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  1. Thanks Fly, looks interesting... I'll have to check it out more later...... If it goes where I think it will... I've no doubts that the (what I genuinely hope are) unintended consequences of past decisions made by those representing the US, led to fueling the fire and perhaps even creating ISIL for a specific purpose, with the intention they were under the control of whoever propagated that purpose.... It almost seemed in the initial creation of the US led coalition, that many countries were basically saying in their absence, "you guys created this Frankenstein... you guys fix it... And thu
  2. Quote from TG: The Democrats blocked Cruz’s bill on Thursday, a bill that would revoke citizenship from Americans who join ISIS. I'm at a complete loss to understand why any one from any party would block this?!?!?! This is not even remotely a partisan issue (it would seem)!!! I just don't get it... Wow... Thanks TG!!...
  3. For those following Sinjar: Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga commanders on the Zumar – Sinjar front line have said that zero hour in the battle to liberate the Yazidi majority town of Sinjar in northern Iraq is nearing. A Peshmerga commander who spoke on condition of anonymity, told BasNews that their forces have been planning an operation to free the town. Sinjar has been under the control of Islamic State militants for the last three months. The commander also said that the have received new heavy artillery for the assault. “The three main Peshmerga battalions have just arrived in
  4. Info from within Kobane over the pat few days has been limited. Likely an aspect of re-org or realign in execution of new strategies available with the heavy armor now at their disposal. The following article is a fairly good overview of what is coming out about Kobane and Iraq in general.... In Iraq its now been confirmed that ISIS killed 600 prisoners from the prison near Mousel and over 322 men women and children of Albu Nimr tribe that opposed them in Iraq. Apparently the executions of the are continuing..... For those following the Yazidis on Sinjar, there are reports of a massive at
  5. Published on Saturday, 01 November 2014 11:29 | 109200 + 26 + 7 Speaking on the sidelines of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi, the Russian president Vladimir Putin accused the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of supporting foreign Islamist rebel fighters in Syria and providing them with medical care and turning turkey to an international hub for global terrorism. “The Turkish regime became a serious threat to international security and is jeopardizing the regional stability; hence the Russian Federation won’t hesitate to ignore this grave menace and will do the necessa
  6. The forward team for Pesh went in with FSA to Kobani the other day with trucks. "Today" its reported there have have been so many air strikes near Kobane they they lost count. Its covering for the larger group of Pesh to go into Kobane on the west side with heavy weapons.
  7. Well this is interesting. Another news source also uploading same bombing today, 30 Oct dated..... says there were 75 people who died... Which seems more realistic when you look at the footage... In any case, Assad's Army bombed a refugee camp killing a bunch of refugees.... The narrative accompanying this extended footage of same area says: A harrowing video has emerged showing the charred and dismembered bodies of up to 75 people killed when a Syrian regime helicopter dropped two barrel bombs on a refugee camp yesterday. The graphic footage - filmed at a displaced persons camp in
  8. One of my road dogs sent me this info as FYI, along with the Youtube video shot by a civilian journalist living in the refugee camp. You can hear the shock and disbelief in his voice as he goes around the camp area filming. Not idea yet why these people were targeted. Regime helicopters targeted the Abadin camp in the rebel-controlled southern outskirts of Idlib with two barrel bombs Wednesday, resulting in 25 dead and 40 wounded, Abd Qintar, a citizen journalist in southern Idlib, told Syria Direct Thursday. The camp, built two months ago to house 100 Syrian families displaced by fighti
  9. RE: FSA peeps in Kobane: They are led by Col. Abdul-Jabbar Mohammed al-Aqidi, is an old timer and been around for years commanding FSA troops against Assad. He is a former Colonel of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) having defected in early 2012. He was the top commander of FSA meeting with a Top commander of the YPG, Sipah Hamo, in the city of Afrin (north of Aleppo, in order to formalize their agreement to fight against a common enemy ISIS. On 27 Aug 2014, both parties have agreed to create a common front to fight against ISIS which is preparing for new offensive in north of Aleppo to seize
  10. Foreign jihadists flocking to Iraq and Syria on 'unprecedented scale' – UN 30 Oct 2014 UN report suggests decline of al-Qaida has yielded an explosion of jihadist enthusiasm for its even mightier successor organisations, chiefly Isis An image grab taken from a video released by Islamic State group's official Al-Raqqa site via YouTube. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images Spencer Ackerman in New York Thursday 30 October 2014 17.13 EDT Share via Email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Shares1,914 Comments823 The United Nations has warned that foreign
  11. Seems that much of the news is lining up, for the most part... When I reported Pesh was in.... it was their Wednesday, not sure what NBC meant by enroute (or why the spell check always hits on the word "enroute") but they were there. The numbers aren't exactly right.... And FSA has been fighting alongside YPG for over a month... (though I would not trust the crew Erdogan wants to send in and somewhere in some briefing or something I saw where his FSA would go to another front... though that's not confirmed... no idea who would vet FSA members going in... from his country.... that's a sketchy i
  12. Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks during a news conference in Riga October 23, 2014. Divergences over how to confront the Islamic State have strained the durability of a six-decade alliance. (Ints Kalnins/Reuters) By Liz Sly October 29 at 6:46 PM Follow @LizSly ANKARA, Turkey — The increasingly hostile divergence of views between Turkey and the United States over Syria is testing the durability of their 60-year alliance, to the point where some are starting to question whether the two countries still can be considered allies at all. Turkey’s refusal to allow the United
  13. It about 2340 PDT 28 Oct US time.... 5 Trucks, 6 Buses of Peshmerga and one ambulance crossed over into Kobane approximately 5 hours ago...
