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  1. bosworld

    CBI Indicative rates

    Anything to get excited about with CBI not updating a majority of their indicative rates? Just wondering. CURRENCY CODE SELL BUY US dollar USD 1166.000 1164.000 Euro EUR ------ ------ British pound GBP ------ ------ Canadian dollar CAD ------ ------ Swiss franc CHF 1321.097 1320.436 Swedish krona SEK ------ ------ Norwegian krone NOK ------ ------ Danish krone DKK ------ ------ Japanese yen JPY 11.372 11.367 Special Drawing Rights SDR 1805.947 1805.044
  2. bosworld

    ** CNBC currency show***

    Great find.....One of the guys says Iraqi Deeenar....and one of the others says yes...
  3. this post is 9 of 10, almost done.....

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