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  1. Foreign employment in Iraq is one of the causes of the hard currency drain Localities 2020-02-10 | 06:05 1,414 views A political source said that foreign labor in Iraq is one of the reasons for the depletion of hard currency, noting that there is an aspect of financial corruption in the recruitment process. The source said that "the chaos of foreign labor in Iraq through random recruitment is one of the reasons for depleting hard currency and transferring it abroad", indicating that "owners of companies and factories have become preferring the Asian foreign worker over the local as it is less expensive." The source added that "there is an aspect of financial corruption in the recruitment process, as well as a lack of commitment to employment laws that impose that the largest percentage of labor be in any project for local employment, which is not currently available, especially in oil and energy companies as well as infrastructure companies." . The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs revealed earlier the number of foreign workers in Iraq, and said in a statement that "the number of foreign workers working in foreign companies operating in Iraq exceeds 750 thousand workers, contrary to what the International Labor Organization stated in previous reports." However, it did not specify the size of the increase.محليات/334075/العمالة-الاجنبية-بالعراق-احد-اسباب-استنزاف-العملة
  2. Washington warns of demonstrations in Baghdad and Najaf Policy 2020-02-10 | 07:13 On Monday, the US embassy in Baghdad issued a warning about demonstrations that may be launched in Baghdad and Najaf, while calling on American citizens not to approach the embassy in the capital. In a statement, Alsumaria News received a copy of it, the embassy said, "According to reports, large-scale demonstrations, events and processions are expected to take place in Baghdad from 11 to 13 February, as well as in Najaf on 14 February." She added that "the general consular operations in Baghdad are still pending," calling on "American citizens not to approach the embassy." She stressed that "the US Consulate General in Erbil is open for visas and appointments for the services of the American citizen, including the issuance of a passport."سياسة/334080/واشنطن-تنبه-عن-تظاهرات-في-بغداد-والنجف
  3. 02/10/2020 08:47 Views 61 Section: Iraq Integrity takes financial and penal measures against those who fail to disclose financial disclosure Baghdad / Obelisk: The Federal Integrity Commission confirmed, on Monday, 10 February 2020, that the financial and penal measures established by its effective law will be taken against those who refuse to disclose their financial accounts before it. In a statement received by Al-Masala, Al-Nazahah called that all those who did not submit their forms to expedite their forms and send them to the Prevention Department within the specified legal period. She added that the necessary financial and penal measures specified by the law will be taken against those who have failed or defaulted according to the law. The Authority had disclosed at the end of last year the details of the first amendment to its effective law No. 30 of 2011, after the House of Representatives approved the amendment, in accordance with the provisions of Item First of Article 61 and Item Three of Article 73 of the Constitution, as it determined Article 16 / First covered by the disclosure of their financial dues . Follow the obeliskالنزاهة-تتخذ-الإجراءات-المالية-والجزائية-بحق-الممتنعين-عن-كشف-الذمة-المالية
  4. 02/10/2020 13:48 Views 59 Section: Iraq Three countries pledge to arm Iraq in the event of a US withdrawal Baghdad / Obelisk: Member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Karim Alaiwi, confirmed on Monday, February 10, 2020, that the exit of American forces from Iraq will not create a security vacuum in the country, and he said that three countries pledged to arm Iraq if Washington decided to stop in this regard. Aliwi said in an interview with local media that the exit of US forces from Iraq will not have any negative impact on the security scene, and the concerns of some in this regard have no meaning. He pointed out that Iraq has a strong security system, including the army, the police, and the popular crowd, in addition to the supporting forces. He added, that Iraq does not depend only on American weapons sources, but there are other countries that have pledged to support and arm the country, namely Russia, China and South Korea. Follow the obeliskثلاث-دول-تتعهد-بتسليح-العراق-في-حال-انسحاب-القوات-الأمريكية
  5. Is America extending Iraq’s exemption from Iranian oil sanctions? .. Officials answer February 10, 2020 Washington will allow Iraq to import fuel from Iran Send via media View comments Print the article Three Iraqi officials said that the United States announced its willingness to extend Iraq’s exemption from sanctions, to allow it to continue importing gas and electricity from Iran, according to the Associated Press. The officials added that the new exemption would be a test of relations between the two countries in the wake of the US air raid near Baghdad airport. The agency noted that the decision comes amid tense relations between the United States and Iran over the successor to the killing of Qassem Soleimani and the ensuing events. The previous exemption, which was granted last October, will expire on February 13. The three officials added that the US State Department is competent to issue such exemptions, and indicated that it had expressed its willingness to extend the exemption for another three months if Iraq was able to formulate a timetable by the end of the week, detailing a plan to eliminate dependence on Iranian gas. And one of the officials said, "The American side told us that it is ready to extend the exemption." The agency reported that the three officials were prominent members of the Iraqi government, one of whom was familiar with negotiations with the Americans, and spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. The United States has announced the imposition of economic sanctions on countries that will buy oil from Tehran, in the context of the White House's quest to become "Iranian oil exports will become zero", and thus "depriving the regime of its primary source of income."هل-ستسمح-أميركا-للعراق-بإستيراد-النفط-الإيراني-مسؤولون-يجيبون/533152.html
