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  1. rhoda1

    IQD IS Now Offically Int'l.

    I have got them at the bank before, but you have to ask for them.
  2. rhoda1

    IQD IS Now Offically Int'l.

    The last time I was in Washington DC I went to the Treasury and was able to buy new $2.00 bills. Maybe their still selling them. Check at the U.S. Treasury
  3. rhoda1

    Testing! Are we back online?

    Great to have you back. Thanks.
  4. rhoda1

    Adam Montana weekly - 11 March 2015

    Thanks for all the time and effort you spend on our behalf.
  5. rhoda1

    Adam's Official Chat 12/21/11

    THANKS ADAM, Happy Holidays to you and your family!!
  6. rhoda1

    Official Adam Chat 12/7/11

    THANKS for the chat Adam.
  7. rhoda1

    Adam Montana Chat 11-23-2011

    THANKS ADAM for everything you do for us.

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