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  1. Watch out for the seven fingered, mullet wearing, fireworks guy who makes a run for the border.
  2. I give a @#$T. By the way, when you are the first person to respond to a post, we all assume you are speaking about said post, so you dont need to quote it.
  3. Too funny! I am going to my bank to stir the pot.
  4. This investment is not the norm. That is what makes it so interesting, you don not have to be an expert to be here. Also brings a lot of diversity to the forum, so please refrain from giving lessons, as we all know what we are doing.
  5. Seeing if yall are paying attention.
  6. It would seem logical there would be lots of misinformation before the RV, so dont sweat it too much. Like Jax said, keep your emotions out of it, lot easier said than done.
  7. Did you really misuse there for their in your title?
  8. Thanks for posting. +1. Could have been any of us.
  9. Hbomb

    The Possum

    What's next the Prairie Dog?
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