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    2019/11/12 20:13
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    • Section: Iraq

    Nujaifi and Abadi: Abdul Mahdi must be questioned

    The head of the Salvation Front and Development Front, Osama Nujaifi, to proceed with the process of questioning Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, in the House of Representatives.

    Nujaifi said in a statement, "he met this afternoon with the President of the victory coalition, Haider al-Abadi, and agreed to cooperate and coordinate the work to push the process of questioning the Prime Minister, and cooperation with the rest of the blocs to achieve this purpose fair to the voice of the people and will."
    He also stressed "the importance of achieving a peaceful and democratic transition of power to an election with sound and honest results."

    The Obeliskالنجيفي-والعبادي-يجب-استجواب-عبد-المهدي

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    2019/11/12 19:38
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    • Section: Iraq

    The new Election Law focuses on encouraging young people away from quotas

    Baghdad / Obelisk: The government, the most important amendments to the law of the Electoral Commission.

    "The new UNHCR law has focused on professionalism and encouraging the nomination of young people away from quotas," government spokesman William Warda said.
    He stressed "must be an independent member of the Commission in accordance with its new law and parliament can add amendments to it."

    "Taking many procedural issues related to reforms, the government has a real will to implement the demands of the demonstrators and is serious about achieving reforms and presenting corruption files in not too much time."

    In response, he pointed out that "the position of the supreme authority is pushing towards accelerating the realization of reforms", acknowledging the existence of a political controversy regarding the international supervision of the elections.
    He noted that "UN observation will give more credibility to the elections, but there is no information on this supervision of the upcoming elections."

    The Council of Ministers approved in its meeting today a draft amendment to the law of provincial councils to determine the date later, also approved the draft law of the High Elections Commission and refer it to the House of Representatives taking into account the observations established by the President

    The Council of Advisers and Ministers regarding options for which the Commission is entirely judiciary.
    He also approved the draft election law for the House of Representatives and referred it to the House of Representatives.

    The Obeliskقانون-مفوضية-الانتخابات-الجديد-يركز-على-تشجيع-ترشيح-الشباب-بعيدا-عن-المحاصصة



  3. 133555.jpg?width=750&&height=375

    2019/11/12 17:21
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    • Section: Iraq

    The Cabinet decides to postpone the provincial elections to a date to be determined

    Baghdad / Obelisk: The Council of Ministers decided on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, to postpone the elections of provincial councils, and the draft law of the Commission and elections for the House of Representatives.

    The Information Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement, "The Council of Ministers decided to postpone the provincial council elections to a date to be determined, while approved the draft laws of the Electoral Commission, and the election law of the House of Representatives."

    He added that "the Council decided to refer the two bills to the House of Representatives."

    The mass demonstrations began in early October, demanding accountability for corrupt people and change the political system and the election law.

    Follow the obeliskمجلس-الوزراء-يقرر-تأجيل-انتخابات-مجالس-المحافظات-الى-موعد-يحدد-لاحقا


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  4. Turkey’s Erdogan called out for endangering ‘US national security’





    November 13, 201900:25


    Strong letter by House Foreign Affairs Committee members urges withdrawal of White House invitation

    Residents of northeastern Syria are fearful and the humanitarian situation is a cause for concern

    ERBIL, DUBAI: In a humiliating rebuke to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the lead-up to his visit to Washington, members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives have written a strong letter urging US President Donald Trump to withdraw the White House invitation.

    The letter says Erdogan’s “decision to invade northern Syria on Oct. 9 has had disastrous consequences for US national security, has led to deep divisions in the NATO alliance, and caused a humanitarian crisis on the ground.”

    The Congress members said: “Turkish forces have killed civilians and members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a critical US partner in the fight against (Daesh), and displaced over one hundred thousand people from their homes in northern Syria.”

    The committee’s concerns are well founded. After weeks of instability and violence following the Turkish incursion, the situation in northeastern Syria remains tense despite the implementation of a ceasefire and an agreement between Russia and Turkey that compelled Kurdish-led SDF troops to withdraw from the border.

    According to multiple sources, residents of this part of Syria are fearful for their future and the humanitarian situation is a cause for concern.

    Since Turkey launched its assault, shortly after the US troop withdrawal from the border, approximately 180,000 Syrian civilians, primarily Kurds, have been displaced from their homes.

    Turkey, with the help of its Syrian militia proxies, has carved out a large swath of territory — about 120 kilometers wide — that extends from Tal Abyad to Ras Al-Ayn (known by Kurds as Serekaniye).

    On Oct. 31 at a gathering in Istanbul, Erdogan boasted that the “safe zones” were the most peaceful and livable places in Syria today. “We did not provide all these services with any expectation, but as our human and moral responsibilities,” he said, adding “when we look around, we see only humans, souls and life.”

    Most Kurds of northeastern Syria see the situation very differently. In their view, what Erdogan has undertaken in the name of resettling millions of Syrian refugees in the so-called safe zone is a giant demographic-engineering exercise.


    What has reinforced their suspicions have been incidents of Turkish-backed Syrian militias looting civilian homes and businesses, clips of which have flooded social media since the first days of the Turkish invasion.