  6. The Washington Times: Iraq's accession to the Chinese Belt Initiative is a challenge to US hegemony 12:41 - 02/10/2020 0 Information / translation ... A report of the American Washington Times reported on Monday that Iraq’s transformation of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative is a challenge to US hegemony in the Middle East. "The economic path of China in the twenty-first century, as it establishes billions of dollars in partnerships with Iraq, Pakistan and even war-torn Syria to provide fuel, is in pursuit of China replacing the United States as the world's superpower ," the newspaper said in its report, translated by Information Agency . "According to analysts, the unexpected announcement by Iraq last fall of its intention to join the massive belt and road initiative in Beijing is just an example of the rapidly growing economic footprint of China in the Middle East," she added. "China views the region as fertile soil for investments in water networks, roads, bridges, electrical networks and other essential parts of the infrastructure that have not been fully developed at all or that have been severely degraded by decades of war," she added. She indicated that “China has pumped $ 24 billion in Iraq since 2005, and the vast majority of this amount is in energy projects, according to the China Global Investment Tracker, a project of the American Enterprise Institute and Heritage Foundation,” noting that “China has invested throughout the Middle East. North Africa is about $ 200 billion over the past 15 years, and this number is expected to increase dramatically over the next decade as the Belt and Road strategy enters its next stage. ” She explained that, "despite the large American military presence in Iraq , China is the second largest trading partner of Iraq and the second largest supplier of the huge Chinese oil market." The newspaper noted in its report that “For the United States, which is fighting a sharp struggle for influence in Iraq with neighboring Iran , the economic influence of China carries serious geopolitical repercussions because the flow of money to countries like Iraq strengthens the ties of those countries with Beijing and limits American hegemony in the east The middle. ” Ended / 25 z
  7. Experts: China will need Iraqi oil until 2060 11:01 - 10/02/2020 0 The information / Baghdad .. The advisor to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed on Monday that the experts' estimates indicate that China will need Iraqi oil until the year 2060, while he pointed out that the Chinese agreement covers many areas. "The agreement with the major Chinese companies includes many fields, including dams, water, agriculture and infrastructure, and these companies will provide thousands of job opportunities for the Iraqis," Saleh said in statements followed by the information. He explained, “ Iraq and China signed the Memorandum of Understanding, as the Iraqi Ministry of Finance was the party signed by Iraq , the Chinese Warranty Agency on 11-5-2018, and the Cabinet approved this, and this agreement was followed by the signing of a supplement in exchange for the export of 100,000 Iraqi oil barrels. To China. ” Saleh pointed out that "Iraqi oil exports to China amount to 22 percent, and China is the number one importer of oil from Iraq , so Iraq is a true partner to China," stressing that "China needs Iraqi oil until 2060, according to an expert assessment." Ended / 25
  8. Saleh: We spent $ 222 billion on infrastructure in 9 years, to no avail 10:31 - 02/10/2020 0 The information / Baghdad .. The Prime Minister’s Advisor for Economic Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, revealed on Monday that he spent more than $ 222 billion on infrastructure projects within nine years without achieving anything serious. Saleh said in statements followed by / information /, that "from 2003 until 2012 an amount of $ 222.3 billion was spent on infrastructure, but it was not implemented in a meaningful and beneficial manner." He added that "allocating part of the Iraqi oil exports to China will be in exchange for implementing real projects on the ground," noting that "the majority of the money earned from selling oil goes as allocations for the operational budget that drains money as salaries without having an investment budget." And Saleh indicated that "the enforcement of this agreement would enhance oversight and transparency in the implementation of projects and control of funds spent on them from international bodies, which limits waste and waste of money." Ended / 25
  9. Youth Minister reveals the reason for the delay in the implementation of the stadium dedicated to Saudi Arabia sport 2020-02-09 | 16:20 3,814 views The Minister of Youth and Sports, Ahmed Riyad, has revealed the reason for delaying the start of the stadium dedicated to Saudi Arabia. Riyad said in a statement published by the official website of the ministry, "The announcement of the proposed location of the stadium gifted to Iraq from the sister Saudi Arabia is not late to the side that concerns the brothers but is related to local legal reasons first, and another related to the site, which must include the conditions of the FIFA and the International Olympic Committee With successful sporting specifications, otherwise, it is not feasible to construct a stadium with a large capacity and does not receive a certificate of recognition from international sports institutions. " Riyad pointed out that "the proposed sites clashed with some of them with the inappropriate selection mechanism in relation to the city of Baghdad according to the new urban planning at a time when three of them were accepted mathematically and logistically as well and a suitable place was chosen in the Yusifiyah area near Baghdad airport , and was presented to the president The proposed ministers to ratify one of the appropriate sites, including it to be an integrated sports city, in addition to the international stadium in sports sites that have international acceptability, and we believe that approval will be issued soon.رياضة/وزير-الشباب-يكشف-سبب-التأخر-بتنفيذ-الملعب-المهدى-م
