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  1. dre396


    I have a car for sale its worth $1,000 but i'd really like to get $1,000,000+, the lowest i'd be willing to take is probably $10,000. Or u could go across town and get the exact same car for $1,000. which are u going to go with? why would iraq pay way more then they have to. its just bad business. RD is the only logical outcome. But i don't think we're totally screwed. I do believe it could still rise to a few bucks over time. We can still make an ok profit. I bought into the hype but after about a year and a half of hard research it just doesn't add up anymore. bash away
  2. So for the past few months my faith in a straight RV has been starting to dwindle a little. first off I'm in it till the end, just curious about this. since i've been here i've seen a ton of post's from members about iraq most likely coming out at .01, .05, .10 cents to pull in the 000's and then they'll RD or just slowly let it rise. why??? its a total waist of money to small RV to .10 just to turn around and RD. why not save yourself a crap ton of money and just RD. why would they pay trillions when they could pay billions. 25,000 now is only worth $21, after RD it would be worth $25+ if they go above a dollar. the more i read the more a straight up RD looks likely. like i said, in it till the end just human curiosity bubbling up. looking for input
  3. dre396

    250,000 for sale

  4. I'm just selling off a little of my stock to help with bills. what u will recieve is 10 25,000 notes = 250,000. they are brand new uncirculated and come in nice protective sleeve. paypal only. $300 shipped priority with delivery confirmation
  5. dre396


    no if it comes out at 1:1000 like its stating u would get 1 new dinar note for your current 1,000. if it came out 1:1 then your 1,000 note would be worth 1,000 new 1 dinar notes. divide what ever u have by a thousand and that is what u would come out with at 1:1000. And as far as how they would co-exist its a way for the new and old notes to co-exist. a current 25,000 note would be worth 25 new dinars. so u could use either one and they would both be worth the same amount and the cbi could pull all the big note out of circulation.
  6. dre396

    Troops coming home.

    ..BAGHDAD (AP) — The U.S. is abandoning plans to keep U.S. troops in Iraq past a year-end withdrawal deadline, The Associated Press has learned. The decision to pull out fully by January will effectively end more than eight years of U.S. involvement in the Iraq war, despite ongoing concerns about its security forces and the potential for instability. The decision ends months of hand-wringing by U.S. officials over whether to stick to a Dec. 31 withdrawal deadline that was set in 2008 or negotiate a new security agreement to ensure that gains made and more than 4,400 American military lives lost since March 2003 do not go to waste. In recent months, Washington has been discussing with Iraqi leaders the possibility of several thousand American troops remaining to continue training Iraqi security forces. A Pentagon spokesman said Saturday that no final decision has been reached about the U.S. training relationship with the Iraqi government. But a senior Obama administration official in Washington confirmed Saturday that all American troops will leave Iraq except for about 160 active-duty soldiers attached to the U.S. Embassy. A senior U.S. military official confirmed the departure and said the withdrawal could allow future but limited U.S. military training missions in Iraq if requested. Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue. Throughout the discussions, Iraqi leaders have adamantly refused to give U.S. troops immunity from prosecution in Iraqi courts, and the Americans have refused to stay without it. Iraq's leadership has been split on whether it wanted American forces to stay. Some argued the further training and U.S. help was vital, particularly to protect Iraq's airspace and gather security intelligence. But others have deeply opposed any American troop presence, including Shiite militiamen who have threatened attacks on any American forces who remain. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has told U.S. military officials that he does not have the votes in parliament to provide immunity to the American trainers, the U.S. military official said. A western diplomatic official in Iraq said al-Maliki told international diplomats he will not bring the immunity issue to parliament because lawmakers will not approve it. A White House spokesman, Tommy Vietor, said discussions with Iraq about the security relationship between the two countries next year were ongoing. Pentagon press secretary George Little said the U.S. remains "committed to keeping our agreement with the Iraqi government to remove all of our troops by the end of this year." "At the same time we're building a comprehensive partnership with Iraq under the Strategic Framework Agreement including a robust security relationship, and discussions with the Iraqis about the nature of that relationship are ongoing," Little said. The Strategic Framework Agreement allows for other forms of military cooperation besides U.S. troops on the ground. Signed at the same time as the security accord mandating the departure deadlines, it provides outlines for the U.S.-Iraqi relationship in such areas as economic, cultural and security cooperation. Iraqi lawmakers excel at last-minute agreements. But with little wiggle room on the immunity issue and the U.S. military needing to move equipment out as soon as possible, a last-minute change between now and December 31 seems almost out of the question. Regardless of whether U.S. troops are here or not, there will be a massive American diplomatic presence. The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is the largest in the world, and the State Department will have offices in Basra, Irbil and Kirkuk as well as other locations around the country where contractors will train Iraqi forces on U.S. military equipment they're purchasing. About 5,000 security contractors and personnel will be tasked with helping protect American diplomats and facilities around the country, the State Department has said. The U.S. Embassy will still have a handful of U.S. Marines for protection and 157 U.S. military personnel in charge of facilitating weapons sales to Iraq. Those are standard functions at most American embassies around the world and would be considered part of the regular embassy staff. When the 2008 agreement requiring all U.S. forces leave Iraq was passed, many U.S. officials assumed it would inevitably be renegotiated so that American forces could stay longer. The U.S. said repeatedly this year it would entertain an offer from the Iraqis to have a small force stay behind, and the Iraqis said they would like American military help. But as the year wore on and the number of American troops that Washington was suggesting could stay behind dropped, it became increasingly clear that a U.S. troop presence was not a sure thing. The issue of legal protection for the Americans was the deal-breaker. Iraqis are still angry over incidents such as the Abu Ghraib prison scandal or Haditha, when U.S. troops killed Iraqi civilians in Anbar province, and want American troops subject to Iraqi law. American commanders don't want to risk having their forces end up in an Iraqi courtroom if they're forced to defend themselves in a still-hostile environment. It is highly unlikely that Iraqi lawmakers would have the time to approve a U.S. troop deal even if they wanted to. The parliament is in recess on its Hajj break until Nov. 20, leaving just a few weeks for legislative action before the end of year deadline. Going down to zero by the end of this year would allow both al-Maliki and President Barack Obama to claim victory. Obama will have fulfilled a key campaign promise to end the war and al-Maliki will have ended the American presence in Iraq and restored Iraqi sovereignty. The Iraqi prime minister was also under intense pressure from his anti-American allies, the Sadrists, to reject any American military presence. An advisor close to al-Maliki said the Americans suggested during negotiations that if no deal is reached in time, U.S. troops could be stationed in Kuwait. With the U.S. military presence in Iraq currently at about 41,000 and heading down to zero, almost all of those forces will be flowing out of Iraq into Kuwait and then home or other locations. A western expert in Iraq said it is conceivable that if the Iraqi government asks early next year for U.S. troops to return, there will be forces still in Kuwait able to come back and do the job. But he stressed that the core problems still remain on the Iraqi side about what types of legal immunity to give the American troops and whether parliament can pass it. __ Associated Press writers Anne Gearan and Erica Werner contributed from Washington. __ Lara Jakes can be reached at Rebecca Santana can be reached at
  7. dre396

