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  1. Are ya's sure they aren't just gearing up for the election.. lol
  2. I wonder if the finacial planner is David Copperfield? Hope he can pull a rv out of his hat
  3. They still haven't figured out which country to dig up info on Obama yet..
  4. Are we gonna see these guys on Moonshiners helping Tickle or Pickel or what ever his name is.. lol
  5. Maybe if they catch this one it can be remotely blown while they are having a photo op.. problem solved
  6. Dinar Trade hasn't sold any for a few months..
  7. Sheriff Arpaio said it best in a interview a couple years ago when everybody was in a stir about the conditions in his tent city. If a GP Large is good enough for our troops its good enough for convicts. Screw the big O and his merry men..
  8. Well even I can make a screen that shows zeros lol
  9. I've not been invested for a long period of time. But having been deployed a few times I know how things go up and down over their. It was hard to get my co workers to understand that when it happens it happens. 3months of texting or calling everyday they finally got the picture. I tell them all you'll be the first I call when it goes down. It was like they were mad because I was out fishing and not watching the "intel" I agree with Roadrunner. Some people need to turn off the pc for a while. My motto is life goes on and when this happens life will be easier. I'm not a big poster or chatter but I do watch and listen. Gotta run. Sunny and 73 here and their are some large mouth bass calling my name. Have a great day!!
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