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  1. You can translate a book all you want, you can see signs and omens in everything. That is the beautiful thing about the human mind, the endless depths of imagination. People of modern day religions, cannot fathom reality, they look at the world through fragmented windows. Every event is an excuse to play chicken little. Has anyone actually read a version of the Bible that was written in Aramaic? You know, the language of the time? The answer most will honestly be able to give is NO. So you have depended on translations and believe it is accurate. Let people have their heroes, let them have their legends, be an American and do not act like the typical arrogant American that so many in the world despise. Learn to listen, unfiltered. Learn to think, unfettered. Learn to act as a human being. If you have to fear something, fear ignorance. Who cares what is on their currency Within an inch of 'In God We Trust' is the phrase 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' - New Secular Order and as another pointed out, 'the all seeing eye' (generally of illuminati lore) Let them have theirs, we use ours.
  2. After reading the first two lines, I was prepared to be pi$$ed off. Then the plot thickened. This is a great idea, somewhere in the neighborhood could be a topless car wash. A porn theater might be a nice touch also. Maybe even a McDonald's that only serves the pork included food for breakfast and then the McRib the rest of the day This has a lot of potential
  3. Please tell us that was your attempt at humor. That was way too funny and right on the mark concerning government interaction with the masses they are supposed to support ...and you do realize that this was posted in the 'Off Topic' area of the dinar web site? come on, really? Even if it was not funny (which it was if you have an attention span greater than a five year old), it is still 'off topic' and in the right place.
  4. I guess an Azz Bandit gave you a -1 for threatening his 'Masculinity' Just so the universe has balance, I gave you a +1 Balance restored and everything is right with the least that is what the voices in my head tell me, and they are usually right. asked about a rate and a date and all of them laughed at me.
  5. I got one, what if you are ears without a prick? Can we still keep our heads in a rectal defilade and bash Okie? Just looking for guidlines, a little clarity.
  6. The absolute truth of the matter is that unless their name starts with Dr. and ends with Shabibi, nobody knows. It is guessing and wishful thinking. I would love to say that it will not LOP. I saw an article at one point that said the old (bigger) and new (smaller) denominations would co-exist at their value and there would be a three year period to turn in the larger bills. Do I have a link...No. Do I think that would totally rule...YES. Until it happens it is merely speculation and really nothing to worry about. Worrying will not do anything but frustrate you and lead to ulcers and high blood pressure. Gooooooooooooooooooooo RV (Dinar and Dong, Double D, D squared...whatever)
  7. That was too funny Thanx for the laugh!!!!!!!
  8. Ahhh, a sense of humor... It is a beautiful thing. Good job +1 If you did not think it was funny, you may want to consider surgery to remove the stick from your but(t)
  9. It is tragic that potato head (SPUD) could not find anything else to bash Adam about so he whines about a voluntary (and well worth) option. Mmmmmmmmmm Hash browns and BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, its breakfast time over here. Here piggy, piggy piggy
  10. Not to mention one of America's largest supplier of oil (no it's not the middle east, Canada and Mexico supply most of our oil) The only Americans that seriously bash Canada are generally ignorant and have never left the state they were born in. At least someone in North America has a set 'nads. I have been giving you +1 on as many of your posts as I can find, trying to offset the dweebs
  11. I know a guy who knows a guy whose girfriend's best friend's aunt's mother has a dog and the dog's owner was at the salon (human not dog) and the stylist's little brother's best friend's mom said she didn't know anything about when the dinar would RV. Go RV!!!!!!!!!
  12. Sirius good job demonstrating your point. One of the biggest problems in the world today is people getting offended and thinking that others must no longer do what they deem offensive. I do not see a point in this thread where you resorted to name calling as some of your detractors did. Good for you, maintaining the high road. The beautiful thing about living in a fake democracy is we still have the illusion that we have freedom of speach. We still have the ability to voice our opinion. No one has to agree with what we state, it does not give anyone the right to attack another or censor. Gender, race, sexual orientation, nor religious beliefs should have an impact on who is chosen as leadership in any government. The tragedy in our closed minded 'free' society is, Americans would rather have a homosexual in the white house than an atheist (this is not a dig on either homosexuals or atheists, merely showing how screwed up it is that anyone thinks it necessary to point out this kind of drivel). The very idea that we as a nation even think in those terms is the best indicator of the 'sheeple' that are the masses. Have a great day, go RV and try to be human when reading things you initially find offensive. Animals act on instinct, humans should use logic and reason. Before you go on a tirade, ask the person what their views are in context and not your translation.
  13. That is right on the to speak. Fortunately, my dad got in under the wire and started to draw his social security this year (65 years old) At the rate they are going, it will be 80 to receive benefits, which of course is years after the average life expectancy of pretty much everyone. At what point and what trigger is going to have to be pulled for the average citizen to scream FOUL and move to stop this mess. We the people are stronger than the government that hates us If they could find a way to have the money provided by us, without the inconvenience that is US, they would
  14. To paraphrase a line from Consantine - 'Lady, Obama doesn't have a plan, he's a kid with an antfarm'
  15. Like so many others, friends and family look at me like I am insane for purchasing a ticket on this ride. I think back to when I was in high school and Apple was just fruit, not a household name for a computer. I am sure there are a lot of people that wished they would have taken that chance. Win, lose or draw, this roller coaster ride will reach the terminal. I did not give some friends and family an opportunity to not invest, I bought some for them despite what they think. They can thank me or laugh at me later
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