  14. Thanks Eagle..... Check out Former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din saying a civil state (versus religious) is the only solution to Combat ISIS.. This guy seems heated in making some very interesting points, regarding ISIS....
  15. The Technical Military Term KMA comes to mind.... I'm really not sure why this stuff is not getting more press.... or any press in the US in any MSM... and I think its important for we Americans to know exactly who we are in bed with as a NATO partner, lest there be any confusion down the road when something goes totally sideways.... And BTW are absolutely correct... watch Syria in the coming months as the big guy goes bye bye...... The Brits do have boots on the ground... SAS were the ones to call in the surgical air strikes, and while they may have been an estimated 30K members
  16. In the interest of surgically precise targeting, know who the target is and why.... In case you're interested, a cleric speaks out very publicly against the Islamic State ..
  17. 4 Hours ago: Peshmerga forces landed in Ruha airport, in Turkey at 1:00 am local time and are enroute to Kobane... that's the latest public report... .
  18. This was written 28 Oct by the Commander of the troops in Kobane. She is actually there and sends out briefings so that people can get a accurate rendition of what is actually happening there.... Since Sept. 15, we, the people of the Syrian town of Kobani, have been fighting, outnumbered and outgunned, against an all-out assault by the army of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Yet despite a campaign that has intensified in the past month, including the deployment of United States-made tanks and armored vehicles, the Islamic State has not been able to break the resistance of Kobani’s
  19. Thanks TD....looks like everyone is drawing lines in the sand...and the lines are looking like a spider web...This one likes that one for this but doesn't like them for that and on and on.... Meantime, Youtube is committed to taking down any IS propaganda as its identified...That's what happened in the above.... And IS puts if up again... I'll try one more time on the link they just put up,....only because its a good representation of how good they are at manipulating media.... Again.... THIS IS NOT TRUE It is IS propaganda......
  20. Here is the video everyone is talking about..... released today... featuring kidnapped reporter Jhon Cantile. This is pure propaganda though does give a good example of IS ability to edit film and use the internet. People from Kobane and others familiar with it, along with several analysts say that it was not shot on the day claimed (it was raining that day) and the reporter is not standing where he says he was, and the last part of the video is not even of Kobane.. and etc etc technical contrasts to what is claimed. At one point someone claimed it was the use of green screen, however most agr
  21. Here is the latest video that Syrian people ask be released to the world as evidence that Turkish military and ISIS are openly coordinating against Kobane.... In this video they are robbing the cars left on the Turkish border of Kobani citizens that were not allowed to bring them into Turkey... Not sure if its obvious, but the person posting this video is fairly close to the action . A very clear evidence that the Turkish army is coordinating with ISIS terrorists
  22. Just got back onto DV. Will have to work on summary of past few days. Some of the most intense battling over Kobane has happened in in the last few days. IS is pounding the city and there are reports that they have surface to air missiles... and some have reported seeing one of them fired..... ISIS is being constantly replenished with more troops, last time approximately 200 guys entered, and the time before that, about 400. At the same time ISIS President Erdogan of Turkey who told the world that he would allow Peshmerga to cross over Turkish borders... has lied once again and they sit waitin
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