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  1. Thank You, CoorsLite21!!! This quoted statement is the Holy Grail of the COVID whckcination campaign. COVID doesn't kill reasonably healthy individuals with no preexisting conditions. Hey, I have had COVID TWICE AND FULLY RECOVERED!!! Well, OK, MAYBE, just MAYBE, I am cognitively impaired as the LSM narrative goes...................... The COVID whackcination kills by destroying the body's immune system responses so the body is not able to respond to infectious contageons whereas the body would have normally and successfully responded to the infectious contageons if not having been COVID whackcinated. My opinion is this is all part of a soft Communist/Socialist takeover................ Keep Yer Powder Dry!!! Rest assured, this is NOT an indictment for those who have been COVID whackcinated. My heart goes out to you and I wish you no ill will. However............................. I can NOT retract from the implications of the massive lying campaign to cull the masses by lulling the masses into self assesed and chosen practices out of FEAR. Kinda like a delayed fuse............................... Institute a few other socially destabilizing factors at just the right time when people are in dire need of medical care due to having been COVID whackcinated......................... Then BOOM!!! The Communist/Socialist TAKEOVER. Ain't happenin'. Yeah, the True The United States Of America Patriots WILL Hold The LINE!!!
  2. I suspect it is because the True The United States Of America Patriots have NOT granted them the necessary dirt nap, yet........................ Keep Yer Powder Dry!!!
  3. I concur with Your VERY accurate assessment, CL!!! I was surprised at the world wide and wide spread gullible nature and compliant reactions of so many people - to their own detriment. I can’t help but imagine the “next” “steps” in the overall initiative for comprehensive control. I suspect the relative calm is the calm before one or more main malevolent scenes to follow. Attempted diversions and all. Pretty sure it will be a whole lot more than the ‘90s vintage Willie Wants Yer Wallet!!!
  4. Well, OK, I will be honest here (as usual). I've has COVID twice. I don't think COVID acted as either a hemo or neuro toxin. I am somewhat skeptical of any association with COVID and venom of any sort. My reaction was mostly like the flu.
  5. Yeah, VERY apropos, CoorsLite21!!! I could expand while I will suffice it to say the Snowflake And Buttercup Idiot Brigade Volunteer Forces remain shameless persistent in continuing the practice on public display you so aptly noted! Shield yer eyes everybody!!!
  6. 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Voting Rights (1870) EnlargeDownload Link Citation: The House Joint Resolution Proposing the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, December 7, 1868; Enrolled Acts and Resolutions of Congress, 1789-1999; General Records of the United States Government; Record Group 11; National Archives View All Pages in the National Archives Catalog View Transcript Passed by Congress February 26, 1869, and ratified February 3, 1870, the 15th Amendment granted African American men the right to vote. Fortieth Congress of the United States of America; At the third Session, Begun and held at the city of Washington, on Monday, the seventh day of December, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight. A Resolution Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, (two-thirds of both Houses concurring) that the following article be proposed to the legislature of the several States as an amendment to the Constitution of the United States which, when ratified by three-fourths of said legislatures shall be valid as part of the Constitution, namely: Article XV. Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude— Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. My opinion is the 15th Amendment is far more reaching that just race equality in voting. The key item is, "vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State". Make no mistake, voting rights is an equality for all races in accordance with the original intent. The specific issue is the wording that extends beyond race whether or not it was intended as for race equality in voting. Sure, "any State" could mean a State of The United States Of America whereas the rights accorded to The United States Of America Citizens are exclusive of the views, edicts, or intents of Foreign States. The unequivocal denial of the vote of all United States Citizens for their respective candidate in aggregate is an issue deep at the heart of all The United States Of America Patriots. Having votes counted overseas is a treasonous act left to the manipulation of non The United States Of America individuals (criminals to be hunted down and exterminated for circumventing The United States Of America due process). So, where is Congress in enforcing the 15th Amendment as noted in Section 2 of the 15th Amendment? So, OK, I'll be honest here. I DESPISE THE MAN MIKE PENCE FOR HIS ACTIONS IN NOT SENDING THE QUESIONABLE VOTES BACK TO THE INDIVIDUAL STATE LEGISLATURES FOR FEDERAL AND STATE LEGISLATIVE ACTIONS. I still am bewildered that no action was taken with the rife 2016 elections. Then the 2018 mid term elections. When we had a chance at overturning the corruption in the 2020 elections, those who seemed to be The United States Of America Patriots Patriots became "neutralized" and "inactive". My hopes for adequately accurate key elections are very low right now. There are likely far smarter and far more powerful individuals (as measely as I am) on top of things. I just wish I knew how to support them. I suspect their answer is for me to just stay out of the way since they can AND will take care of it. Until then............................... I'll keep my powder dry. For further implications, prior to the 15th Amendment, there was a 3/5ths clause: The three-fifths clause remained in force until the post-Civil War 13th Amendment freed all enslaved people in the United States, the 14th amendment gave them full citizenship, and the 15th Amendment granted black men the right to vote. So, IF my vote is less that 1, what does that make me???!!! Yeah, THAT's right.................... A Slave TO WHAT, PRAY TELL???!!! AND........................................... THE USEFUL IDIOTS AS SELF ASCRIBED ELITES GET A 1.25+???!!! AIN'T HAPPENING!!!
