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  1. This is wavering a bit off Kobane.... its almost like we need several threads... Daesh (ISIS) Turkey and Humanitarian Crises (Kobane and Mt Sinjar)... to keep things straight.... Kobane continues to hold ground and in some reports they are re-claiming lost ground. When you look at the latest maps, they are still surrouded by Daesh (ISIS) controlled areas. They have managed to hold onto the gate to Turkey, despite intense battles to take it. The YPG does daily updates and I'll try to get them in a format to put in here... Air Strikes continue though not at the frequency they were last month.
  2. Erdogan’s Book of Defeat Posted on November 8, 2014 Gatestone Institute, by Burak Bekdil, Oct. 31, 2014: In the entire Middle East, Turkey now has only two allies: Qatar, which looks more like a rich, family-owned gas station than a state; and Hamas, a terrorist organization. Tunisia was the final chapter in Erdogan’s book of defeat. Neo-Ottomanism was a childish dream. It is, now, a “sealed” childish dream. Shortly after the Arab Spring rocked several capitals in the Middle East, the Turks devised a plan that would enable their country to emerge as the new Ottoman Empire. While deli
  3. This one is a bit more graphic and you may want to scroll post
  4. Thank you so much Maja!!!! This has such great historical information giving context to some of the news we were getting!!
  5. Statement by Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby on the Authorization to Deploy Additional Forces to Iraq 11/07/2014 01:58 PM CST IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. NR-562-14 November 07, 2014 Statement by Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby on the Authorization to Deploy Additional Forces to Iraq The commander in chief has authorized Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to deploy to Iraq up to 1,500 additional U.S. personnel over the coming months, in a non-combat role, to expand our advise and assist mission and initia
  6. Excellent discussion just released and produced by Frontline of PBS, of the blunders and mis steps leading to the growth of ISIS, with lots of great footage of Maliki, his trip to the US, his upset with Hashemi (however you spell the Vice Presidents name), the Iraqi Government post US withdrawal (2011) and many of the things that went on during that time... and we'd read about in poor translations that threw words like "watermelon" in the middle of the sentence so we had no idea what the heck was going on.... This is embedded in the Frontline site and I don't know how to bring in the act
  7. TBomb... when you write to your Senator, formally request a Congressional Inquiry..... and I would focus the inquiry around Colorado state standards of practice relative to the federal ACA, in advising divorce as a solution to affordable care.... Its a round about way to bring attention to your situation in the first place and would likely solve it in the second in the course of the investigation..... I've generally only heard of Congressional Inquiries relative to the military... but I'm pretty sure you can do them for any reason.. and seem to remember reading them for other than military th
  8. Thanks Umbert!!! And yes it was officially confirmed that French bomb maker David “Daoud” Drugeon was killed in that attack.
  9. TBomb, wow, so sorry to hear that and how tragic that the solution is so incredibly insensitive and moronic. How dare some profit making dill weed even remotely think that is any kind of answer or solution!! The solution it to make mandatory health care affordable, not advocate divorce among American families. What is happening to this country!? Not that it would do any good, but did you send that letter to the White House.. how about a local news channel that has investigative reporters, or who will look into this? (we have several locals that would take on this kind of thing) We can only h
  10. Disappearing Ally 11.03.14 (November 3, 2014) Yazidis Face Genocide by ISIS After U.S. Turns Away Months after the president stepped in to save the Yazidis from genocide, the airstrikes have slowed to a trickle. Supplies have dried up. And ISIS is closing in on Mount Sinjar again. In August, the Obama administration intervened to stop what it called a pending genocide of Yazidi minorities in Iraq. Now the U.S. is gone, but the genocide continues. Thousands of Yazidis remain stranded and starving on Mount Sinjar while thousands more have been sold off into slavery by ISIS, according t
  11. I'm touched by the compassion of so many DV colleagues speaking on this thread... It is for me always comforting the depth of humanity we are together capable of in at least the willingness to confront the depth of suffering others endure these days.... There are still thousands trapped on the mountain and Daesh (ISIS) has them surrounded in effort to overcome them again. YPG/Pesh and US strikes are attempting to thwart that attempt... Not sure it was obvious that the woman speaking is reported to be the Iraqi Yazidi PM addressing her collleagues in Parliament. Here is the seperate video
