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  1. I think this really is Okie, :lol:
  2. I suggest you negative people go and listen to DD radio show with guest speaker Rudy Coehen, it will put your mind at ease and make sence too everything you are questioning, I think this guy is right on with this investment speculation, of all the rumors out there and BS speculation this guy make complete sense and has the knowledge to back every one of his accusations......................
  3. Nice post but inappropriate title...."RV Any Minute Now"???????? :blink: :blink:
  4. Are you kidding me??????? Wow I am so sick of this.....rates, dates, Mondays, weekends, almost here, blah, blah, blah..... :blink: :blink:
  5. I also did talk to a company that is looking for helicopter mechanics to work in Iraq, 6 mos then two weeks off then 6 more mos, work 7 12 hr days, big money, the lady that I spoke to said they pay big money because of the danger. didn't tell me how much money though, she said I would have to speak to an interviewer, and my qualifications were in fixed wing aviation, so I never got anymore info. Go Rv
  6. Speaker sounds very intelligent, NOT
  7. I was an aircraft mechanic for 16 years an I agree this comment was not saying Iraq, but was saying a rack in the PMM
  8. If you have 160 mil dinar then you really don't need an rv to get rich, I siggest you sell all your dinar except a couple of mill, then maybe you wont be so stressed out. thats way to much to own, the mere thought of wasting that much money on this investment scares me :blink:
  9. I just saw (730am cst) a commentary from Al Jazeer TV news caster interviewing an Iraqi. gov spokesman from bagdad, He said the protestors are not out of control. He said that some of the protestors are throwing rocks but it is just a few people, for the most part they are non violent. He said that they have deployed riot troops to protect the people from possible Al Queda attacks, but none so far, the gov, has strict orders to protect the people of Iraq and they are completely with them and will not retaliate ageist them. The gov spokesman did say that there were some sort of ant protest in I think he said Mosul, ageist the governor, but he did say anything more. Well that is all that transpired from that interview, nothing was said about meeting any demands or anything like that, THIS INFORMATION IS 100 % TRUE and FACTUAL, Not that great of news but at least I did see something on tv this morning, hope this is good news. Go RV
  10. Go to CBI web site. That's where you'll see it first anyway.
  11. Thank you, that was very nice......BUT I don't like putting the cart before the horse.....RV first - Then help others.
  12. IMO it will not RV that high. At this point, I would just like to see it RV. Period. Weary of rates, dates, when, if, how long, this weekend, next weekend, Monday, blah, blah blah....
  13. Not sure, but I think another site. Thanks Tim and thanks Night11 ~ praying and hoping for RV this week!!!!
  14. While I agree with you Jamaba, I think that at this point nothing is out of hand with the protests in Iraq thus far. Friday, may be a different story. IMO, I think we will see more coverage then. That's when the protests with gatherings of a million people are to take place. I think we will hear more from news sources then, especially if things get out of control. Thus far, the anticipation is that these protests will be peaceful. I hope that they are and that the people of Iraq get the goods and services that they need. So we watch, wait and hope for a peaceful resolution. Hope my answer helps in some way.....
  15. Thank you for your post Doc......I am still hopeful that there will be an RV/RI before the demos begin. Praying for the people of Iraq that they receive a wonderful blessing and the we (the investors) see good things coming our way.........
  16. Right now, I don't care what the rate is. I just want to see it get done! Thanks for the post!
  17. Read, research and learn....and watch the news!
  18. You have a lot of reading and research to do about the dinar! Read the facts - news articles and the opinions - rumors and draw your own conclusions. Yes, it is for real and as to why it's not more commonly known, as you put it, is because there are as many people who believe in the revaluation of the Iraqi currency as there are people who do not. This is an investment, not a scam and it is real and happening before your eyes! So, read, research and get educated about Iraq and the dinar and draw your own conclusions. And have fun!
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