  10. Satellite failure and alleged attacks ... What is happening in Iran? February 09, 2020 Internet services were partially blocked on Sunday in Iran due to a cyber attack - a picture of an Iranian using a smartphone An Iranian missile carrying a satellite failed to put it into orbit, in the latest failure of a program the United States believes is helping to advance Tehran's ballistic missile program. The authorities at the Imam Khomeini space port in Samnan province failed to launch the missile after two failed attempts last year and a missile exploded at a launch pad at the facility. Meanwhile, the Iranian authorities claim that Internet services were partially cut off from the country by an electronic attack that disrupted internet service providers Sunday, due to cyber attacks (DDoS). The NetBlocks organization monitored the partial shutdown of Internet services in the country at 25 percent, while services remained available for 75 percent of subscriptions.✔@netblocks Confirmed: Internet partially shut down #Iran from 11:45 a.m. local time (08:15 UTC); real-time network data show national connectivity fall to 75% after authorities reportedly activated "Digital Fortress" isolation mechanism; incident ongoing A report released by Forbes website indicated that it is not uncommon for DDoS countries to be used for cyberattack, hinting that there is a long series of "alleged" cyberattacks against Iranian infrastructure. The report stated that the "alleged" attack comes in the wake of the delay in launching an Iranian observation satellite that should have been launched on Sunday, according to a report by Radio Farda, which raised questions in light of Morteza Barari, head of the Iranian Space Organization, that the launch will take place at the first opportunity when all Thing. On Sunday, the attempt to launch the Iranian satellite again failed, May Sher, to Tehran's inability to successfully launch it. The Internet outage in the country raised questions, most notably whether the delay in launching the satellite was related to the cyberattack or not? Sajid Punabi, an official at the Iranian Ministry of Communications, said on Twitter, "An attack at 08:14 GMT to disrupt the digital servers is causing disruption to the internet services provided by some fixed and cellular providers." The official did not specify the source of the attack, which was intended to order unnecessary requests from servers in order to disable them, which are known as DDoS attacks. He added that "the connection to the Internet returned to normal after the intervention of the electronic security shield - the digital castle. Sadjad Bonabi @sadjadb در ساعت ١١:۴۴ امروز به دلیل حمله منع سرویس توزیع شده، اینترنت برخی اپراتورهای همراه و ثابت برای مدت یک ساعت با اختلال مواجه شد که با مداخله سپر دژفا و تلاش همکاران شرکت زیرساخت‌ این ارتباطات هم‌اکنون عادی شده است. #گزارش_به_مردم Translated from Persian by At 9:30 am today, due to a distributed denial of service attack, the Internet has been hampered by some fixed and mobile operators for an hour, which is now normalized with the intervention of the Dzhafa Shield and the efforts of its communications infrastructure partners. #گزارش_به_مردم 3:55 AM · Feb 8, 2020·Twitter Web App Sajid Punabi is on the Board of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Communications. This company owns all the communication infrastructure in the country. NetBlocks noted that although no technical errors appeared on the Internet in Iran, the problems occurred "coinciding with targeted targeting." And Tehran announced in December that it would repel a "well-organized cyber attack" targeting "public service infrastructure on the Internet." Communications Minister Muhammad Javad Azari Jahrami said that what happened was "very intense" and "with state support." Last September, Tehran denied that hundreds of oil platforms were exposed to turmoil after being subjected to an electronic attack. In the wake of blocking Internet services during the recent demonstrations in Iran, Washington announced last November to impose sanctions on Iranian Communications Minister Muhammad Javad Azri Jahrami, because of his responsibility to block the web and impose restrictions on many text messaging applications to prevent communication between protesters, in line with what it is witnessing The country from a wave of widespread protests. US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin stressed at the time that "Iranian officials are aware that the presence of a free and open internet in the country reveals their illegitimacy, and therefore they seek to impose restrictions on them, in order to stifle anti-regime demonstrations." He explained that this minister was subject to sanctions because of his responsibility to impose restrictions on the ability to "access the Internet, including restrictions on many popular messaging applications that help keep Iranians in contact with each other and with the outside world." Under the new sanctions, all of the Secretary's financial assets are frozen, and the benefits of real estate he owns in the United States, if any. This decision also prevents US citizens or companies from dealing with the minister.فشل-القمر-الصناعي-وهجمات-مزعومة-ماذا-يحدث-في-إيران-/533047.html
  11. For the third time .. Iran fails to launch its "Zafer" satellite February 09, 2020 Part of an earlier operation to try to launch an Iranian satellite An Iranian missile carrying a satellite failed to put it into orbit, in the latest failure of a program the United States believes is helping to advance Tehran's ballistic missile program. The authorities at the Imam Khomeini satellite port in Samnan Province failed to launch the moon after two failed attempts last year, and a missile exploded at a launch pad at the facility. The missile was carrying the Zafar 1 satellite. ON THE LINK Satellite failure and alleged attacks ... What is happening in Iran? "The countdown to the launch of the moon Zafar has started in the next few hours," Communications Minister Muhammad Javad Azari Jahromi said in a tweet before the new failure. On the first of February, the head of the Iranian National Space Agency, Morteza Berari, said that the moon, which weighs 113 kg and can orbit 15 times around Earth per day, will be placed on orbit some 530 km from Earth by the Simurgh launch pad. "The main mission" of the moon will be to "collect scenes," Berari told France Press, stressing Iran's need for this, especially to study earthquakes, prevent them, "prevent natural disasters" and develop agriculture. He added that the moon was designed to be operational for a period of "more than 18 months", considering that "this represents a new stage for our country." While Iran's satellite program is a matter of concern to Western countries, the Iranian official stressed that his country is fighting for a "peaceful use of space" and that its activities "in the space field are transparent."للمرة-الثالثة-إيران-تفشل-في-إطلاق-قمرها-الصناعي-ظافر-/533070.html