    Sounding a direct warning via Twitter, Mazloum Abdi, the SDF’s general commander, said: “There are efforts by Turkey to achieve its demographic-change goals in Northeast Syria through international organizations. The UN head’s willingness to form a team to study the proposal and engage in discussions with Turkish authorities on the issue is deeply worrying and dangerous.”

    Dr. Nemam Ghafouri heads a charity called Joint Help for Kurdistan that is distributing humanitarian aid in the region. As someone who is familiar with the facts on the ground, she says “the humanitarian situation could not have been worse.”

    She says because northeastern Syria has been practically under an embargo for years, “it’s very hard to find even the most basic items in significant quantities. Even finding and buying simple clothing for the displaced is very difficult and expensive.”

    Ghafouri has talked to many people displaced from different areas. Some spoke of how they tried to return to their homes but the presence of the militias, whose roadside executions of Kurds have been filmed and posted on the web, acted as a deterrent.

    Among the displaced Syrians Ghafouri spoke to were a pharmacist and a doctor from Ras Al-Ayn who tried to return to their homes.

    “They told me about another pharmacist they knew who was arrested along with his son by these militias, who demanded a large ransom for their release,” she said. After being detained for eight hours, both were released without the ransom being paid. Instead, the militiamen “stole everything they could find in their home and their pharmacy.”

    The general atmosphere, as inferred by Ghafouri, is one of “suffering and hopelessness.”

    Alluding to the resettlement of Arabs on confiscated Kurdish land by Syrian President Hafez Al-Assad back in the mid-1970s, she said: “This is not the first time efforts have been made to change demographics.”

    Ghafouri said that even today, on the road from Hasakah to Derik, “you can see where Arab villages have been built on the best agricultural lands in the region.”

    On Oct. 24, in an interview to Turkey’s state broadcaster TRT, Erdogan came close to making the case for ethnic cleansing. “What is important is to prepare a controlled life in this enormous area, and the most suitable people for it are Arabs,” he said. “These areas are not suitable for the lifestyle of Kurds … because these areas are virtually desert.”

    In actual fact, northeastern Syria, where the country’s largest Kurdish-majority areas are located, is also where Syria’s best agricultural lands happen to be. The region is often referred to as the country’s “breadbasket.”

    Ghafouri believes the events of the past several weeks are “all about destroying the landscape and demography of the Kurdish regions for good,” adding: “It has been partially accomplished already.”

    Besides Turkey, Russia and the Syrian regime have also sent troops to the Turkey-Syria border, but locals Ghafouri spoke to “don’t see the Russian deployment as a cause for hope.”

    She said: “Despite feeling betrayed by America, people I’ve talked to there trust Russia even less. It seems that with Russian support, the Syrian regime has achieved what it wants — namely the ‘Arabization’ of predominantly Kurdish areas with the help of Turkey.”

    In recent weeks, more than 14,000 Syrians have fled the conflict in the country’s northeast to neighboring Iraqi Kurdistan, which already hosts a huge refugee population.

    Jotiar Adil, a spokesperson for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), said the KRG “does not have the capacity to handle and care for a new wave of refugees coming across the border on its own.


    “Therefore, we ask the international community to take a serious stance on this and assist us in sheltering and providing for these refugees.”

    While the Russian-Syrian deployment along the border in northeastern Syria is expected to lessen the likelihood of a total Turkish takeover, the agreement with Russia permits Turkey to retain forces in Syrian territories under its control and states: “Joint efforts will be launched to facilitate the return of refugees in a safe and voluntary manner.”

    Nevertheless, Joshua Landis, a Syria expert and head of the Middle East department at the University of Oklahoma, rules out the worst case scenarios, saying: “Erdogan’s resettlement plan is dead. The Russians will fight it and so will the Syrians. There may be some resettlement around Tal Abyad and Ras Al-Ayn, but beyond that, it is hard to imagine that right now. Even in this area, it is doubtful there will be any large-scale refugee resettlement.

    “The situation will not be like in Afrin, where the Kurdish population could be chased out to make way for Arab refugees.”

    However, the US lawmakers who have called on the White House to disinvite Erdogan believe “his calamitous actions in Syria follow a long list of disconcerting steps”.

    Reminding Trump about the resolutions passed last month by the House warning of sanctions against Turkey, the statement said: “Given this situation, we believe that now is a particularly inappropriate time for President Erdogan to visit the US, and we urge you to rescind this invitation.”




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  5. People Worldwide Are Standing Up to Communists, Regimes and Insane Elitist Policies – People Just Want to be Free!

    Joe Hoft by Joe Hoft November 12, 2019 45 Comments


    People around the world are standing up to communists, tyrannical regimes and insane elitist policies.  The movement that started with Brexit and the Trump Presidency is expanding to all parts of the globe.


    In Iraq, its citizens are standing up against the brutal Iran regime that took over after Obama pulled US troops from the country.


    After Obama was elected President in 2008, he removed all US troops from Iraq.  Iraq was at that time the most peaceful and free it had maybe ever been.  The surge resulted in Iraqis supporting the US presence and helping Americans rid the country of terrorists. However, Obama had other plans.

    In short order American troops were removed from Iraq and a vacuum was created.  On the west, Iran entered Iraq and on the east ISIS entered the unprotected country.  This led to many innocent lives lost and atrocities the world has not seen in centuries.


