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  1. Honestly a .01 would be an amazing return.... a .10 would be beyond my wildest dreams for a return so if that is a reality that people have to wrestle with to get to i am amazed ..... hey if its higher great but ya gottta look at the percentage of return that even these numbers or anything in between give you.... wow
  2. Just a a few questions.... how about a lower rv number say .10 or .01 could that be more manageable... also what will those with lower denoms have to do in the event of an rd... say i have 2million in 50iqd denoms
  3. this really belongs in LOP... Not sure why people think they are posting anything new when they post this stuff....
  4. Not that i wouldnt put it past them to do that to their own people but wouldnt that cause chaos...
  5. what would happen to a 500 and 250 bill.... would they stay the same or turn into .5 and .25
  6. I hope not big enough inflation to legitimize an LOP.... It would be nice to know the numbers and if they are still pretty low or if the inflation is getting high... Just curious...
  7. great point skip.... unless they give the man equivalent smaller denoms in exchange for the 000 dinars I know i would feel a lot better right now if i had all of my dinar in 250 denoms and it is interesting to note that tampadinar sells them but at a major jump in price 100,000 dinar for $900.... I havent found anyone else that sells lower denoms yet
  8. As it pertains to this part..... With regard to the high exchange rate of U.S. dollar, Alshabibi said that Iraqi Central Bank does not work randomly, but there are some measures that we have tried to check out for some important issues in central bank’s auction, because the situation was very sensitive and has an impact on the market rapidly, the dollar exchange rate moved upward, which we wish clearly that the rapid realization what makes the bad reaction of the market’s exchange rate, but the capacity of the Central Bank and its hard work was able to go back to stability and full control ov
  9. It's unfortunate that cs1 took this thread to get on a soapbox.... you may be content in your walk but your social graces leave a bit to be desired.... for those that are actually posting to the meter in which this was intended i thank you... it takes alot to be vulnerable and people do come on hear knowing that there are others who care about the whole person.... My heart goes out to any of those who have lost loved ones and hope that any positive word and gesture from us on this site and in your life will better your day regardless of money..... i've been in it since fall 2010 and have enj
  11. interesting random calculation.... 40 billion would give all of us DV members 1.5mil.. I bring this up to say that if anyone is worried that so many of us becoming millionaires overnight is not plausible... dont worry we are a spec on the wall... just a thought
  12. Great question for the economists of the bunch.....Would like to hear some real perspective on this.... My guess is that if it were say a 1:1 iraq in general wouldnt be the ones handing out the major us dollar conversions (seperate from say a tourists who is doing a simple exchange) and they would just continue to use their currency... the only ones that i see it would effect would be those banks and brokers that actually exchange currency which at that point its just more numbers in a computer and another day that goes by.... I could be way off but i dont see the avg bank in iraq carrying tha
  13. this is an executable file and although i am sure it is legit it is very dangerous as a general rule to allow links to executable files... Again i am not bashing i am just making a statement... It would be better as well to publish the program to a known source like tucows or something which moderates exe files at which point a link to that would be a more trusting situation... Peace
  14. Thanks for putting out your thoughts on this.... i like that perspective.... Nothing like a good thought to spark a good dialogue.... oh sorry that doesn't happen that often here.... Ya know smee really isnt saying it is a scam.... it is a a well thought out perspective on a topic that is very relevant to this investment and those that are in it..... It would do others good to not think ill of someone right off the bat but maybe even to go so far as to make additional contributions to an initial thought therefor creating a thread that is really worth reading... JMO
  15. Put it this way...... At least you don't read the terms and conditions and walk away thinking that there is a possibility these could be worthless... like some other things you may read.....
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