  7. Potentially, the recent Supreme Court outcome may be used as an element in inciting riots at the hands of the useful idiots along with others using other independent riot inciteful influences. I hope not. Cover up for the whackcination's dire effects on human health and immune response???!!! Cover up for a Communist/Socialist takeover???!!! So everybody gets upset and general mayhem results. The authoritarians step in to quell the chaos and institute THEIR form of totalitarianism. Seems like other simmering influences in other parts of the globe. Different distractions? From what and for what? Keep yer powder dry. Pray hard and seek HIS face!
  8. This is Dr. Francis Schaeffer's spectacular series on the rise and decline of Western culture from a Christian perspective. This special edition includes an intimate in-depth interview with Francis and Edith Schaeffer, which is available only in this package. This program presents profound truths in simple language and concludes that man's only hope is a return to God's Biblical absolute — the Truth revealed in Christ through the Scriptures. Each episode focuses on a significant era of history while presenting answers to modern problems. Twelve 30-minute sessions. The Roman Age The Middle Ages The Renaissance The Reformation The Revolutionary Age The Scientific Age The Age of Non-reason The Age of Fragmentation The Age of Personal Peace & Affluence Final Choices I am not sure why the introduction notes twelve sessions since only ten are listed and the Reclaiming the World: A Conversations with Francis and Edith Schaeffer session was not listed. Episode 1 – The Roman Age Join Dr. Francis Schaeffer in an in-depth study of the rise and decline of Western culture from a Christian perspective. In episode 1: The Roman Age, Dr. Schaeffer studies ancient Rome and the problem of finite gods as the basis of society. Episode 2 – The Middle Ages Join Dr. Schaeffer in the continuation of the series with episode 2: The Middle Ages. Here we look at the social, political, and intellectual uncertainty of a Post-Roman world, the influence of Christianity, and the consequence of the Church's deviation from early teachings and ensuing theological distortions. Episode 3 - The Renaissance Dr. Schaeffer looks at the problem with humanism's logical outworkings in episode 3: The Renaissance. Episode 4 - The Reformation Episode 4: The Reformation studies the reaction against medieval religious distortions of the biblical and early Christian Church's teaching. Dr. Schaeffer hosts. Episode 5 - The Revolutionary Age Join Dr. Schaeffer in Episode 5: The Revolutionary age as he compares politics fromed on a Christian foundation to those divorced from Christianity. Episode 6 - The Scientific Age Dr. Schaeffer reviews the biblical influence on science and and the shift in modernity in Episode 6: The Scientific Age. Episode 7 - The Age of Non-Reason Dr. Schaeffer hosts and looks at shifts in modern philosophy, the influence of existentialism and the popularization of nonrational experiences in Episode 7: The Age of Non-Reason. Episode 8 - The Age of Fragmentation Join Dr. Schaeffer in Episode 8: The Age of Fragmentation as he reviews how art, music, and culture depict a philosophical assent of inconsistency, confusion, and absurdity. Episode 9 - The Age of Personal Peace and Affluence Join Dr. Schaeffer as he looks at the consequences of materialistic and hedonistic living in Episode 9: The Age of Personal Peace and Affluence. Episode 10 – Final Choices Dr. Schaeffer speculates on what comes next as a result of our society's philosophies in Episode 10: Final Choices. Reclaiming the World: A Conversations with Francis and Edith Schaeffer
  9. Recently, I recalled an episode from the Dr. Francis Schaeffer Series, "How shall we then live?" and decided to take a refresh and watch the ten episodes. Although these Dr. Francis Schaeffer productions were published nominally 45 years ago, I was amazed at how accurate these productions were for the times and a prediction of our current state of affairs of diverse thinking and practice. For example, here is a clip regarding the manipulative media elite: Looks like then, as now, the communist and socialist agenda is laid out while not focusing on a particular dictator. Many be cause for ponderance for implications of who exactly the elites are that may or not be the figures in view today who are forwarding any one of many specific dimensional agendas. I'll post links to the ten episode below. May be somewhat dry for most while I think well worth the watch of each half hour episode as a perspective on the way things were and the implications for today.