    After President Trump was elected, ISIS was destroyed.  The western portion of Iraq was freed from the devils created by the Obama administration.  But the rest of Iraq was still under a the heavy hand of Iraq.

    Today the people of Iraq are standing up to the Iranian regime –

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  6. Allawi reveals a condition regarding the killing of protesters before resorting to the International Tribunal




    PoliticsIyad Allawikilled demonstratorsInternational Tribunal

     2019/11/12 06:44:36


    The head of the National Coalition Iyad Allawi, on Tuesday, a condition for the deaths of demonstrations, before resorting to the International Tribunal.

    Allawi said in a tweet on Twitter, "We will resort to prosecution before the International Tribunal if the killers of demonstrators in Iraq are not tried in public."

    "There must be justice for the people," Allawi said.

    Security forces killed at least 147 protesters in protests in Baghdad and Iraq's southern cities in early October, and more than 100 were killed in a second wave since 25 October.سیاسة/علاوي-يكشف-عن-شرط-يخص-قتل-المحتجين-قبل-اللجوء-للمحكمة-الدولية/

  7. Zimbabwe begins issuing new notes to help ease cash crunch



    With prices in Zimbabwe rising faster than at any point in a decade amid rapid devaluation of the local currency, cash is king. (AP)

    Updated 14 sec ago


    November 12, 201910:32


    New notes the latest currency reform in the troubled southern African country’s constantly changing monetary framework

    Zimbabwe now has the world’s second highest inflation after Venezuela, according to IMF figures

    HARARE, Zimbabwe: Zimbabwean banks on Tuesday began issuing new notes and coins aimed at easing severe cash shortages, but they are severely limiting the amounts that people can withdraw.
    “What can I do with such a pittance?” asked Shorai Tomu after withdrawing the equivalent of about $5. “It can only buy five loaves of bread.”
    The new notes are the latest currency reform in the troubled southern African country’s constantly changing, and at times confusing, monetary framework.
    Zimbabwe now has the world’s second highest inflation after Venezuela, according to International Monetary Fund figures. With prices rising faster than at any point in a decade amid rapid devaluation of the local currency, cash is king.
    In 2009, Zimbabwe’s government abandoned the local currency amid hyperinflation and adopted a multi-currency system dominated by the dollar. In June the government outlawed the use of foreign currencies, opting for a local currency mainly consisting of electronic and mobile money and a trickle of bank notes.
    President Emmerson Mnangagwa has struggled to fulfill promises to improve the economy two years after taking office following the resignation of the late Robert Mugabe.
    Many retailers and service providers now demand payments in cash only. Others, including street vendors, charge a higher price for goods paid for using mobile money or bank cards.
    The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe says it will “drip feed” ZW$1 billion in the new small notes and coins to manage the cash shortages. The highest denomination is ZW$5. The notes are strikingly similar in design to the old ones.
    “It is just like the old money, and like the old money it can’t buy anything of value,” said 81-year-old Filbert Sibanda after withdrawing his monthly pension, enough to buy a kilogram of beef.
    Other customers left disgruntled.
    “This is not an improvement,” said Wicknell Magidha, waving a few new notes and a plastic bag filled with coins. “These coins are just too heavy.”
    People trooped out of one bank carrying similar bags of coins, shaking their heads. Others in line laughed.
    Magidha said the small bills and coins leave him with another headache, that of haggling with traders who usually reject them.
    “The same item can have three different prices: one for cash, one for mobile money and another one for those paying using small coins,” Magidha said. “The government should just print higher denominations to match this inflation.”

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  8. Deputy explains the goal of Parliament to host “Blachart”

    08:33 - 12/11/2019


    Information / Baghdad ..

    The MP of the Building Alliance Hussein Arab, on Tuesday, the goal of parliament to host the United Nations representative in Iraq Janine Blachart, noting that the parliament will discuss the file of demonstrations with the United Nations and ways to hold a national dialogue in the presence of demonstrators in order to achieve their demands.

    Arab said in a statement to the information, that "hosting the representative of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Blachart in parliament during which will discuss the file of demonstrations and visit to the demonstrators in Tahrir Square."

    He added that "the attendance of Balskhart to the parliament will be for the national initiative announced by the Presidency of the Parliament, which will be attended by members of the House of Representatives, the United Nations and other parties, in addition to the presence of demonstrators to announce the initiative of national dialogue, in order to discuss the demonstrators within the parliament and the presence of the United Nations to achieve them ”.

    And Arab that "the House of Representatives and the government and the presence of the United Nations will all work to solve the problems of the demonstrators and achieve their demands, through cooperation and constructive dialogue to resolve all internal problems that go through the country." Finished 25 N

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  9. Iran calls on Baghdad to tighten the repressive grip and demonstrators respond by escalating the movement

     Tuesday, November 12, 2019



    Baghdad - Writings

    Human Rights Watch reiterated that Iraqi government forces used tear gas grenades at demonstrators brutally and deadly, killing dozens of them.

    At a time when Western reports to the arrival of information confirming the emphasis Qasim Soleimani commander of the Quds Force and the official file in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on certain parts of Iraq on the need to expand the use of violence against the rebels to quell the movement as soon as the protests spread to students, teachers, doctors and others Of elites.

