site and that of course is for all of us!! I have not been able to invest very much, but what I have invested will definitely make the rest of my life easier!!! And maybe be able to bless a few folks, I would sure love to b
  8. I just so appreciate you Adam, for always keeping it real and keeping it true!!! Thank you!!!
  9. Adam, I don't post very often, but truly did want to wish you and your family along with all of our Dinar family a very Happy Thanksgiving!! I am very happy to be a part of all of this, I was not able financially to invest a lot, but invested what I could and that will be a blessing when all of this happens. I too, appreciate all that you do for all of us, it is an amazing opportunity!! Again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
  10. Shabibilicious, I loved the group hug, that was perfect. Like someone else said, I needed that today!!! Thanks again!!!! Oh, and by the way, I am still VIP although it doesn't say I am under my name. It allowed me to renew for another 3 months on Oct. 31st. I was surprised, but very very glad!!!! I just never have enough extra at one time to buy the lifetime, so this made me extremely happy!!!!!
  11. I really like this format better also!! And, thank you Adam for always giving us straight answers and keeping it real!! I'm sure I am among many that appreciate you!!
  12. What an awesome family we have on DinarVets!!! Prayers for your family and extended family tankdude, We serve an awesome God who loves and cares about each and every prayer request. I look forward to hearing a good report from you soon. God bless you and your family!!
  13. Is there an english translation to the link. I really don't know how or what to do to read it!!! haha! Has anyone already translated it into english? Hopefully!!
  14. Way to go Texas Granny, I agree with you!!! I wasn't able to do lifetime, but I am still a VIP member, just do it for 3 mos. at a time. That way I can afford to do it. Don't have a lot of extra after bills each month, but have been able to do 3 mos. at a time and grateful to be able to do that and grateful that Adam allowed those of us who could manage that in order to be able to be VIP. If people don't like it, just like you said, they can go somewhere else!! I think Adam has done awesome with the site and awesome with all he has done for us. I am just grateful to be here and for this o
  15. To: Ronin ll, If you do indeed do the "Tarzan Yell" please record it and put it up here, I would love to hear it!! I think all of us would like to do a "Tarzan Yell" right about now!!!! So exciting!!!
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