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  1. This must be one of the " Buzz Lightyear and Elroy " plots the NSA prevented from happening!
  2. Thanks, Umbertino! Not sure if enough people say that to you, but the music takes me back to a better time! ( Before my daughters stole all my great disks! ) LOL ! G.
  3. Wow! Rabbit hole is getting deep!
  4. Wow! I'm in Houma, LA. for the week.... That even read bad here! All apologies to Cajuns!
  5. I'd be waiting in line to leave that scene!
  6. Why would anyone dare suggest voter fraud? I heard Obummer won 105 - 109% of votes in those areas fair and square!
  7. I think they were burning those 2nd and 3rd set of books!
  8. I saw many of his cousin armadillos driving from Lafayette to Midland this week. Hope he was hiding in the ditch!
  9. I was thinking more along the line of a big pile of sand, a front end loader, and a dump truck! Iraq will take progress any way it can!
  10. I think you've mistaken that one for the Obamacare law..... The women's book is surely larger!
  11. Uh, yeah! Right! Been there, done that, seen it before! We sit here and wait!
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