    In turn said dr. Faleh al-Khattab Writer and political researcher The government is seeking to demonize the demonstrations after the increased sympathy of Iraqis.

    On the ground, large numbers of people from the city of Nasiriyah joined the demonstrators to declare the continuation of the escalation and solidarity with the demands of the dignity revolution, especially the accountability of the killers of Iraqis and the theft of Iraqi money.


    Demonstrators set fire to a police ammunition depot in Dhi Qar province on Monday night, in a clear message that killings against protesters would not go unanswered, international news agencies reported.



  10. 139331.jpg?width=750&&height=375

    2019/11/12 12:28
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    • Section: Iraq

    Maliki rejects foreign interference: We want friends to support and no enemies to interfere

    BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The head of the coalition of law, Nuri al-Maliki, on Tuesday, the need for reforms away from external interference, while noting "We want friends support and do not want enemies to intervene."

    Maliki's office said in a statement received to the obelisk, that "the head of the coalition of state law Nuri al-Maliki received in his office today the new ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Iraq Ole Dell."
    Maliki welcomed Ambassador Dell, wishing him success in his new mission as ambassador to Baghdad.
    Al-Maliki stressed that "Iraq has close relations with Germany in various fields," noting that "during the meeting discussed the latest political and security situation in Iraq and the region, and also discussed the events that accompanied the movement of popular protest in the country."
    Al-Maliki reiterated his support for the legitimate demands of the demonstrators, stressing the importance of the executive and legislative authorities to continue to work for comprehensive reform in order to provide a decent life for the Iraqi people.
     "We need to make reforms away from outside interference," he said. "We want friends who support and we don't want enemies to interfere."
    For his part, the new German ambassador expressed his happiness to represent his country to Iraq, expressing his country's keenness to support Iraq and enhance the prospects of cooperation between the two countries in the interest of the two friendly peoples.

    The Obelisk 


  11. 139330.jpg?width=750&&height=375

    2019/11/12 12:40
    • The number of readings 583
    • Section: Iraq

    Washington blackmails Baghdad with the internationalization of the demonstrations: What is required to disengage from Iran and resolve the crowd

    BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Iraqi parties, on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, accuses the United States of working to internationalize the file of demonstrations in Iraq, while expected to increase US pressure on Baghdad and blackmail in the file of demonstrations.

    The file of extortion, according to the sources, on the internationalization of the file of demonstrations, and mobilize Western allies and countries in the region in order to obtain a position in favor of the Iraqi demonstrations and leave the option limited to the political forces in the early elections and end the current Iraqi policies, especially by the Shiite parties with Iran.

    According to the sources, the countries that adopt the project of reducing Iranian influence on Iraq are adopting the mobilization against Iran in the demonstrations, and making public opinion before the early elections against the Shiite forces in particular, to remove them through the ballot boxes that will be supervised by foreign countries and international observers.

    Supporting this view, the recent US statement issued by the White House, which lifted support from the Iraqi government, and demanded its removal by calling for early elections.  

    The sources said that this explains why Washington does not receive Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, who considered it an alliance with the Popular Mobilization and Iran. 

    Follow the obeliskواشنطن-تبتز-بغداد-بملف-تدويل-التظاهرات-المطلوب-فك-الارتباط-مع-إيران-وحل-الحشد



  12. 107059.jpg?width=750&&height=375

    2019/11/12 12:09
    • Readings 55
    • Section: Iraq

    Integrity recruits a former minister and governor of Salah al-Din to investigate suspicions of corruption

    BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The Court of Integrity in Salah al-Din announced on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, the issuance of recruiting orders against the former Minister of Science and Technology and the former governor of Salah al-Din to investigate suspicions of corruption.

    The Supreme Judicial Council said in a statement received to the obelisk, "The Court of Inquiry Salah al-Din specialized in integrity issues issued an order against the former Minister of Science and Technology based on the provisions of Article 331 of the Iraqi Penal Code."

    The statement added that "the court issued another order to bring the former governor of Salah al-Din in accordance with the provisions of the same article," pointing out that "other orders affected the list of Samarra and six employees."

    The Obelisk \النزاهة-تستقدم-وزيرا-ومحافظا-سابقين-في-صلاح-الدين-للتحقيق-في-شبهات-فساد

  13. 136887.jpg?width=750&&height=375

    2019/11/12 12:52
    • The number of readings 258
    • Section: Iraq

    Suron talking about the dismissal of Abdul-Mahdi and seven ministers .. Next week

    BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The alliance of Saraon, the completion of the signatures of the interrogation of the prime minister and a number of members of his cabinet, noting that the session "impeachment", will be held next week.

    The parliamentary bloc Sairon, issued last Monday, a statement on the procedures for questioning Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in parliament.

    `` The signatures of the interrogation of Abdul-Mahdi and his cabinet in the House of Representatives have been completed, and a special session will be held this weekend or early next week, '' said Hadi MP Salam Salam Hadi on Tuesday, November 12, 2019.

    He added, "The questioning will discuss the disregard of the Prime Minister of the blood of Iraqis and his adherence to the position despite the popular rejection of his survival," he said.

