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  1. This just popped in my new feed on my phone. I'm not giving in and still holding strong.
  2. Hopefully a 3 week post party? 2 weeks isolation then a week of us all partying! Safety first 😂
  3. I dont post much, but always enjoy your weekly post. Thanks for all the work you do
  4. thanks for the blog post Stryker, thanks for posting DT. Always good to hear some positive thoughts and feedback from you guys. Hopefully soon will can see some real action towards an RV. then I'm off to Maui *laughs*
  5. Awesome chat as always Adam Thanks Saint and vizio as well. Hopefully next month I'll be sitting in Hawaii sipping an umbrella drink thinking what to do with the rest my life. Cheers to all and goodnight everyone
  6. Thanks for the update and chat as always Adam. Thanks Doug and Vizio for the hep. I think we can all wait a few more weeks, we've waited this long
  7. thanks Adam an kcw and vizioiraqi for posting
  8. Good point, I should finds ways to invest what I can in that year to make up for some of those taxes. As long is the Mayan's calender is not true, I'll be able to play instead of running from all those zombies P.S. Thanks for the peace emote Adam
  9. thanks Adam and kcw for the info Changing my status to "now to January train" Looking forward to your next chat.
  10. Thanks Adam and KCW for all the updates and info every week. looking forward to grabbing a drink or two when this is all done and over with lets RV :twothumbs:
  11. Thanks again Adam for another great chat.
  12. Hi Adam and kcw, thanks for all you guys do for us. I had a thought on the RV, with the US supporting their economy with our USD, would it be possible if we (meaning US) is holding them back from RVing until near election time. From what I understand, when Bush was in office he said before the war started that it will pay for itself. Now that everything is just about in place, and RV near election time will surely change an outcome for our current President. I might not be saying it right, but hope you have an idea of what I'm trying to say. Thanks again =P
  13. Thanks Adam for all you do. kcw for posting I was Thinking. Do you think they are holding off the RV until near election time? When Bush was in office, he said the war will pay for itself. So if they RV near election, and Obama uses that to clear our debt, and boost the economy to help him get reelected. Just my thoughts. But seems lime something worth sharing. Thanks again for all you do.
  14. My father always told me, if you don't like either candidates, try voting for the lesser of the two evils.
  15. Thanks Adam and kcw for the updates As long as this train is cruising down the tracks, I'll be cruising in the bar car. First rounds on me guys/gals Lets go RV!!! I used to work at the Salvation Army in St. Pete, FL they help to better people that used to be drug addicts and alcoholics. They really do help a lot of people, just goes to show that some charities are for helping and some are for bigger wallets.
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