  12. Revealing the scenes of the secret Davos meetings to establish a permanent American base in northern Iraq 16:49 - 09/02/2020 0 Information / translation ... An analytical report for the iCord Daily website revealed that the behind-the-scenes meetings between US President Donald Trump and Iraqi President Barham Saleh and Kurdish Negervan Barzani at the Davos conference in Switzerland were particularly focused on the Trump administration's attempt to refrain from any additional investment in Iraq and instead multiply it The American military presence in Kurdistan. The report, which was translated by the information agency, stated that "Between the days of January 9 and 10, 2020, Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker traveled to Arbil, but he went beyond Baghdad, and according to the report related to his visit only, he met with Kurdish and Sunni leaders." He continued, "And as Barzani did by inserting Saddam's forces to weaken his rival, Talabani, the Barzani government helped to arm ISIS to weaken Maliki, when they betrayed the Yezidis in Sinjar to weaken the Kurdish opposition." He continued that "Kurdish leaders and Kurdish pressure groups have apparently convinced some in the Trump administration that Baghdad is not reformable and that the United States should weigh heavily with the Kurds." And the report stated that “Kurdish officials are currently seeking to establish a permanent American base in their area so that American forces can continue to support its mission and monitor Iran . On the surface, this seems like a plan like Senator Joe Biden's plan to divide Iraq into three ethnic and sectarian divisions, but in reality, it will not work and will not make the region safe and reassuring. ”Ended / 25d
  13. Analysis .. The world is approaching the fourth wave of debt February 09, 2020 03:07 PM Mubasher - Ahmed Shawky : Amidst the World Bank warning of a massive wave of debt escalating all over the world, it is not clear who will be affected the most. But if the countries most vulnerable to the brunt of the debt wave, from the UK to India, do not act soon, they may face severe economic damage, according to Kyushik Paseo, a former World Bank economist, through an analysis published by Project Syndicate. Over the past decade, the global economy has seen a steady accumulation of debt, now reaching 230 percent of global GDP, with the fact that the last three debt waves have caused a major economic recession around the world. The catastrophic past of debt The first debt wave was in the early 1980s, after 10 years of low borrowing costs that enabled governments to expand their balance sheets considerably, interest rates began to rise, making debt service increasingly unsustainable. Mexico was the first victim, as the US government and the International Monetary Fund were informed in 1982 that they could no longer pay their debts. This had a domino effect, as 16 Latin American countries and 11 least developed countries outside the region eventually rescheduled their debt. In the 1990s, interest rates were again low, raising global debt again. The crash came in 1997, when the fast-growing but financially vulnerable East Asian economies - including Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand - experienced a sharp slowdown in growth and their currency rates plunged, thus extending effects to all parts of the world. But emerging economies are not alone vulnerable to such meltdowns, as demonstrated by the 2008 US mortgage crisis. By the time everyone discovered what the mortgage crisis meant, American investment bank Lehman Brothers had collapsed, causing the worst crises and recessions since the Great Depression. The fourth wave of debt The World Bank recently warned that the fourth debt wave may exceed in its first three waves, as emerging economies whose debt-to-GDP ratio reached a record low of 170 percent are particularly vulnerable. As in previous cases, the debt crisis increases due to lower interest rates, while anxiety will start as soon as interest starts to rise. The reality is that the mechanisms of such crises are not well understood, but research conducted by "Stephen Morris" and "Mortar Song Shin" in 1998 about the mysterious origins of currency crises, and how they are transmitted to other economies, shows that a "financial tsunami" can make the situation go beyond a source the crisis. How the source of the financial crisis could fade has been illustrated in the delightful short story "Ranam Kurtva" by the famous Indian writer, Shibram Chakraborti. In this story, the desperate Chipram asks an old school friend, Harsha, to lend him 500 rupees ($ 7) on Wednesday with a promise to pay the deposit the following Saturday. But Chibram is wasting money, so when he comes on Saturday, he has no choice but to ask another school friend, Jopar, for a loan of 500 rupees, to pay it back next Wednesday. Chipram uses the money to pay off his debts to Harsha, but when he comes on Wednesday he has no way to pay off Jopar’s debt, so he reminds Harsha that he paid off his debts on time and therefore borrowed from him again. This becomes customary as Shibram repeatedly borrows from a friend to pay off his debts to the other, and Shibram then clashes with Harsha and Jobar one day. After a moment of anxiety, Chipram proposes an idea that every Wednesday Harsha should give “Jopar” 500 rupees, and every Saturday the latter must give the same amount to the first. Shepram assures his former friends at school that this will save him a lot of time and change nothing for them, and he will disappear in the crowds of the city "Kolkata" in India. The UK and India are a model of the crisis So who are the potential "Harsha" and "Jobar" in today's debt spree? According to the World Bank, they could be any country with domestic vulnerabilities, a large fiscal