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  1. It would be interesting to learn more, though prehaps not in this forum. I first encountered the whole genre when the owner of Oughten House Publications showed up at my door. Interesting ride since then. It is at times overwhelming just how connected everything is. Thanks for the info.
  2. Interesting. In contrast, as of today my friend in Kuwait can only get 25 K notes and nothing smaller. First time ever this has happened since we started buying in 04. Have no idea why the huge difference in availability, between this country and those closer to Iraq. I have only bought in or near country, and this is a first for me. (PS my guy in Jordan only has 500K left in 10K notes. Have no idea what this means)
  3. I have been buying Dinar since 2004. All of my sources have been in / near country. Talked to my colleague in Kuwait, and for the first time since we've been at this, she simply can't get anything smaller then 25K notes. I have no idea what that means relative to an end of year RI/RV, but thought it may be helpful to those who like to put the pieces together in figuring out this puzzle. While I have no idea whatsoever when or how much the dinar will RV, I do like to take solice in noting that the projected Iraqi GDP for 2011 is gynormous (c.f., IMF statistics sheet for Iraq). Its a rather re
  4. The IMF stats suggest a significant (unreal) increase in the Iraqi GDP for 2011. Charts show it dramatically trending up at beginnig of new year2011 into 2015.... It would seem that something has to happen to effect this, and it would seem initiation of an international currency (Dinar RI/RV) would drive that? October 12, 2010 Projected % Change 2010 2011 Real GDP 2.6 11.5 Consumer Prices 5.1 5 Source: World Economic Outlook (October 2010)
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