    Tampa Dinar fire sale?

    u seriously got pumping out of a clarification. the guy thought by buying a 25,000 note that u get 100 50's free. i was stating that the ad says buying a million in 25,000 notes gets u that. u need to relax alittle
  8. dre396

    Tampa Dinar fire sale?

    u have to buy a million in 25,000 note's to get the 100 50's free. its not for just buying 1 25,000 note
  9. i have been reading a lot about the supposed new notes. the articles are stating that they need to include kurdish writing. i could be wrong but don't the 25,000 have a kurdish farmer? whats the difference between the writing and the picture. isn't iraq accomplishing the inclusion of the kurds with the picture? just a thought.
  10. dre396


    where did u find a article from a credible source say 100% iraq will lop? its all speculation at this point. no one knows whats going to happen. i love how im only 99% sure it wont lop but ur 100% sure it will lop and im the one drinking the kool-aid
  11. dre396


    IMHO there is about a 1% chance of a lop. who in their right mind is gonna lop their currency and throw away all the potential monetary gains. what i mean is, even if M, A, and S are getting paid in usd, supposedly. you know they are stashing away millions and millions of dinar. it would be totally stupid to make that money more useless then it could be. why would they take $10,000 vs $10,000,000 post RV?(with a 1:1 exchange) it just doesn't make any sense. and yes i do understand that 10 mil now will buy the same as 10k post RV, im talking about having 10 million vs having 10k after this is all done. besides what about the people that had a ton of money in their bank account just before the dinar took a crap, don't u think their gonna want their money back. inflation is to low and it appears they are gonna be in the black pretty quick. i really cant see how they could or would go through with a lop. again this is just MHO
  12. The real question is.... Is the 17 billion pre or post RV rate
  13. LOP won't happen. Their not gonna screw themselve outta the potential of the money everyone in government is holding. Inflation is not high enough to justify . And as far as the argument that iraq can't afford to pay out without a LOP, they won't have to. the u.s. Is gonna use the dinar we cash in to buy oil from them. So iraq won't pay a dime

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