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  1. Hi Adam, Many evacuees from Florida came to Dothan, Alabama. As a pastor, I called the Salvation Army and asked what the community needed. He plugged us in and I am amazed at what was accomplished. Blessings on you for your contribution to the Salvation Army. I'm with you and with them. Best definition I have heard on the definition of Prosperity, having the time and the resources to do what God asks when asks. Go RV!
  2. Guess I will google Moola Nova. i need to check in more.
  3. Hi Easy Havent stopped by lately. Good to see you're still posting. Thanks for the encouragement!
  4. If you look at other interests on linked-in, mr. Hudson was involved in yellowhammer capital of Alabama and another interest at bghs equity partners, LLC. Check them out.
  5. FBI raid in Dothan, Alabama in the news today regarding Dinar Corp & My Monex. Names of individual released in the article. Google FBI Raid on Whatley Drive, Dothan, Al
  6. You might want to check your spelling before boasting about your smarts. Justsayin
  7. You guys & gals are why I keep coming back to this site! Blessings Davis. King David lost everything 72 hours before he got it back and was crowned king. Hope your next 72 hours are spent going after what you have lost with a similar result.
  8. Nadita, I have been looking forward to your posts for several months. Just wanted to give a long overdue THANKS!
  9. Keep, do you remember how long it was that we told how we came up with our user names?
  10. I have a gmail account, How do switch over to it?
  11. I sent the email with my ******** again after adding to my safe list with no response.. Is there something else we can do?
  12. Just tried with bsndhn Not recognized Junk folder empty
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