    He added, "The session will see the removal of Abdul-Mahdi from office and vote on the dismissal of seven ministers who failed to perform their work," pointing out that "the first points of questions to be addressed to Abdul-Mahdi during the interrogation related to the killing of peaceful demonstrators unarmed."سائرون-تتحدث-عن-إقالة--عبد-المهدي-وسبعة-وزراءالاسبوع-المقبل

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  14. 139299.jpg?width=750&&height=375

    2019/11/11 11:23
    • The number of readings 1459
    • Section: Monitoring

    Legal expert: Individual election eliminates quotas and fraud .. And sings the Electoral Commission

    Baghdad / Obelisk: Legal expert Tariq Harb, Monday, November 11, 2019 that the adoption of the system of individual majority election eliminates the existence of an electoral commission or party and regional disputes, and eliminates the quota and connects those who deserve the parliamentary seat.

    Harb revealed in a statement to the "obelisk" that this electoral system adopted the last years of the monarchy and is adopted by the United States and Britain currently, who arrives in parliament with the highest votes only regardless of the party.

    He continued: In this system, there is no effect of quotas and can not be fraud.

    He went on to say that Baghdad has seventy seats in parliament and there were ten thousand received different votes here is accepted the highest votes to the sequence seventy and seventy-one sequence of votes higher and less have no seat is a system similar to the system of admission to colleges and universities, for example that thousands Graduates want to be admitted to the College of Medicine, University of Baghdad, which is designed to accommodate the college 400 students, for example, the admission of the highest 400 grades and those who have less than the field of acceptance, there is no objection to the admission and no need for the Commission, Or folk Of or electoral denominator or seven or nine percent of St. lego no need to limit the minimum because this is with regard to the number of votes, what was in the admission of students applied in accepting the House of Representatives, a simple matter avoided forgery and discounts we do not need to UNHCR and the results announced on election day.

    "Lakhdar Brahimi, UN staff and so-called election experts came to enact an electoral law that created the venomous systems in place, fraud, bribery and quotas," Harb said.

    "The staff of the Ministry of Higher Education for the admission of students to colleges will be sufficient to organize this, and there is no need for an election commission. Do officials hear that?"

    Individual election is a system that results in one candidate winning. It is also known as direct free election as well as the election of a numerical majority, a system based on a numerical majority and an electoral mechanism of proportional representation that uses the hierarchical voting method to elect candidates in multi-seat districts. Votes in excess of the electoral quotas obtained by a particular candidate are given to the other candidates, the dominant type and winner of the race for seats.

    The Obeliskخبير-قانوني-الانتخاب-الفردي-يقضي-على-المحاصصة-والتزوير-ويغني-عن-مفوضية-الانتخابات

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  15. 139296.jpg?width=750&&height=375

    2019/11/11 10:30
    • The number of readings 134
    • Section: Iraq

    Government spokesman: Amendment of the pension law will provide 200 thousand jobs for the unemployed

    Baghdad, Nov. 11 (BNA) The amendment of the unified retirement law will provide more than 200 thousand jobs for the unemployed youth, said the spokesman of the Information Office of Prime Minister Saad Al Hadithi.

    "These grades will be available as a result of reducing the retirement age to 60 years, and allowing those who wish to retire at the age of 45 and had 15 years of service, instead of those who had 50 years, and retirement age was 63 years," he said.

    He explained that "the retirement age of university professors was 65 years of service," noting that "will be reduced by the new law to 63 years."

    He pointed out that "according to these procedures, it will provide more than 200 thousand degrees of employment for young people in the application of the law," pointing out that "the law is in the process of reading the second, and will take its way to legislation soon."

    Follow the seriesمتحدث-الحكومة-تعديل-قانون-التقاعد-سيوفر-200-ألف-درجة-وظيفية-للعاطلين

  16. 115048.jpg?width=750&&height=375

    2019/11/11 10:33
    • The number of readings 333
    • Section: Iraq

    The new election law adopts the highest votes .. and reduces the number of deputies to 30%

    Baghdad / Obelisk: The Presidency of the Republic, with the help of a team of Iraqi experts and representatives of the United Nations, completed the new draft electoral law.

    The source of the "obelisk", Thursday, November 11, 2019, that "the presidency and the assistance of a team of Iraqi experts and representatives of the United Nations completed the new draft electoral law."

    "Under the new law, the commission will be reconstituted from the judiciary and experts away from partisan quotas as well as reducing the number of parliament by 30%, reducing the age of candidacy to 25 years, and adopting the highest voice in the electoral districts." 

    The source pointed out that "the prime minister also has a draft election law, has been submitted draft prepared by the presidency to the government because of the financial obligations and there are consultations to unify the vision on the law in preparation for submission to the House of Representatives."

    The Obeliskقانون-الانتخابات-الجديد-يعتمد-اعلى-الاصوات-ويقلص-عدد-النواب-الى-30-

  17. Iran’s top Al-Quds officials in Baghdad to support Abdul Mahdi



    Demonstrators run after they set fire during the ongoing protests in Baghdad on Saturday. Nationwide rallies have brought Iraq to a standstill. (Reuters)

    Updated 15 sec ago


    November 10, 201900:40


    Solutions proposed include a ministerial change involving more than half of the Iraqi Cabinet

    More than 300 demonstrators have been killed and 15,000 wounded since Oct. 1

    BAGHDAD: Qassim Suleimani, the commander of Iran’s Quds Force and field commander in charge of Iran’s operations in Iraq, has been in Baghdad for 11 days to manage the crisis and provide direct support to Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, two of Suleimani’s associates told Arab News on Saturday.