balance sheet, and a heavily indebted population. There are many countries that fit this description and run the risk of becoming the channel that carries the fourth debt wave of the global economy. Among the advanced economies, the UK is a clear candidate, and in 2019 Britain barely avoided recession, recording the weakest pace of growth in any period not seen since the 1945 recession. Britain's conservatives have also promised big increases in commercial investment, and this is unlikely, but instead it will be a debt wave. Among emerging economies, India is particularly vulnerable, as in the 1980s the Indian economy was somewhat protected, and consequently the debt wave had little impact at that time. At the time of the East Asia crisis in 1997, India had just begun to open up and thus experienced some slowdown in growth. By the time of the debt wave in 2008, the country had become globally integrated and severely affected, but its economy was strong and growing at almost 10 percent annually, and recovered within a year. But India’s economy today faces one of the deepest crises of the past 30 years, with growth slowing sharply and unemployment at the highest level in 45 years, almost no export growth over the past six years, and per capita consumption in the agricultural sector over the past five years. Add to this a highly polarized political environment, and therefore it is no wonder that investor confidence is rapidly declining. It is not too late for countries to build "walls" to protect against the debt tsunami, while while India's political problems will take time to resolve, the new budget may be an opportunity to take precautionary action. The fiscal deficit must be controlled in the medium term, but the government will be prudent in adopting an expansionary fiscal policy now, with funds directed to support infrastructure and investment, and if managed properly, could boost demand without increasing inflationary pressures and strengthening the economy in order to cope with the debt wave.تحليل-العالم-يقترب-من-الموجة-الرابعة-للديون/
  14. I totally agree Ron! Central Bank of Iraq: 17.85 million dollars in currency sales at Sunday's auction Central Bank of Iraq - Basra branch February 09, 2020 2:54 PM Direct: Data showed the Central Bank of Iraq, the value of foreign currency sales in the auction held today, Sunday, to 17.85 million dollars, compared to last auction sales, which amounted to $ 183.97 million . The exchange rate was 1190 dinars per dollar, according to central bank data, at the auction held with the participation of 13 banks . The CBE said that the sales executed at today’s auction are results of Thursday, February 13th of this month, indicating that the total total sale amounted to $ 18.69 million . The Iraqi Central said that the total cash sold amounted to 840 thousand dollars . Nominations :المركزي-العراقي-17-85-مليون-دولار-مبيعات-العملة-بمزاد-الأحد/
  15. 02/20/2020 12:55 The Federal Court settled 16 constitutional cases, including the quota and validity of the membership of some representatives Baghdad / Obelisk: The Federal Supreme Court announced, on February 9, 2020, the resolution of 16 constitutional cases, noting that it entrenched important constitutional principles related to private ownership and the quota of women in the House of Representatives. The court's spokesperson, Iyas al-Samuk, said in a statement reported to the obelisk: During the past month, the Federal Supreme Court settled 16 constitutional cases that were filed at the end of last year. He added: In these cases, the court issued rulings and decisions consistent with the constitution, in letter and spirit, in public sessions held in the presence of the parties. He pointed out that through these provisions the court established the constitutional principles for protecting and preserving private property and the women's quota in the House of Representatives and clarified the legal tasks for the work and decisions of the Hearing and Appeals Committees in the Media and Communications Authority. And that the Federal Supreme Court decided in that case challenges to the validity of the membership of some deputies, and issued a ruling regarding an appeal and a response to an article in the Military Industrialization Law No. (25) of 2019.المحكمة-الاتحادية-تحسم-16-دعوى-دستورية-من-ضمنها-الكوتا-وصحة-عضوية-بعض-النواب
  16. Advisor to the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs: The delay in investment projects worth 222.3 billion dollars since 2003 February 9, 2020 31 Advisor to the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs: The delay in investment projects worth 222.3 billion dollars since 2003 Baghdad - Mazen Sahib The Prime Minister's advisor for financial affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, revealed that no investment projects have been implemented since 2003 until 2013 with a value of USD 222.3 billion. When the ministries were asked about these registered projects, the answer was ... there is nothing on the ground. He also revealed that the 2020 budget that the value of the operational budget takes 110 percent of the value of oil deliveries. As for what was monitored for the investment budget, it does not exceed credit or new loans, stressing in a lecture he gave at the Baghdad College of Economic Sciences that (employing more than 300,000 new employees and returning a number that may exceed that to the armed forces drains the operational budget as well as not reviewing the privileges and double salaries Under political headings (proposing that) the Parliament will conduct a legislative revolution that will reconsider all of these laws and set the ceiling for the use of oil in spending on the operational budget, stressing that the Law of the Council of Reconstruction without such a financial allocation will not present anything new ... indicating that the Council for Reconstruction in the Covenant The So was allocated 70 percent of the proceeds of oil .. then equally in the era of Abdul Karim Qassem, even ended up to the war economy model). Refund Saleh stressed that (the best solutions start with the abolition of concessions and double salaries and legislation to return money to the people instead of these ongoing protests because the government job is costly and does not provide any product added to the public budget while the signing