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  1. Without talking about the health reasons...lets just talk about the financial reasons. At one carton a week in NC, I avg spending $160 a month on smokes. That is alot over a year. Plus, health and life insurance is much higher as a smoker. The E-Cigs I got cost me about $75 for everything and I double ordered the tips and juice. I have almost saved half of the E Cig price since I started. My neighbor, the 3 pack a day man...WOW. say 10 cartons a month x $40 per carton = $400 x 12 months = $4800 a year. Just for smokes. One of my sons will be getting his license in 2012. The $$ I spent on smokes will pay for the extra car insurance I will incur when he becomes legal. What could you use that extra $$ for?? Now focus on the health issues. I am preaching to myself as well cuz I am just in my 1st week of quitting smoking. FYI
  2. late 2009 TerryK (TK) was very involved in posting the pure BS about Bank Back Screens. This stirred a buying frenzy and people who pumped and sold Dinar made a fortune. Those of us who bought into it ... the best news is...we bought dinar cheaper than what we can get it for today. The worst news is...they was so good at their lies....many people bought that could not afford to and lost houses, cars, relationships, you name it. The pumpers did not care. They just thought up new ways to made headlines. Bank Screen stories are total not buy into it. When the IQD RV's, it will be on every news channel. It is THAT SIMPLE. TK, Okie, SteveI, a host of many others made it soooo believeable. Then here comes the Buy Dinar on Reserve. OMG how many people lost $1000's on that? The dinar WILL RV one day. I will not ever believe anymore it will go for 3+ with no l.op first or whatever...If I can cash in at .25 on the USD I am outta here. 2004 to current is a LONG time to be on this ride and all the BS artists needs to be corraled and put in jail with Madoff.
  3. crap like this is what happens when the silent majority stays silent. It is happening in USA on this topic as well as alot others and I wonder when the majority will no longer remain silent? That cannot happen soon enough.
  4. I too have been on this site, a couple others since 2009. The amount of BS, total scams, whatever their reasons....I have backed off ALOT. I still own quite a bit, but it did not hurt so bad when I needed to sell some recently. I still believe in the RV, but I came to realize it will not happen when we want it to and it will not be a 3000% return on our $$. People like Okie, TK, SteveI, zzzzzzzzz, and several others needs to be in prison.
  5. I ordered the JoyETech E-Cig. My next door neighbor's son has been a 3 pack a day smoker for years. About 4 weeks ago he comes over tokin on this funny lookin thing. He tells me he has had that for 2 real cigarettes. I was like...awesome. He sent me the info of what he had and I sat on it. 2 weeks ago he and I talk....he still has not had a real cigarette. I said enough for me and ordered it. I got that, the tips or watever they are called and the juice you put in it. All this came Monday. Today is Saturday. I have been a 1-2 pack a day smoker for 30 years. I have not had a real cigarette since Monday. I have not had the hard urges that I have had times I tried to quit before. E-Cigs work in my opinion. The ones they sell at convenince stores I am not sure about. Do some research. Give it a try, whatever brand you choose.
  6. The deal is 80% 0f the 86% will stay quiet, while the entire 14% of the ones aganst will be totally vocal. If the majority will raise their voice as well as vote...then you will be amazed at what can be accomplished.
  7. Iran Seeps? In 2004 Iran was givong about $250 mil a month to the Iraqi Shiite mosques. In 2004 out guys was getting IED'd by platter charges made in Iran. I think they seeped into Iraq a longtime ago.
  8. I am 1/4 Cherokee and the other 3/4 of me is ashamed of what we did to the Native Americans. No one here in the US has had it as bad as they did...and do still.
  9. They are using one plane to save jet fuel....Fly Maliki to US and Biden to Iraq. One way trip for Biden
  10. I never did. I was yellin, kickin and screamin at people not to do Reserves...but ya know how that went.
  11. Thanks but I am selling a portion of mine for totally different reasons. I have been in dinar since 2004 and never spent more than I could afford. Sometimes life happens and you haveta re-adjust your plans accordingly. The worst times I saw was when people was doing those awful Reserves.
  12. wanna meet in Statesville area? That is a little less than halfway for ya.
  13. I am in the Raleigh area. I do go to Charlotte area alot.
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