    Baghdad and nine southern Shiite-dominated provinces have witnessed anti-government mass demonstrations since Oct. 1.

    More than 300 demonstrators have been killed and 15,000 wounded, mostly in Baghdad, with tear gas and live bullets used by Iraqi forces to quell the protests, while scores of activists and journalists have been arrested.

    Suleimani and his deputy, Maj. Gen. Hamed Abdollahi, are in Baghdad “to provide the necessary moral and logistical support” to Abdul Mahdi, whose dismissal has become the first demand of the protesters, a prominent Shiite leader told Arab News.
    The general, or Abu Duaa, as his closest allies call him, attends almost daily meetings in Baghdad with leaders of Iranian-backed political forces in an attempt to dismantle the crisis and prolong the time Abdul Mahdi remains in office.
    “Abu Duaa has been in Baghdad for 11 days. He is here to provide the necessary support to Abdul Mahdi,” one of the top Iraqi Shiite leaders told Arab News.
    “The demonstrations will end soon in one way or another. There is money spent generously to get some engines (organizers of demonstrations) out of the scene, at the same time there are other means (arrests and kidnapping).
    “The carrot and stick policy has been operational for weeks and is beginning to bear fruit.”
    The dismissal or resignation of Abdul Mahdi, which has become one of the most important demands of the demonstrators, is not put forward as one of the solutions for Suleimani and his allies, and the military solution is also not on the table.
    Suleimani’s ally said some Iraqi military leaders were demanding military intervention to end the demonstrations, especially in Tahrir Square where most demonstrators are gathering in Baghdad.
    “They demanded the intervention of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU), but Suleimani rejected this option in principle.
    “He clearly said that this is an American trap to drag the PMU factions to clash with the demonstrators and then demand their dissolution.”


    300 - demonstrators have been killed and 15,000 wounded, mostly in Baghdad.

    The PMU factions have not intervened as combat troops, “but that does not mean it (PMU) did not intervene as intelligence or security support,” the ally said.
    Suleimani’s ally said that the solutions offered do not include the dismissal or resignation of Abdel Mahdi, although everyone knows that the cause of the current problem is him and his private office manager Abu Jihad.
    “Our problem with the Americans, Sadr and Najaf is caused by Abu Jihad,” he said.
    “Adel Abdul Mahdi has not taken any real decision since he became prime minister and all the decisions were made by Abu Jihad.
    “Those two (Abdul Mahdi and Abu Jihad) are protected and their protector (Suleimani) insists that there is no real problem worth sacrificing them.
    “He (Suleimani) does not deal with Iraq as a single country, but rather as part of a system that includes Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Palestine, so any suggested solutions that exclude Adel or Abu Jihad are not acceptable (by Suleimani).
    “The Iranians are not like Americans. They do not give up their ally easily, so they will continue to support Abdul Mahdi until the very last moment.”
    The solutions proposed by Suleimani and agreed by the majority of key political players include a ministerial change involving more than half of the Cabinet, and to gradually vote on a number of important laws, accelerate the adoption of constitutional amendments to be ready for a referendum in April, vote to reduce the number of members of the Parliament to half, the abolition of the provincial councils, “which represent the vicious circle of corruption in the provinces,” change the election law “to allow the rise of individuals and small lists” and change the High Electoral Commission, the source said.
    Changing the system from parliamentary to presidential may be included in the constitutional amendments but will not be passed as the Kurds, Sunnis and Najaf reject this system “because it is the key to sliding into dictatorship.”
    “Now we are worried about Najaf (Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani) because it is really upset. This is really our last chance. (If not taken) then people will come out in an armed revolution,” Suleimani’s ally said.
    “I’m not optimistic because the tools are the same. Real solutions mean big losses and no one is willing to take any losses.
    “The situation will calm down and people (demonstrators) will return to their homes, but they will return to the street later.”

  18. The three presidencies announce the opening of files of corruption and the restoration of "looted" rights

    14:43 - 10/11/2019

    About / Baghad ..

    The three presidencies announced on Sunday the opening of corruption files and the restoration of all the "looted" rights from Iraq and the pursuit of the thieves, stressing taking legal action against those who caused casualties among the demonstrators and security forces.

    President Barham Salih hosted a meeting held at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, which was attended by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi and President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Faiq Zeidan.

    The participants stressed the "respect and sanctification of the sacrifices, for the martyrs and the wounded of the protagonists of peaceful demonstrations and the Mayamin our security forces. Their blood that shed lighted the way and opened the horizon towards the future, pointing out that “no pure drop of blood can go wasted, and that the work of sincere justice does not stop in order to find out who is involved in this pure blood. It is the responsibility of the governmental and legal authorities, all of us, society and governors, to ensure that efforts do not stop unremittingly in apprehending murderers, murderers and bloodshed. Our responsibility is to secure the rights of the families of the martyrs, and to ensure the treatment of the wounded to the best of their abilities. ”

    According to the statement, “The executive and judicial authorities have already started the legal work in initiating the opening of the investigative files on corruption and prosecuting the defendants in order to achieve justice and restore the looted rights. These files will continue to be opened. Thus, no one, regardless of his position, position and position, is able to escape justice, pointing out that “there is no politicization or favoritism in opening files and in investigations and trials. The interest of the country, the rights of the people and the application of the law is the decisive factor in all matters. Going on. ” Finished 25 h

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  19. A scene you will only see in Iraq .. Iran's toxic gases kill the birds of paradise

     Sunday 10 November 2019



    Baghdad - Writings

    An unusual scene that is not very frequent, but perhaps the first of its kind, which was circulated on social networking sites about the impact of poisonous Iranian gases tear extending beyond the demonstrators in Iraq.