  10. The so called COVID pandemic has been very revealing and potentially telling of future events. I had COVID twice. Once in January of 2020 and once in March of 2021. Although testing was not available in January of 2020, the symptoms later published indicated I had the COVID original strain. I convalesced for three days. I was fatigued so I slept a lot. I really did not have body aches. I had a fever with chills for a couple hours the third night that broke easily. I had a bland taste for a day. I had a very thin and light lung excretion for about 3 weeks. Usually, when I get sick like this, I don't feel like eating and make myself eat. All of this I got over with without and medication or medical assistance. I tested positive for COVID in March of 2021 - likely the DELTA variant of COVID. I convalesced for 2 days, had fatigue, had body aches, and some controllable intestinal issues. I do not know of any lasting effects from having COVID. I had no medical attention or took any medications. All my relatives that got COVID got over it without medical attention. I will not, not ever will I, receive a COVID vaccination. I witnessed, however, a fairly wide ranging public adverse response to COVID and COVID measures. Seems like the Chinese Communist Party have not only stole The United States Of America Citizen's Intellectual Property Rights but, more critically, The United States Of America Citizen's ability to Critically Think and act accordingly. The antics of the hysteria prone, panic stricken, intellectual miscreants, and diabolically evil were epic during the so called COVID pandemic. Gee, the government is lying to me so I better do what the government says I should do or they will take away my freedom. So, I better get the mRNA COVID vaccination to maintain my rights so I do not have to wear a mask and travel where ever I want. For now. The reports are showing consequences of the mRNA vaccination. My opinion is the mRNA vaccination consequences would have been more publically recognized by now. The people I know who have received the mRNA COVID vaccination have regretted done so. They tell me specific body changes they have experienced after having received the mRNA COVID vaccination. It isn't good. A coworker reported an elderly friend has two sons who are doctors. They all are (or have been) advocates of the COVID vaccinations. One of the doctors who had a the COVID vaccination some time later had a seizure so severe that both his shoulders where wrenched from their sockets. He also had a broken finger bone. Yeah, one of the side effects of getting the COVID vaccination. I have had people go beserkers telling me to get the COVID vaccination. Ranging from people I know to be hysteria prone to people I would trust for their advice. I have no idea why common sense is being dispensed in the name of COVID. I am now seeing reports the COVID unvaccinated have brain damage and heart inflammation. What a lie. The COVID vaccinations are creating the problems noted not COVID infections and recovery. While the COVID vaccinated are still getting COVID at nominally the same or greater rate than the non COVID vaccinated. This is in no way an indictment of anyone who has received COVID vaccinations. I am concerned for them, though. The Israelis are one of the highest per capita COVID vaccinated. My heart goes out to them. Having suffered genocide, they should not be allowed to commit fratricide. As much as the Liberals and Progressives are intent on destroying Our Republic, they, too, are self eliminating by receiving the COVID vaccinations. And, still getting COVID. At, nominally, the same or greater frequency than the non COVID vaccinated. Make no mistake, I do not want to see the COVID vaccinated of whatever political views to suffer from the COVID vaccinations. What I fear is the so called COVID pandemic and subsequent individual actions will be used as a lever for a soft Communist or Socialist revolution. Guns and ammo will not prevail in a biologically driven attrition of The United States Of America Citizens. Likely not this year or the next but five to ten years down the road. There may be compounding effects to accelerate the soft Communist or Socialist revolution. People dependent on Health Care. People dying. More hysteria prone, panic stricken, intellectual miscreant, and diabolically evil people being the Saul Alinsky type useful idiots. This may or may not have an impact on our investment. Time will tell. Hopefully, I am wrong about the COVID vaccination effects and the potential for being a ploy for a soft Communist or Socialist Revolution. The ground work has been laid more securely with the public response to COVID considerations. Common Sense and Critical Thinking are most necessary in these times while I trust the hysteria prone, panic stricken, intellectual miscreants, and diabolically evil will see they are being used as pawns and will be expended at the soft Communist and Socialist completion. Except, they come to their senses. For the ardent Communist and Socialist, they are expended for the next Communist or Socialist regime. A concern I have is for the Christian leaders who have received and, especially, have recommended the COVID vaccination(s). My opinion is they will be disciplined for not knowing and helping to avert the ensuing crisis likely to occur from the COVID vaccination(s) since COVID has a very low mortality rate for the non COVID vaccinated. All the while, when the COVID vaccination effects become known, the non believing will look to the Christians and ask why the Christians did not take a stand to let everyone know the deception involved with COVID and COVID vaccinations. A valid concern. I suspect this will initiate even more unwarranted skepticism of The Bible and the TRUTH of The Bible. Even potentially resulting in persecution of and violence toward Christians. Not something I want to see for myself or others without regard to whether or not a Christian has received any one of the COVID vaccinations. Hard to say if what I am seeing here is real at all. Maybe time will tell.
