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  1. Boy, Adam you know how to choose those words.... "IQD is moving"..... Warm and fuzzies without the double Jack n Coke Go RV!!
  2. Thanks for yourr honesty GregHi! Many years we here have heard many stories from those living in the middle east, myself included (kuwait). Many rumors and excitement which mostly ended and the 'Intel' faded into a rumor. It is always refreshing to hear an honest story that actually may be supported by news articles. Regardless of the level of involvement your contact has, he is no doubt changed by it and has become a dinarian! If the people and govt of Iraq believe they can and should recover from these years of despotic leadership and become wealthy once more, they will succeed. Dub
  3. Got that right Fly I imagine what's worse than reading this? Maybe being a part of the chat itself GO RV!!
  4. Trump turned his inherited $300 mill into $9 billion during his business life. I only wish someone with that economic swagger would be elected cuz its the only way to fix our economy. Maybe not everything wrong in good ole USA but it would kickstart a faith in her economy we could all benefit from.
  5. Man, I've spent more on less in my partying days,...worth it to me, I still have currency worth what I spent on it
  6. It was odd, I recieved a letter in the mail from Capital One explaining the legality and process of wire transfers, with international transfers in foreign currencies highlighted Many others got this letter as well. Exciting to say the least
  7. Drift drift lop lop bash bash skeet skeet skeet skeet! Great conversation guys im loving it GO RV!
  8. You not eat all you can, you eat more you go now!
  9. Thanks Luigi. Now Oprah is in the know? ! Hahahaha
  10. Well I'm hoping that 'part' of my plans, the little details of how my dinar were never purchased in the US orby USD and not from taxable income from within the US also that my dinar are not within the US and they will be deposited and managed by someone not a US citizen in the confines of a bank not connected to a US citizen, may just help some of this BS
  11. Isn't this 17% figure for the Kurds actually IN their constitution ? ! If so, it kinda makes this a moot point.
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