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  1. Sold 5 million to Chic, he’s the real deal. He made the transaction easy with an electronic transfer of funds easy. Thank you! Go Rv 👍🏽
  2. I have just over 5 million Iraqi dinar for sale for 800$ US per million ( I’ll pro rate any amount over 5 mil). My average Purchase was between $900 to $1000 per million. I have receipts and a certificate of authenticity from one lot. Serious buyers only, I live near Sacramento Ca. Any ideas on how to make a safe transaction for both parties is welcomed. Thank you, Don (916)996-8295
  3. I have been emailing Mr Issa to no avail. I am trying to get a password so I can access my Warka account as well. I just found an extensive email list for Warka. I have not attempted to email the other addresses yet. If anyone has any luck please post here. The Warka email list is under "Forums" then "Warka & Iraqi Banking". There appears to be an extensive email listing. Like most of us that have $ deposited in a Warka account I would like to have access to my account BEFORE any type of revaluation instead of " Sorry Mr/Mrs Jones we have no record of your account". It's not like were going to catch the next flight to Baghdad and walk into a local Warka branch to withdraw our $. Good luck, keep us posted with any success, I'll do the same!
  4. Who are we to judge? The U.S hasen't passed a budget since Obama has been in office, our unemployment hovers around 10 percent, the dollar has de-valued significantly, Obama has spent approximately 6 trillion dollars of tax payer money to date ( Far more than any other president in U.S history), and our current administration has created an unsustainable dependency on government handouts. At least Iraq has a vast supply of oil and other natural resources, and unlike us, they are not afraid to drill for profit. In fact,the very hypocritical liberals that oppose drilling, think its ok to squander billions of tax payer dollars on wealth distribution for those to lazy to work. Yet, the lib-tards are the first to whine when the piggy bank is empty.
  5. Brilliant!!! Love this guy. He makes so much sense, and his policies benefit All Americans not just this race, or that special interest group but all of us. I hope our illustrious leader was schooled, and took good notes. Obama can learn a lot from Dr Carson.
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