  11. The agenda hasn’t changed much over a considerable length of time. In spite of valid considerations, the behavior continues. The progression can only get worse if not lovingly intervened. This is only an example. Others have errantly posted the Bible notes the earth is flat. These conditions warrant the loving intervention. If I am a liar, luciferian, or some other miscreant, then please let me know and the specific reason(s) why. Does anyone else want to conduct loving interventions here at DinarVets? After all, I want to know and promote truth. Since I have investigated the topic and come to an independently verifiable conclusion the earth is spherical (geoidal) in shape. i don’t think any inferences I am a liar here is appropriate due to the facts is the matter. I don’t want my kids having to suffer any of the same inferences for this or any other truthful position.
  12. I am not sure you considered originating comments. Material and comments posted should and need to be realistic and sincere. Styles will vary, of course. Offering help would normally not be considered disrespectful. I know addressing any issue in a truthful manner is uncomfortable but necessary. The more a person, regardless of who they are, has digressed from normalcy and reality, the more the intervention appears to be an attack. Responding to an attack, if perceived, should be made in a truthful and sincere manner to note the incorrect bases for the attack. Hopefully, the issues of the fabled and irrational flat earth are now dispensed. The earth is spherical (geoidal) in shape by personal observation and study.
  13. Interesting. Interesting how You, too, @Shedagalhave departed from reality and have no basis on your originating and subsequent comments. You can not answer clear and relevant questions so you can see the ludicrousness if your own comments. I relish not the self conflicting and self contradicting personal circumstance you are in while I do hope and pray for your recognition of reality and application thereof like other well meaning and alternate reality individuals. I hope you will not go so far and to say, “God told me something extra Biblical or Biblically inaccurate” because that, too, would be a lie and of great concern. So another question for you, @Shedagal, why did you chose to participate in this stage of the thread without having had significant participation earlier and dropping your baseless assessments now? After all, Your baseless assessments have no credibility regardless of how credible you or others believe in your baseless assessments.
