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  1. Hi Betty B, hope you have been well, good to return to DV and very good to see you're still in the "club". As of today I am now a lifer VIP guy! Cheers, Cosmo
  2. Agreed y'all. Everything is posturing for a big change in the money market, let's keep an eye on it and be ready. Don't ignore Iran in all of this either.
  3. Cosmo

    What I heard

    GregHi, appreciate your sharing the behind the scenes intel. I'm adding this piece to all the others. Cosmo
  4. Thanks Okane and SnowGlobe7!! I truly hope she's faring well after her loss.
  5. Hmmm, if we could only see the future...where's that crystal ball Betty B??
  6. Over $4 exchange rate? I'll believe that when I start hitting 300 yard drives from watching free internet videos!
  7. I liked your telling us about what happened divemaster, it was real even if a rumor!
  8. Possum, glad your back, I needed a lot of cheering up. I've dusted off my smoker, gonna cook up some chicken pieces, getting me some ice cold brew, and I found a old BTO disc, Time to party bud!!!! Keep up the intel dude.
  9. Adam, I appreciate your straight talk style as always. It's good to be in sync with where we are, and man we are close!!! Thanks, Cosmo
  10. A really good friend who had sent e-mails to me about the opportunity back in March 2009. I eventually bought in six months later after taking a close look at it....seen so many ups and downs during the years that followed but I still have enough to be happy when and if the big day comes. I'm still very grateful to my friend who has remained an inspiration for me.
  11. Interesting topic! I like the idea of moving around a bit like Umbertino and thought that living in four locations interest me a lot: like Melbourne, Australia, unnamed village in Italy overlooking the sea, island off U.S. east coast, British Columbia. A golf course near all of these is a must!
  12. They all need a global reset right on top of their pointy heads!
  13. Happy New Year to you and yours LGD. May the new year bring peace, wisdom, and joy to us all.
  14. possum, I too am humbled by your cosmic experience. welcome to the 21st century. This beats anything ol' Joe Biden may have shared with you!
  15. Thanks! Markinsa, I can go to Document Mode and select '10' under F12 - Emulation, but when I close it the setting reverts back to default for I.E. version 11. I guess this works as long as I do it with the F12 screen showing. Thanks to all of you.
  16. Candy01 and Mods, I'm having the same problem - was there a fix given?
  17. Wish we had Chipotles Grill here in East Texas!!! I'd be helping that stock.
  18. Thanks Yota, I like any news and pictures from Iraq that shows this kind of warmth and peace.
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