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  1. I keep mine on my island in my kitchen between glass and countertop on display .. that's where we play cards.. everybody looks and says wow! Whats that.. I say fake money.. they say oh ok.. neat.. so its safe in the wide open
  2. It says the Iraq currency will Increase by 3 zeros.. that tells me that it would look like this.. .86
  3. Some of you need to read better before you hit the neg button
  4. Its Doc31.. he is lurking on here today according to his profile.. so come on Doc and give your insight..
  5. Anybody know what happened to Doc? He used to bring the auction results over everyday and have some input about it.. very informotive guy seemed like..
  6. They prolly just gonna treat all there people with a war movie on the screens..
  7. Yep like Eddie Murphy said on life. "We next...we on deck ******" upper roooom...Lol
  8. I guess its been smoke and mirrors for 8 years then just so guess is this time next year we will be talkin about the same thing...
  9. Your right.. no such thing as smoke and mirrors.. just like a ghost..the man said 2013!!
  10. Maybe so but the ones who say that on this site are the ones that don't wanna believe the facts..if cbi put a article out that said the currency was fixed for another 8 years and u posted it here.. you would get negged to death and get banned ...Lol
  11. Bama is gonna lose jk.. gonna be a good game.. had to sneek that in here.. lol hard to beat somebody twice
  12. I believe somebody done got wind that randy knows what he knows..and is trying to screw Around with him.. I for one don't know what randy knows.. reminds me of that movie with Mel gibson..
  13. Can't get it to work..I think this has already been posted tho.. not for sure
  14. Nice thread cgbrown.. kinda put Adam on the I like it..Ok Adam..You now have the floor..
  15. Never happen.. they will make a deal..
  16. Really?/ sore losers.. who ever you are selling dinars to today for 3:1 is sore losers.. cuz you have went all the way to the hushpuppy in em.. Na I'm good..
  17. Who ever is buying them you are getting off in them dude..
  18. LOL.. that's funny.. from now on I'm just gonna call all the liers I know Okie.."Hey what's goin on OKIE..
  19. Lost for words here.. but what do ya call one of those people who believe and live their own lies?
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