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    Currency trading (price action), greyhound racing (video analysis) and life in general.

    I studied the Iraqi situation and eventually invested in Dinars in December 2010 looking at it as a potential medium term payoff (3 to 6 months).
  1. dontlop is correct... when I started work, I was getting arond $20 a week in 1961 as a 13 or 14 year old, and at 18 I was being paid a grown mans wage of $35 a week. I paid my taxes for 49 years... and now I struggle to survive, because I was promised that if I worked hard and paid my taxes, I'd be looked after in retirement. THE FUCKIN BASTARDS LIED, AND THEY STILL LIE. A grown mans wage in my country is now about $550 a week (minimum wage), and the bastards give me a old age pension of just over $400 a week. My house rent is $285 a week... you work it out.
  2. pt49

    When Dow = Gold

    The crash is proven once the Dow meets Gold... probably about 5,000 Dow = $5,000 gold Comments welcome
  3. highly unlikely... the Dong has been revalued down 5 times in the last few years.
  4. Rock is correct, you will lose ... you HAVE TO lose, you MUST lose... its the ONLY way to learn.... we all been thru it if we trade forex.
  5. and for the fools who say that it won't, that it will "revalue to a set value in US$... I ask of them, "WELL WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT FOREX RATES/SITES?" ... reason being, if a currency is "fixed" at a value, it CAN'T be on Forex.... simple huh? So, for those saying a fixed value of $3..... you are sucking worse than rotten eggs... you are quoting Forex every day, waiting, watching Forex, and yet you are assuming a FIXED value... you are less than stupid. FOREX has NO fixed rates. The rates are changing all day every day. That's why I'm hoping (against all common sense) that they will "Float" the IQD.
  6. VX is correct, I'm a trader for 10 years, and what he posated is 100% correct. Bucket shop brokers (small American outfits) hold your trade themselves, and hope you lose. They survive because they balance your buy trade against Bobs sell trade, and if their book gets too outa whack on a pair, they lay off with a liquidity provider. True ECN brokers pass your trades directly into the interbank market... but if you are trading in say $1 or $2 lots, they;lll likely put your trade in their bucket. If you are trading $10 lots and above with an ECN broker you can rest asuured your trade is straight thru to the Interbank market. there are bucket shop brokers outside America that will offer you up to 2,000 and 3,000:1 leverage... in other words, you can open an account with just $50, and bet in lotsizes as low as 1 cent. However, they place a $250 to $500 limit size on your account. If your account goes above their limit, they automatically reduce your leverage to about 500:1... if you are not careful, that can margin you out.
  7. 10 cents within 3 months of the float. I'm not nominating a charity, because I don't know that you have $50
  8. They are all farckinliars. Drug addicts, crack heads, and alcoholics all. Not a f#@%*& one of them has ever opened his mouth and said... "Hey man, I love you" !!
  9. Okie Pokie Jokie... he is a joke. We all know it, but unfortunately the unsuspecting among us believe him, and through his stupid posts, he's laughing at every one of you who listen to him. Okie is no oil man, he's a crack addict in a back street of New York, who accesses the internet through the local library for free.
  10. well... 2 years on, how many can put their hand up and say they "cashed out"? The ONLY people who have cashed out, are those who gave up and sold their Dinars on eBay. And that's a FACT. Shoot me again... farka's. Incidently, I still believe that the IQD will float one day, but it won't be soon in my opinion, and I bought in, 5 years ago.
  11. I think okie issued that proclamation
  12. The CBI has stated it has no interest in the Dinars offshore... they will become part of our countries foreign reserve holdings, and just like the US$'s in China, they will never go back to the country that issued them. If China asked the FED to cash in the US$'s they hold back into Yuan, America would collapse.
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