of the partnership law with the private sector presented to the House of Representatives is one of the primary keys to restoring A comprehensive look at the Money Management Governance of Iraq). In a symposium of the Iraqi Society for Public Policy and Human Development and the Baghdad College of Economic Sciences, the first forum was held to host Saleh and after a welcoming speech favored by Professor Dr. Al-Shami to guests ... stressing the importance of these meetings between elites and academic and cultural competencies to discuss topical issues, including the subject of the Iraqi agreement with China. Saleh urged the importance of signing the partnership law with the private sector that is presented to the House of Representatives ... and we came to the fact that it represents one of the main keys to a comprehensive review of the governance of Iraqi money management. He promised what is going on about economic memoranda of understanding signed between the Ministry of Finance and one of the Chinese investment credit banks ... that included a renewed model in economic transactions. . It is known as a diving investment fund by depositing the value of the rent of 100 thousand barrels, which Iraq exports to China daily. These oil exports to China amount to about 22 percent of the total value of Iraq’s exports and the value of one hundred thousand barrels does not represent more than 1 percent of Iraq's total oil exports. And believes that (this investment model gives Iraq the equation of both parties win. Not profit and loss ... and is subject to mathematical control and also the feasibility of European companies to ensure competition between prominent Chinese companies in the international market for important Iraqi projects in sectors that provide direct financial abundance to the state treasury as an added profit value for the budget In general, such as petrochemical projects, oil refineries and electric power production, and others that offer a direct non-profit service such as building dams. On media confusion about the agreement, he sees that (the issue is still in its first steps and does not rise to a sovereign agreement between two countries, but rather a model of credit financing in the implementation phase). After discussions of the elite attendance of the vocabulary of the lecture, it was agreed on the importance of investment with a broad title that bridges the knowledge gap on the one hand and plays the role of the private sector in providing employment opportunities. Professor Lebanon Al-Shami imitated the necklace of the Baghdad College of Economic Sciences to the guest amid my congratulations and the attendance’s welcome for this initiative in a tradition determined to honor the living scientists.مستشار-رئيس-الوزراء-للشؤون-المالية-تل/
  17. Political source: Allawi sends an envoy to Barzani to nominate names for the cabinet Policy 2020-02-09 | 11:36 8,567 views On Sunday, a political source revealed that Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi sent a personal envoy to the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Masoud Barzani, to nominate names from the party for the cabinet. The source said in an interview with Alsumaria News, that "Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi sent a personal envoy to Masoud Barzani in order to nominate names from the Kurdistan Democratic Party that would not be from the first row to minister them in the next booth to remove the embarrassment of Allawi, who cannot overcome Kurdish desires with political nominations for ministries." . The source, who asked not to be named, added that "Allawi knows that he will not be able to compel the Kurds to do so, so he intentionally tried to conclude a secret deal with Barzani to pass the names that the KDP leader agrees to the ministry." Today, Saturday (1 February 2020), President of the Republic Barham Salih appointed Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to head the next government.سياسة/334028/مصدر-سياسي-علاوي-يرسل-مبعوثاً-للبرزاني-لترشيح-اسما
  18. Legal expert: The President of the Republic will be appointed as a substitute for Allawi in this case Policy 2020-02-09 | 09:59 Source: Alsumaria news 3,120 views Legal expert Tareq Harb confirmed, on Sunday, that the constitutional period for Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to choose his ministerial cabinet expires on the second of next March, indicating that if the term ends without submitting Allawi his government, the President of the Republic is obligated to assign another person. Harb said in an interview with Alsumaria News, "The President of the Republic mandated Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to form the government on the first of February this year, according to the constitution that assigned the taxpayer a period of one month to present his government formation to Parliament for a vote on it, because the period ends on the second of March next," noting that "The constitution did not give any space or flexibility in the extension of the taxpayer if the term expires without submitting his booth as it is in the flexibility of the term in other cases." Harb added, “If the month ends without the success of the designated president, to present his government, then the president of the republic is obligated to assign another person after the first failure and it is not permissible to reassign the same person. The taxpayer can submit part of his booth to Parliament during the specified period, as the constitution did not specify the upper or lower limits for the cabinet cabinet, which gives room in this part to the prime minister-designate to present what he has and complete the rest at another time.سياسة/334018/خبير-قانوني-رئيس-الجمهورية-سيكلف-بديلا-عن-علاوي-في
  19. Iran announces the failure of the satellite launch Internationals 2020-02-09 | 12:55 1,024 views On Sunday, the Iranian Ministry of Defense announced that the launch of the homemade “Zafar” satellite had failed, and that it had been brought to the required orbit around the Earth. "The Simorg missile managed to carry the nail satellite into space, but it could not reach the required speed that would enable it to stabilize the satellite on the specified orbit around the earth, " said Ministry of Space Affairs spokesman Ahmed Hosseini . "We will develop the satellite for the next launches," the Iranian official said.دوليات/334034/إيران-تعلن-فشل-عملية-إطلاق-قمر-صناعي
