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  1. Here are my thoughts on that rumor at .56 RV Rate. 1. That totally goes against EVERYTHING written in the RV Strategic Plan on Page 14 that stated rate would be restored at least at $3.22 2. If they RV at .56 they would have the lowest currency rate of any Major Oil Producing Country in the area 3. A rate of .56 sets them back years prior to Hussein 100 Days Article 1. What will another 100 days do with no RV rate...ULTIMATE CHAOS 2. How will they even start construction,sanitation, and get military equipment to defend themselves from INVASION 3. Then the worlds largest RV, and oops we forgot we now need to add new bills and you have one of the smartest people on the planet over the CBI who is working directly with the IMF and US Treasury Department.. They don't make mistakes like that on a Global Scale 4, How will Parliament be paid? What about FOOD & Sewer? 5. Can you join the GCC with a worthless currency? 6. How will global contractors be paid and cash their checks. Paid in Wheel Barrels of Dinar... Remember the budget that goes into effect is in Dinar.. Not US Dollars now. 7. Fact. You can have a low currency value and join the WTO. But why would the worlds largest producer of oil come into the game looking like a JOKE? Maliki: 1. Does anyone really think the US Treasury Department, China, and the IMF will allow 1 person to have the Power to RV a global currency and even let them know the exact date and rate. It would be the worlds largest Insider trading deal EVER, and every hedge fund and Money Launderer on the Planet would buy in 1 day or 1 hour prior to RV. There is much SMOKE in the AIR now.............
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