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  1. All these negative the sky is falling bilious. articles that have continually been published for 18 years is just fear mongering These crack baby fools have been babysat, spoon fed & hand held by the IMF, WB, the UN & any other outfit that has a stake in Iraq. If Iraq is going down, well that’s that. BUT, if Iraq is going to be the Hub ( so on & so forth ) & the envy of M. E. - there’s a lot more $$$$$ in Iraq’s success than it’s failure. Do the hand holding spoon feeders want Iraq to fail ???? .... IMHO, I think not, greed is good.
  2. Perhaps these words.... we’d all like to tell him where he could stick his purple ink tipped finger. 😀
  3. What happens when a Dictator who knows nothing about pretty much everything takes that country right into the crapper, blaming everyone & everything all the way down. More popcorn, more entertainment. The world has an over abundance of stupidly wicked people.
  4. California — The land of the fruits & nuts .... probably get hated on by the Libs in here trying to defend the state of tyranny and chaos that plagues that state. So ya know....I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS!!!
  5. Exactly !!!! Wild Horses couldn’t drag this Horse back to California. That state is a state of confusion & chaos run by a mob of psychos with Newsome leading the tyrannical charge. After 15 years overseas I moved back in ‘92. Earthquakes, drive by shootings an everyday occurrence and the clearly evident signs of nut jobs and psychotic crack babies infiltrating all levels of government, I escaped to Bend, Oregon for a time. Seeing the writing on the wall that Oregon politics was going the way of California we moved to Cortez, Colorado in 2006 where I began my stateside employment in the oil & gas industry til 2011. Staying yet again 1 step ahead of the political psychotic cancerous infection we escaped Colorado to N. Dakota Bakken oil field til 2017 and retiring to the Bearizona mountains. All the Best
  6. I expect significant growth in my bank account here right Pronto like. Get busy Biatches.
  7. So the Happy Acres Geriatric Rest Home for the Mentally Deranged ( aka White House ) urges OPEC to address oil supplies ? Its a laugh a minute from the Muppet Puppet.
  8. I had help from my Beagle...used to sniff out drugs hidden by all sorts of stuff like coffee. He retired when I got him, but that Nose never retired
  9. No worries....since when did the underage ever stop a politician. Maybe JFK did date Pelosi. This is a pretty sick & twisted culture and this sort of stuff just didn’t begin happening a couple of years ago. We all know JFK & Robert had a tuff time keeping their trousers up with all the young for Teddy-Chappaquiddick ( Jeff Epstein wasn’t the first to traffic & supply the rich, famous & politicians ... he certainly won’t be the last ). Look at Biden and His son Hunter. If people out there doubt me, do your research, they can’t cover up all the tracks. Can I change any of this ? Nope. Don’t care anymore. When criminals control it all ( government & ALL the agencies & the press ) -— —— yep, everything ; I wanna be left alone, live my life in relative peace & quiet ( if that’s even possible with a government so intrusive, diabolical & tyrannical-and it will get much worse. That’s right....when this RI/RV hopefully happens before I get orders for The Great Gig in the Sky, I’m looking after me and mine and its adios. Earth’s a beautiful place. It’s just got way to many psychotic jerk offs wanting to rule the world. There’s tons of quiet out of the way places left on this Great Big Blue Marble. And that’s all I have to say about that. When the world is running down you make the best of what’s still around. Dang if I didn’t get on that soap box again.
  10. Suppose to read ..... , “ you know that don’t you ? “ - what a space cadet I am today: I put a fresh cup of hot coffee in the freezer early this morning then spent nearly a half hour looking all over the house before I found it.
  11. They’re gonna talk this whole exchange rate business right into 2022, you that don’t you.
  12. DAMN !!!!! Pelosi gets in, constructs some Crap to continuing her use of using the Constitution as a doormat, pulls in Billary as VP ( cuz Pelosi was given an offer she couldn’t refuse : Billary takes over after a mysterious case of lead poisoning in Pelosis anti-wrinkle cream 😀 - ( bet y’all thought I was going to infer something else ) then we’re in more trouble than we could have ever though of.
  13. What's scarier still, unless there’s some sort of, well maybe divine intervention #47 is Kamala.
  14. No clarification needed.... it’s “ clear “ to me they’re going to continue to TALK about this until the cows come home. Seeing how few cows are in Iraq, I suspect they’ll need a map to find their home. .... many maps of Iraq are of one color, desert beige. Ever try reading a map that’s just barren & featureless ? Thanks MEP01. Clarification in all things with these monkeys as the only thing they’re clear on, is that they’re deliberately NOT clear on anything.
  15. Steadily moving forward....I’d like to “ restructure “ my bank account, pick up the pace.
  16. Can’t but “ wonder “ just exactly how many more things need to be done before the CBI goes live and we see the IQD as a globally recognized currency. For frack sake: I’m 66 and cheated death so many times the Grim Reaper has called in for Backup.
  17. Interesting news there’s no love between Sadr & Maliki: as if that needed to be published 😀 Maliki was pretty bold stating he was going to form a Bloc so large he would surround Sadr. Well, “ for many reasons “ that just ain’t gonna happen, so they tell us. Perhaps his influence is being minimized more than we think ??? In this next Parliament, they need to shut this obstructionist down. Hasn’t there been from elements within The Hague, charging him and his cohorts with Genocide ? Seems like a great time for an arrest and hand over to The Hague. A guy can hope huh.
  18. Sadr gets bolder and gains traction with more seats. Getting more popcorn, this is becoming more interesting every day Aint politics a hoot !!!!
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