  20. A month after the Ukrainian plane disaster ... Iran celebrates a new missile February 09, 2020 The new Thunder 500 missile Despite the crises that Iran suffers from due to its arms race, the Revolutionary Guards announced the launch of a new missile called "Raad 500", about a month after the disaster of bringing down the Ukrainian plane in a disaster that killed 176 people. The Revolutionary Guards said that the missile carries a new generation of propulsion engines bearing the name "Zuhair", as it can withstand pressure (Bar100) and a temperature of three thousand degrees Celsius, according to the Israeli newspaper " Jerusalem Post ". The missile has a length of about 13 meters, which is equivalent to the height of eight people, and it can reach beyond 200 kilometers from the range of the "light" missile, especially since it is light in weight and uses fiber fibers. Despite the US sanctions and the difficult economic conditions the population is living in, the authorities are making efforts and money to develop missiles and weapons, which have been proven more than once to use them against targets in the region, not to mention smuggling them to the Lebanese Hezbollah. Tehran has launched cruise missiles at oil facilities belonging to Saudi Arabia, and has launched ballistic missiles at an Iraqi military base hosting American forces. And local media published video clips of the new missile that can carry light satellites and surface-to-surface missiles, as well as pictures of the Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guard Hussein Salami, accompanied by the head of the Iranian Space Agency Ali Haji, in what appeared to be an announcement of the new missile. Reports say that Tehran wants to manufacture more solid fuel missiles for the battles, as it will depend on reducing costs in order to increase production, as it has found it lost in carbon fibers. In addition to the Raad missile, the Revolutionary Guards announced the "Salman" engines, which are made of lighter steel materials but equipped with a "moving nozzle" to send satellites into space. Iran has a group of missiles in its military arsenal, which includes Shahab 3, which has a range of 2000 kilometers, and Fateh and Fajr with a range of 50 meters, and the Raad 500 missile, which has a range of 500 kilometers. Iran's satellite and missile programs raise Western fears, while Tehran insists it does not violate any UN resolutions.بعد-شهر-من-كارثة-الطائرة-الأوكرانية-إيران-تحفي-بصاروخ-جديد/533056.html
  21. After unsuccessful attempts ... Iran begins a "countdown" to launch a satellite February 09, 2020 Another Iranian attempt to launch a satellite Send via media Print the article The Iranian Minister of Communications announced that his country started the "countdown" on Sunday to launch a new scientific observation satellite within hours. The United States has expressed concern about Iran's satellite program, calling the carrier rocket launch in January 2019 a "provocation." "The countdown to the launch of the moon + Zafar + started in the next few hours," Communications Minister Muhammad Javad Azari Jahromi wrote in a tweet. On the first of February, the head of the Iranian National Space Agency said that the moon, which weighs 113 kg and can rotate 15 times around the Earth a day, will be placed on orbit some 530 km from Earth by the Simorgh launcher. Mortada Berari told AFP that the "main mission" of the moon would be to "collect scenes", stressing Iran's need for this, especially to study earthquakes, prevent them, "prevent natural disasters" and develop agriculture. And in January 2019, Tehran announced that the Payam satellite, which was dedicated to collecting data on environmental change in Iran, had failed to orbit. The United States considered the launch of the carrier missile in violation of International Resolution 2231. This resolution calls on Iran to "not carry out any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be able to transport nuclear charges, including launches that use ballistic missile technology." Tehran asserts that it has no intention of acquiring a nuclear weapon and that its ballistic and space programs are legitimate and do not violate Resolution 2231. Iran confirmed in September that an explosion occurred in one of its platforms for launching satellites due to a technical failure. In response to a tweet in which he was asked what would happen if the moon failed "a nail" similar to the previous moon, Jahromi said, "We will try again." Internet services in Iran have faced cyberattacks in the past two days, according to the ministry. The authorities did not specify the source of the attack or its possible motives. The Iranian economy is suffering from a deterioration due to the sanctions imposed by Washington on the Iranian regime, which leads nuclear activities, and others destabilizing the region. Corruption has caused citizens to take to the streets more than once to demand a change in the system and the achievement of public freedoms in the country.بعد-محاولات-فاشلة-إيران-تبدأ-العد-العكسي-لإطلاق-قمر-صناعي/533035.html
  22. A threat to Allawi .. "Al-Sadr will turn Iraq into hell and fall for it in 3 days." February 09, 2020 Anti-government demonstrators in Baghdad Send via media Print the article A leader in the Sadrist movement threatened Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Allawi to "overthrow" him within three days and turn Iraq "hell" over him if he undertook to include people belonging to political parties, especially from the Shiite factions. Kazem al-Issawi, security advisor to the Sadrist movement leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, in a meeting with media personnel, on Sunday evening, "If Mr. Muqtada heard that he (Allawi) gave to a party, particularly the (Shiite) factions, a ministry, then Iraq would turn him into hell and fall in three days." He stressed that the Sadrist movement will not be part of the future government in any way. Simultaneously, the Sadr militia practiced repression and intimidation against the demonstrators in the sit-in, VIP Street, where the religious leader's supporters attacked civilians, resulting in deaths in recent days. Al-Sadr supported Allawi's assignment despite the protesters refusing