  12. This is actually a true story and reported in the news... omg, talk about.... in your face USA.... the company used the MasterMind of the 9/11 attack on the US,... as their model for a hair removal ad.... Not the most tasteful thing to do in these times... Al-Qaeda mastermind featured for ‘hairs, not terrorism’ in cosmetic ad: Turkish companyISTANBUL A cosmetic company used Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the Pakistani former al-Qaeda leader who is best known as the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attack, in one of its ads, prompting outcry. A Turkish cosmetics company that ran a co
  13. ^5 TD thanks! Not very much coming in right now. Some reports suggest that Daesh (ISIS) have stopped fighting for the time being and that YPG/Pesh is on the offense... not sure that's totally true... Other reports say Kobane is asking for more outside assistance in order to prevail. Hard to sort out what's what right now... Was surprised to see the official map of Kobane and who had control of what... That was the other day and showed Daesh (ISIS) actually had (several days ago) control of about 60% which is much higher than has been reported in past week.... Meantime US vets continue to g
  14. This will likely be hard to watch, though its important to really see and understand what is happening to these human beings who are all children of G-d... Its not the scrubbed news we see, and it is the reality they are trying to survive... , This is footage from Sinjar August. It is nothing compared to what is happening now. This is going on again right now.....Now... , this very moment.... and these Yazidi people are again suffering another attempt at genocide...... Its why the USAF.. why the US military needs to be in Iraq and the region today.... Its what we do, its what needs to be do
  15. Thanks for posting that TD! I saw that article and thought it a rather interesting analysis of some of the other issues going on in Syria... It will be interesting to see how things develop after Kobane in terms of FSA/YPG alignment... In other news, also interesting I have read the following article in German, French, Spanish and saw it in all kinds of ME news as well as news all over Europe (Dutch, Swedish, etc)... and the only English article I can find this early in the day is from Syria written in English... Will be interesting to see how long it takes US News to pick it up... if eve
  16. As for Muslims standing up to fight the IS? Really? News consistent with article below is repeated over and over again all throughout the conflict regions.... Unfortunately most of the villagers have very limited or old arms, and ammo.... they fight with what they have, against IS which in turn has captured at least 2500 US made tanks, and billions worth of heavy arms (confirmed by the Pentagon). If you read news other than that broadcast in the US, there are stories after stories of Muslim people fighting to their death against IS. Whole villages are slaughtered in mass executions over and
  17. I haven't seen any video that captures what it's actually like to fight from the air, as what was captured in this youtube footage... including how frickin loud it can be in the cockpit... you can swear all you want as long as you don't push the button and transmit... I'm pretty sure I only did that a few times ever.... which no one who really knows me believes that even remotely..... . .
  18. Re: Buzz around town: 15 Turkish officers under the command of Turkish General who uses the name Pasha are helping ISIS in coordinating the attacks against Kobane. And Pasha reports directly to Gen Ozel, Turkish Chief of Staff who is Headquartered in Antep...
  19. A Synopsis of the Situation in Kobane November 3, 2014 According to military, political and civilian sources in Kobane YPG has been gaining a momentum after successfully repelling strong ISIS attacks in eastern front which aimed at seizing the border crossing. Despite excessive many power and close combat in eastern front, YPG forces did not allow ISIS to advance. With recent offensive in eastern front, ISIS hoped to seize the border gate to Turkey to totally suffocate the city and force YPG to surrender. Senior YPG sources report ISIS resorted to more than 20 car bombs in recent days,
  20. The Middle East 'mastermind' who worries Erdogan Turkey’s political leaders have the habit of taking journalists into their jets and giving them interviews in the air. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tends to invite only journalists who support him. During his official trip to Latvia and Estonia Oct. 22-24, he once again had an entourage of sympathetic journalists who took down his important and interesting comments. While addressing the civil wars in Syria and Iraq, in particular the conflict between the Islamic State (IS) and the Kurds of Kobani, Erdogan said that there was a “trap”
  21. Great piece on 60 minutes.... hopefully our elected tuned in and got conscious....Here's the link I don't know how to post just the video from this link... And here is the transcript for those who don't want to watch: The following is a script of "Recruiting for ISIS" which aired on Nov. 2, 2014. Clarissa Ward is the correspondent. Randall Joyce, producer. This past week the U.S. government ordered stepped-up security at some 9,000 government buildings. This, in response to the attack on Canada's Parliament by a lone r
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