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  1. Good post Valentine, I had to revisit Bing Crosby's version of "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" and get totally in the holiday spirit despite the hot summer we're having!
  2. Great stuff SWFLGuy! Let's hope this ride ends soon and ends up close to 1:1. I gotta git home soon...
  3. The ride on the "lonesome trail" is indeed looking a little longer while I'm up here in Kansas. Let's remain hopeful nonetheless. We all know patience is a virtue on this this thing. If the RV happens before Christmas 2012 that would be sweeter for me as I'll be back home in Texas spending the holidays with my family. Thanks to you Adam for being such a straight shooter as always.... Cosmo
  4. Thanks for bringing the BondLady post over for us Butifidrm! As always a good analysis of current goings on over there. Cosmo
  5. Now I know Okie is really the e*trade baby with an ipad in his crib under the blanket...accessing the OOM dinar site, Great one Thug, this proves it!!!! Don'tja think???
  6. That drop the zeroes stuff always did make my stomach turn, let's move on Shabbs, to greener deserts, RV by June '12. Thanks for the post cheevo! a +1 served your way.
  7. Randalln, thanks for the post dude! Hmm, small change to start then hang in there for the fairly short climb to a buck? Well, that's fine far as I'm concerned. I may hold onto some of my stash for what may come a couple months after that, as long as the cash-in window stays open 'til the year's end.
  8. After I hit 100 I got another one! So he says something like let's see how long you take to get to 1,000 to rub shoulders with the really crazy folks. So I got busy because at my rate back then (.1 per day post avg.), I knew the RV would come and go long before hitting 1,000 lol. Huffing and puffing I decided to pour on more steam. More posts and more posts. Then I hit 500 and wham! 500 got me another message from Adam! Kinda a thank you for my hard earned work on posting in the forum. So off I go, getting more and more busy posting.... whew!! Same sentiments here, Francie!
  9. Chapter 7 in less than 7 days from now.....priceless. Thanks for posting this excellent news Tony!!!
  10. Thug I'm laughing (yur too much dude) all the way to the bank while munching on a oreo....
  11. Hey Meat, welcome and enjoy the stay! Look forward to your perspective on the 'dinar rush' and all the other fun stuff! The buck at a time based on just Okie calling "it's done" alone would indeed make us all filthy rich. Cosmo
  12. That's cool Alex, I'll have to invite you golfing when I go to Pebble after the RV!!! Hahaha
  13. I think another Pink Piggy Contest is in order next week....Hey Cisole, you listening out there???
  14. Iraq's news today is like deja vu reading all the drama unfolding over there...I kinda like it. Reality, without all the Okieisms. Thanks for the post JNT! +1 GO RV!!!
  15. Okayyyy, who revived this??? Damn, I was wondering for five minutes why all the old faces started appearing again in a news thread. I remembered something like this was discussed once before...Then I looked at the posting date..... Back to my coffee.
  16. And this new independent state if formed will use its own currency I assume? Or have a cash in IQD to "K" something? How about effects on the value of the IQD? Hmmm...
  17. Thanks Sweetybird. We are definitely headed for something very soft and fluffy dinar-wise but granite-hard dollar-wise
  18. Ahhh, yes the Cherry blossoms...I lived in the area close to 30 years. But the best I could do is golf at East Potomac Park!! Still great little course with loads of Dogwoods and Cherry trees. That and my fave, golf at the Medal of Honor Course, Quantico MCS, Va.
  19. Welcome to DV land IValueMe!!! Glad you're here, watch out for the lopsters, it's biting season!
  20. That possum...he's a bad m..........."Shut yo mouth!!!" (70's soul beat ensues)
  21. I looked it up in my Czech - Texan dictionary, Truch = Truck, possum was just drunk (and naked) a little and the family roots came through. that's all.
  22. I like a guessing contest so mine is "Guess the Pink Piggy's Birthday and Present Age Contest".....errrrrrr......never mind, I just saw your pink piggy profile Okay, I'll go for it again: What's the most crazy (but clean folks) thing an RV would do for someone to have fun doing contest?
  23. Had been there too just like you. My first exposure was through the likes of SF Medic, now known mostly in the community as "Med". That was the summer of 2009. He used to get people excited about imminent RVs every day, kinda like today's gurus do. Then he changed into an occasional spouter of BS. I learned to quickly jump off the mania go-round and settled here later that year. Been happy since. More fun to be 'real' about the investment and enjoy the ride too. Enjoy
  24. Ten minutes ago: Thug, thanks for the lift! Thanks for taking me to Arbys instead of Wendys. Yeah I know we're trying to get in the mood for Pink Piggy's contest. I'll do the Baconator later. Tell them I want the Arby's Max... Now: Thug, how could we have gave 'em a twenty-five K note and drive away without taking the change??? Oh good, we're next....
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