to name him, as he is close to the ruling elite. His stance caused a rift in the protest movement that had been supporting it since its inception. Al-Issawi warned against obstructing the birth of Allawi's government, explaining that "if pressure occurs and his government is not approved, we will surround the green (region)" where major government and diplomatic headquarters are located. "They will accept them," they said. It is assumed that Allawi, who was named prime minister after a difficult consensus reached by the political blocs, will present his formation to Parliament before the second of next March to vote on it, according to the constitution. There is political competition between Sadr and the popular crowd, which includes armed groups that were part of the Shiite leader’s movement before, before they separated from him. Allawi, 65, a former communications minister, was named on February 1, amid a consensus among political rivals after arduous negotiations on influential positions. Although al-Sadr announced his support for the appointment of the former minister, Al-Issawi stressed that the current "is not adopted by Allawi, but what happened is that we were given no objection." Since October 1, 2019, Baghdad and the Shiite-dominated cities of the south have witnessed demonstrations calling for early elections and fighting corruption, which prompted former Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to resign. Al-Sadr faced criticism from the demonstrators after he changed his position more than once, starting with supporting the protests, to moving to the other camp and supporting Iran, until his supporters confronted the protesters in Najaf and Hilla, south of Baghdad, killing eight demonstrators. Al-Issawi stressed that the Sadrist movement is not opposed to the demonstrations in which around 550 people have been killed since its inception, but with "cleaning up" of it. "We are against the idea of breaking up (the protests). We are with their continuation but with cleaning and (inspection)," he said, after he said that there are those who "enter drugs" to their participants, stressing that the only red line is "the symbolism of Mr. Muqtada."تهديد-لعلاوي-الصدر-سيقلب-عليه-العراق-جحيما-ويسقطه-في-3-أيام-/533065.html
  23. Deputy: Allawi has not settled the post of any minister yet, and some of his cabinet names have been rejected politically 19:48 - 09/02/2020 0 Information / private ... On Sunday, the deputy of the Al-Fath Alliance Fadel Al-Fatlawi confirmed that Prime Minister Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi has not yet decided the position of any minister within his new cabinet, while Allawi presented some names to the political blocs and rejected them for political reasons. Al-Fatlawi said in a statement to the "information", that "the political blocs rejected a number of names that Allawi gave within his cabinet to preserve them," noting that "Allawi has not decided any ministry until now and the debate is still ongoing in forming the new government." He added that "Allawi will present his ministerial cabinet before the end of the constitutional period for the House of Representatives to give him confidence," noting that "the House of Representatives will vote on a large part of the cabinet and it is unlikely that it will provide a full cabinet and pass quickly." Today, Sunday, the MP from the Al-Hikma Movement, Asaad Al-Murshidi, confirmed that Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi assigned MP Al-Khalidi, his close associate, who supported his candidacy to take over as prime minister, to form a committee of deputies and advisers to conduct interviews with the new ministers. Names in front of Allawi to choose one from. Ended 25 T.
  24. A parliamentary committee launches a decision to suspend all investment projects 11:28 - 09/02/2020 0 The information / Baghdad .. The Parliamentary Finance Committee warned, on Sunday, against the suspension of all investment projects during the coming months due to the delay in sending the budget, confirming the sending of the federal general budget for the year 2020, subject to the formation of a new government with a quorum. The committee’s rapporteur, Ahmed Al-Saffar, said in a statement to “Information”, that “there is no legal basis authorizing the caretaker government to send the budget bill to the parliament,” warning that “all investment projects are threatened to stop as a result.” Al-Saffar added, "The budget is a language of operational and investment numbers, and sending it requires a vote in the cabinet," stressing that "the repetition of the 2014 scenario will enter the country with a real disaster." The economic expert, Saleh Al-Hammash, ruled out earlier, voting on the budget during the first half of this year, indicating that the deficit rate will be lower than what was decided due to the lack of funding for some projects, but this will harm the Iraqi economy. Ended / 25h
  25. American site: Iraq is on the verge of severe energy crisis Economie 2020-02-09 | 12:32 1,923 views With the deadline for the US renewal of the exemption allowing Iraq to import gas and electricity from Iran later this month, the three main players in this ongoing geopolitical saga have been preparing for all possible outcomes, and in fact, every country is seeking to achieve results that go beyond mere gas sales. The author, Simon Watkins, said in a report published by the American "Oil Price", that "the determination of the positions began in earnest last week through the confirmation of the head of the Iraqi Trade Bank, Faisal Al-Heims, that the bank will stop processing payments if the United States does not renew the exemption at the end of this month." . "This matter will affect the electricity payments of 1400 megawatts and 28 million cubic meters of gas coming from Iran, which Iraq needs to maintain the work of its main infrastructure," Watkins added . In this context, the energy demand in Iraq during the summer exceeds the local generation capabilities, and worse still, this is capable of causing major popular unrest in the country, and it seems that the continuous power outages were one of the motives of the widespread protests that erupted recently throughout Iraq. .اقتصاد/334032/موقع-أمريكي-العراق-مقبل-على-أزمة-طاقة-حادة
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