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  1. Very nice I really like Pharrell and what a beautiful City Umbetino!!
  2. Thanks will be waiting for your finding and thanks again.
  3. Moneysoon are you going to buy any stock from one of the Transfer companies? I have been looking at them but not sure if I need to pull the trigger.
  4. Thanks Rum that was an awesome clip of the Robertson
  5. You guys have been very helpful. I am looking forward to investing I just got my e-mail back from the AACC that I should be Getting my certificate in just a few days!! Thanks a million if I need anymore help I will look you up. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks Trinity I was going to stay away from Warka I've already heard enough negative reports on them!! Thanks for a least responding
  7. I am interested in getting into the ISX. I've applied for my certificate and should recieve it any day now. I am just having trouble getting in touch with a broker. Would appreciate any recommendations. Thank you !
  8. Mike, where do you live? Just a little leary of someone that has not been on the sight before and posted. Are they uncirculated and where did you buy them from. Thanks
  9. Thanks a million great songs great memories
  10. Contact me if you still have them Thanks
  11. I am interested if u have not sold them contact me at
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