    The snapshot revealed how dangerous the gases used against Iraqis in the squares, marches and demonstrations, after killing dozens of birds passing through the skies of Baghdad.

    Poor, sparrows, could not tolerate human actions on the ground and did not expect to be killed flying in the skies of the Iraqi capital seeking to feed their small birds.

    A war crime is added to the records of the massacres of those who rule Iraq from the Green Zone and control its capabilities and decisions from Tehran. Past and to the moment of this writing.مشهد-لن-تراه-إلا-في-العراق-غازات-إيران/



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  20. 139242.jpg?width=750&&height=375

    2019/11/09 12:47
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    • Section: Monitoring

    The resignation of the government, dissolution of parliament and a council of experts running the transition .. Is it possible?


    Baghdad / Obelisk: calls for the dissolution of parliament and the dismissal of the government within 30 days, and the enactment of a new election law and the formation of a new election commission.

    The head of the parliamentary bloc of national approaches Ammar Tohme, on Saturday, to dissolve parliament and dismiss the government within 30 days, while the obelisk spotted demands to form a council of experts to put strategic solutions to break the bottleneck, and oversee the transition.

    The Iraqi government is not ready to resign, its spokesman said on Friday that the resignation of the government will not meet the demands of demonstrations.

    He explained that the resignation of the government will turn it into a caretaker government, and therefore will not leave power until new elections are held in the event of dissolution of parliament, or until the mandate of another party of political forces currently in parliament.

    Iraqi writers, activists, and specialists have exchanged "arguments" about ways out of the crisis, sparked by mass protests that began in the past two months and are still ongoing.

    While the protests began with demands for reform, they have evolved in their activities in recent days, to completely change the political system after the dismissal and dissolution of parliament.

    The developments indicate that the political situation must move beyond the bottleneck to a new horizon of the relationship between the people and the regime, which has been stable since 2003, dominated by the system of quotas, corruption, worsening unemployment, and deteriorating services.

    "The ruling class can no longer control the situation, and now it has to accept major surgery before it is too late to activate Article 64 of the constitution," writer Mohammed Abdul Jabbar Shabout said on his Facebook page.

    The views raised by the obelisk through the media and social networking sites, described by believers as radical solutions that can be implemented through constitutional means and legitimate institutions with the intention of implementing Article 64 of the Permanent Constitution, which requires the dissolution of the House of Representatives at the request of a third of its members, or a request from the Speaker Ministers and with the approval of the President of the Republic. This is followed by the call of the President of the Republic to general elections in the country within a maximum period of sixty days, and the announcement of the resignation of the Council of Ministers, which carries out business, and then hold a referendum on the form of the political system, and initiate constitutional amendments.

    Legal expert Ali al-Tamimi says that the elements of the parliamentary system, the developed economy and social welfare and this is the pillar and ways of success, which have been strengthened, for example in Britain, but when the parliamentary system in a country with a deteriorating economy and no private sector will fail and deviate from its course, which happened in Iraq..

    He considered that the transition to the presidential system needs to amend the Constitution and transfer the powers of parliament to the president-elect, whose term of office is limited to four years is not renewable and directly elected by the people.

    Al-Tamimi said that the Council of Representatives is dissolved by an absolute majority of its members or requested by the Prime Minister and the approval of the President of the Republic, explaining that upon dissolution, the President calls for general elections in the country within 60 days from the date of dissolution and the Council of Ministers is resigned and continues to conduct daily work until the elections ..

    Tamimi considered that the amendment of the Iraqi constitution is difficult because it is a rigid constitution that needs the approval of two-thirds of the members of parliament and not to object to three provinces to the amendment, as stipulated in Article 126.

     The Obelisk


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  21. 139230.jpg?width=750&&height=375

    2019/11/10 10:51
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    • Section: Iraq

    Recommendations for an alleged meeting of political forces: No change to the Prime Minister .. No early elections

    Baghdad / Obelisk: Obelisk publishes, Sunday, November 10, 2019 the text of a statement of the meeting of political forces to address the crisis, a statement has not been confirmed by official government bodies, parties or political blocs, but the media and political figures talked that it consists of 22 It was agreed, which included the futility of early elections, and the warning of a change of prime minister. According to the sources, the Sadrist movement and the coalition of victory, and the Salvation Front.

    Text of the statement

    Recommendations of the meeting of national political forces at the headquarters of the stream of wisdom in Baghdad

    1. Supporting peaceful demonstrations as a manifestation of democracy and freedom of expression, adopting the legitimate demands of demonstrators, and enacting a law regulating and protecting peaceful demonstrations.

    2. The need to invest the popular momentum of the demonstrators to carry out radical, deep and urgent reform steps to strengthen the institutions of the state and the political system and meet the demands of the people.

