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  1. I’ve read this article several times allowing it to sink into my thick horse like head bone. I am now as excited as an excited person who has something to be excited about. Wowzers !!!!!!
  2. Wouldn’t that be Fabulous !!!!! The RV was the only thing on my Christmas letter to Santa’s a pretty big request, huh. Jan 1st. I said would do nicely, so he’s got some wiggle room. If he can pull it off I told him I send my recipe for Oatmeal Macadamia Nut Chocolate Chip Cookies with Shredded Coconut Sprinkles to Mrs Claus. Gotta give the Great Fat Man some incentive To all U who poo poo Santa Claus, well all I can say is you’re woefully left wanting in imagination and beliefs. 😀
  3. I’ll take Middle East Assassinations and Bet my Bank. What is Iran ?? DING DING DING DING DING !!! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER !!!!!! Sadr despises Iran .... or so we’re led to believe.
  4. I just hope with all these “ new faces “ stuff gets done FAST. Nearly 20 years of foot dragging & sand bagging is quite enough thank you. The corrupt within are still a clear & present danger. I feel their thugs will try to intimidate the “ new faces “.... you know how the rest of that scenario can play out. Perhaps with Sadr and his bunch, they just might be able to contain & even incarcerate this lot. There’s a thought huh. They’ve only been chin wagging this issue for how long now??? In the end, hopefully a globally recognized IQD, EARLY in the 1st quarter of 2022 will be realized.
  5. Great to see the Totalitarian in Chief taking so active an interest in “ Democracy “ Can’t wait for the opening address from his lordship the Supreme Muppet Puppet.
  6. Hmmm ... China again. All pieces of the Silk Road puzzle being placed exactly where needed.
  7. Y’all do your research if you choose....Compare the recovery of Germany to Iraq 20 years on. Yes, certainly it’s not Peas& Carrots and cultural differences are many. But the resolve of the political Germany to that of political Iraq are very eye opening. Not too tough to see which country had the desire to rebuild its future giving Its people a better way of life....& a globally recognized currency ! ....all the more interesting when know how Germany was so instrumental in bringing about a global war ( yes atrocities too numerous to count ) and subsequently being bombed day & night right back into the Middle Ages.
  8. There’s gonna be loads more articles of misdirection & just plain horse poop until this thing finally POPS like a Champagne bottle cork. My Champagne by the way is “ chillaxing “in the Fridge
  9. What’s it finally gonna take for these bureaucrats to wake the hell up and do right by the people ? Incessant chin wagging, a bazillion Captain Obvious news articles, dictionary size book of excuses, delays & postponements: Eeeeesh... looks like the folks are say enough is enough. ( uh, so am I ). I suggested some time back they’d talk the currency issue all the way into early 2022. Perhaps that’s the plan all along ? I’m assuming they have a plan? Sorta looks it. ....providing they don’t start trotting out excuses for delaying the RV. Dont think that’ll make Sadr happy-we’d all like think he’s the solution not part of the problem.
  10. You can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink 😀 I’ll drink some water if you give me however.
  11. Once again This proves no one comes close to talking more shiite than anyone else in the M.E. They’re always at that boldest when the USA has a Liberal weakling in the WH. Russia & China “ appear “ to be on the threshold of testing the Muppet Puppet’s resolve. Ukraine & Taiwan: keep an eye on these. What’s Coma Joe Gonna Do ???
  12. You’d think as greedy as this mob is, pushing this issue far down the road would make them pull their hair out wasting untold millions of $$$$$. The technology is already here.... “ projects currently under development “ is a pretty pathetic excuse. Whatever the real ( selfish ) reasons are, the people of Iraq are losing a lot of $$$$$ at the hands of government officials foot dragging this issue. Then again, foot dragging is a process they excel at.
  13. Too bad we can’t open up an industrial size can if Whoop Azz. ( Probably left that too for the Taliban ) Generally speaking it’s overdue but the Chinese controlled Muppet Puppet in the WH has more important issues to tackle as in does he use a spoon or straw when negotiating a tricky bowl of applesauce.
  14. I see where they’re marketing a laser attached to a new type of slingshot. Perhaps a boatload shipped to Iraq should be considered ???
  15. They better be more worried what will happen if they disappoint ME. Watch what happens to the human body after it’s received a dead nuts on, swift kick from the hind legs of a Horse ??? Ain’t pretty 😀
  16. Ain’t it the truth....been riding this roller coaster since the Spring of ‘04. . I had a thick full head of hair then : now I shave my head cuz all I got left is some fuzz. 😀 . . . Now it’s growing sideways and coming outta my ears - WTF ! Getting older is like riding the Bumper Cars in the Twilight Zone. Just never know from which direction you’re getting smacked with one of life’s drive by’s huh.
  17. In some government circles the narrative is we want to find out what the cause is ?? This s pathetic & absurd. Now people are calling on the government that created the “ crisis “ to take immediate action to solve the problem. Government Juggernauts are all alike aren’t they...ours is no different. The issues we face, a deliberate creation by the present administration. And of course their narrative is the entire system was broken by the last administration and you just can’t flip on a switch to fix it. This playbook is old. Not a big fan of any government, what I resent is the hateful cynicism we’re shown by the greater majority of government. We’re too stupid to understand anything & nothing more than a massive herd of Cash Cows to be exploited and bled white. I see this in so many governments all around the globe.
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