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  1. I'll see you guys in another couple of weeks. Try it sometime, it's relaxing and hilarious. Nothing has changed at all!
  2. I have been here, this is supposedly Abraham's home site also. It is located just outside of a AF base called Tallil.
  3. Nice to know. Now I can expect more explosions throughout the city like the car bomb that knocked everything off my dresser last week.
  4. You guys crack me up with the popularity contests! Do you really care.
  5. In Iraq

    Bank rumor

    It started with Post #1!
  6. This is a prime example of what happens when you let Kuwait,Turkey, or other countries in the region complete the sub-standard construction of the ME. Lots of short-cutting and defects.
  7. Even though the dinar is a real currency it is surrounded by a scam like atmosphere. Chances are you may get only what it is actually worth,$860 per million. Most people paid over that amount so what would you consider the extra amount you pay to dealers?A real good profit for their pockets.
  8. Thanks Sarge! It is all in good fun. I don't take anything serious on this site. It's comical most of the time and somewhat entertaining when I surf the net.
  9. Same to you man! Have a good day.
  10. Entertainment and every once in a while some news links I may have missed.You will see after a few years, hang in there.
  11. You are exactly right. I have been in this country from top to bottom for eight years and don't hear half the crap that you hear about the dinar. I tell you what I do know. My pay for the month of Jan. was $18,000 USD and not IQD. So what does that say about one statement mentioned? After seven years you think you would learn, I agree. That is why I believe absolutely nothing that is printed on this or any other site and will rely on the CBI for legitimate info.
  12. Thanks man! You are right
  13. I like most of your posts, you are logical. Iraq is not a dry country. Don't be fooled about their religion they drink, but not openly like Americans or as much. They get their share of watching TV also. I have one of their satellite boxes, I paid 20 dollars for it. It's nice, no monthly bill like the cable companies in the U.S.
  14. Now this is a better explanation of your personal opinion and your opinion only, I can respect that. I prefer facts but they are few and far between when it concerns this currency speculation. As far as "infantile and completely irrelevant", so is name calling unless you know me personally which will never happen. Have a good day!
  15. You are totally wrong and will not admit it. The USD is still being utilized in Iraq. There is no deadline for removal. If you are out for a popularity contest good luck, doesn't make you any richer! And I would like to see how tough you really are away from your computer screen as far as the name calling, so catch a ride to Baghdad and we can find out.
  16. Today is the 2nd Feb. in Baghdad and the USD is still in Iraq.
  17. Thanks I will just wait on the movie, more believable!
  18. Agreed! Facebook and other social sites are for teeny boppers and the pervs!
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