    3. The national political forces are committed to shoulder their responsibilities by providing the necessary political cover to the state institutions to fulfill their duties towards the demands of the demonstrators and thus contribute to restoring the confidence of the street in the political class.

    4. National political forces agree to cooperate among themselves within the Council of Representatives by forming a broad bloc in support of the political system and state institutions in the context of meeting the demands of the people judicially, legislative and executive, within a specific and clear road map, steps and timings.

    5. The formation of the government in the absence of a clear bloc adopting its support was a major cause of what happened.

    6- The need to deepen the national cohesion and strengthen the relationship between the political forces and avoid false accusations because of different opinions and jurisprudence.

    7 - Emphasizing the neutrality of state agencies and avoiding politicization and political bias.

    8 willingness to sacrifice and make some losses for the benefit of citizens and meet their demands.

    9. The importance of reconsidering the political equation on which the government was formed, and a wide reshuffle of the cabinet and new and efficient bloodshed to correct the impression of the government's performance.

    10. The need for a constitutional amendment that addresses the bottlenecks of the political system without prejudice to the rights of the components.

    11. The need to expedite the fair election law legislation and replace the Independent High Electoral Commission in order to achieve the transparency required to restore the confidence of the voters with the election results.


    12. Early elections require dissolution of the House of Representatives and excludes the possibility of persuading members of the House to dissolve it.

    13. Commitment to support the security services to prevent the country from sliding into chaos and stand in the face of riots and attempts to disrupt the country and state institutions and consider them steps outside the law and contrary to peaceful demonstration.

    14. Concern about the negative effects of the situation on the economic side of the country and leave negative impressions difficult to attract foreign investment.

    15. Call for responsible engagement with legitimate demands and ensure that there is no deepening of sag in the state institutions.

    16 - Work on the development of clear media strategies that serve the political process and maintain order and support the institutions of the state and its achievements and adoption of the commitment of media institutions of national political forces.

    17. Concern in Kurdistan for what is happening in other Iraqi provinces and consider them part of this movement, including the challenges and opportunities, and solidarity with legitimate demands and stand by the state institutions in meeting them.

    18. Emphasize that the crisis is not limited to persons in state institutions, but extends to laws, regulations and contexts.

    19. The dismissal or resignation of the government during the crisis may push things into the unknown, especially since the demonstrators may question the credibility of any candidate submitted by political forces in this circumstance.

    20 - not to allow the abduction of the resolution of the House of Representatives and work hard to activate the legislative institution to perform its tasks and implement the demands of the demonstrators.

    21- Launching the initiative of the comprehensive national dialogue between the different parties (coordination and leaders of the demonstrators, unions and unions, state institutions, political forces, community leaders,…) in cooperation with the UN mission.

    22. Prepare the initiative by working to collect the demands of the demonstrators on the diversity and classification and diagnosis of their compatibility with the contexts and constitutional determinants and determine the point of implementation and the ceiling required time to do so.

    The Obeliskتوصيات-لاجتماع-مزعوم-لقوى-سياسية-لا-تغيير-لرئيس-الوزراءلا-انتخابات-مبكرة

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  22. 139020.jpg?width=750&&height=375

    2019/11/10 13:38
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    • Section: Iraq

    Parliament's insistence on bringing the killers of the demonstrators to trial

    BAGHDAD / Obelisk: A member of the House of Representatives of the Alliance Sairam Salam al-Shammari, Sunday, November 10, 2019, that the increasing number of martyrs and injured peaceful demonstrators has become a worrying thing can not be silent for another period.

    Al-Shammari said in a statement received to the obelisk, that "members of parliament from the various political blocs representing the people are determined to bring those who killed demonstrators to trial."

    He added that "his alliance with the need for Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to parliament to question him and questioned about what is happening to confront peaceful demonstrators with fire and gas bombs, which is absolutely unacceptable," stressing that "his presence in parliament in the next few sessions is urgent."

    The House of Representatives on Monday lifted its session until Monday after it ended its scheduled agenda.

    It is noteworthy that the bloc of Siron announced earlier to submit a request to question Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

    The Obelisk


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  23. 139276.jpg?width=750&&height=375

    2019/11/10 12:40
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    • Section: Iraq

    Communications Announces Reset Internet Service around the clock

    BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The Iraqi Ministry of Communications announced on Sunday, the return of Internet service to work across the country.

    "We have received official approvals for the return of 24-hour Internet access throughout Iraq," a brief statement from the ministry said.
    "The return will be uninterrupted."

    The Obelisk


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  24. Two important meetings in the Kurdistan region to discuss the urgent situation


     2019/11/05 00:07:28


    The three presidencies in the Kurdistan region hold an important meeting, followed by a meeting between the President of the region and political parties in Kurdistan.
    The meeting comes hours after an expanded meeting between the President of the region and Iraqi President Barham Saleh, who is in Erbil.
    According to sources familiar with Shafaq News, Saleh discussed with the President of the region the issue of amending the constitution and the current developments in Baghdad.
    The President of the region and the Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament with the Iraqi President in a separate meeting these developments in detail.
    This is followed by an expanded meeting between the President of the Kurdistan region with the Kurdish political parties to discuss the outcome of the meeting and the current developments.

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