  14. So why do you respond to me? So I am not afforded you the opportunity to Thank You for the Red Ruby Citations you have accorded me as Badges Of Honor For "Display of Intellectual Speed And Power"? Why haven't you placed me on ignore? Could it really be you know I really care about you and I am intervening in your behalf? Which, of course, I am. Seriously concerning about the DinarVets Moderator position qualifications. Supporting or allowing a cherished veteran to claim, "God told me the earth is flat" instead of lovingly and supportingly intervening in this obvious lie is unconscionable. Instead............................ Crickets........................... I can not imagine DinarVets would want to support crack pots and/or crack pot ideas that conflict with obvious and verifiable reality for the safety of the individual of concern and that of others in the DinarVets paid programs and extended community. Or do they? I do not think it bodes well for a DinarVets answer in the "affirmative". But, hey, if you or anyone would like to accord me a dirt nap then, Praise The LORD, I'll be with Jesus and none of this will have any bearing on my eternity with HIM! Hmmm.................. So, OK, I post rational information and posts that are honest, sincere, and grounded while others, such as yourself, post nuisance posts? How is that respectful? Alternate realities are the chosen and accepted basis of uncontested posts? But, hey, aliens flattened the earth........................... Or so the flat earth(er) logic and story goes............................ Great! Bring it on! The implications for DinarVets supporting mental illness and not intervening for cherished veterans who claim, "God told me the earth is flat" is very telling and concerning. Instead................................ Crickets............................... For not intervening with a cherished veteran who claims, "God told me the earth is flat" when, of course, the earth is obviously spherical (geoidal) in shape by personal observation and assessment by the most casual observer. Consider this your first caring intervention regardless of who, whether veteran or not, or whatever views on or of the intervention. Or so you want me to stop caring about you and others? Chose wisely. I as well used to have respect for you. However, I have found your responses at times to be very self seeking and self authoritative without adequate bases. I am concerned you have a an aversion to my articulation while that is your choice and one that I can not and will not make for you. After all, I am sincere about what I post. I seek no notoriety whereas I am concerned about another's health and well being. Do you believe or support others in there flat earth beliefs while potentially supporting their claims, "God told me the earth is flat"? Think carefully about your response(s). God does not lie regardless of what you believe in or support others who claim, "God told me the earth is flat". God does not say the earth is flat and would never tell anyone the earth is flat since stating the earth is flat is a lie. In like turn, why haven't you intervened with others who claim, "God told me the earth is flat"? Do, you, too, @Shedagalsupport lies? Do you now see why I do not care about your beliefs, stance, or position @Shedagal? I, for one, @Shedagal, care nothing for what you think for the obvious reasons I have noted here. Others, including you, @Shedagal, can come to their own personal conclusions and freely post.
  15. Well, OK, could you explain how your statement above could in any way be valid since you primate a flat earth that does not exist for numerous independently provided and actual reasons anyone can investigate for themselves to show the earth is spherical (geoidal) in shape? The rising and the setting of the sun, for example, that only occurs with a spherical (geoidal) shaped earth that is impossible with a flat earth.
  16. Interesting how you note you’ll be put on Moderator review for your behaviors. Personally, it is not something I would do while a necessary thing to give you pause to the senseless and baseless promotion of a flat earth for the reasons I did not copy and and paste above from an external source(s) (except for the one Biblical reference). I can not imagine DinarVets would support or promote readily identifiable false pretenses such as a flat earth. Flat earth type mentalities or support of flat earth mentalities do have far reaching detriment on a variety of different things DinaVets seeks to provide for paid participants.
  17. I was at my church last night. I asked my (a) Pastor there if he had any interactions with people who believe in a flat earth. He said, “Yes”. He then noted they “truly” “believe” the earth is flat, “believe” the Bible says the earth is flat, and they “believe” NASA is promoting a conspiracy we had put men on the moon and brought them back. Well, at least flat earth “believers” are “consistent”. Consistently wrong, of course. He then went on about how a friend of his is an international airline pilot who explained to another acquaintance that flat earth is impossible based on simple navigational distances that are impossible on a flat earth but could only be possible on a spherical earth. We also talked about Answers In Genesis about how grounded Answers In Genesis is in regard to Biblical references and scientific explanations. Answers In Genesis, of course, independently provides real assessments for why flat earth is not a reality. So what is at stake? Flat earth is a mental disorder that gets progressively worse with time and intends to spread and infect others with senseless and baseless perspectives that deny independently verifiable physical conditions to conclusively indicate the earth is spherical (geoidal) in shape. Intervention is mission critical and necessarily compassionate to segregate the faithful from their flat earth mental disorder. Flat earth is a false doctrine. Non believers (not born again) have grounds to be critical of the Bible and born again believers since self proclaimed Bible believers and self proclaimed born again profess the earth is flat when the non believers (not born again) know conclusively due to actual physical principles the earth is spherical (geoidal) in shape. So what is the result? Persecution of believers (born again). Due to the brutish perception of believers (born again) regarding worth and value, the believers (born again) will in varying regards be stripped of rights and voice in personal and societal affairs subsequently being subjected to hardships or dire physical experiences. Partially due to the flat earth false doctrine. All the while the Truth of the Bible and the Power Of The Gospel is disregarded by non believers (not born again) because the flat earth “adherents” falsely advocate their “belief” the earth is flat and The Bible says so. So the non believers (not born again) dismiss the Bible and the Power Of The Gospel. God does not lie. God does not tell people the earth is flat. The Bible does not say the earth is flat. Hebrews 6:17-20 New International Version 17 Because God wanted to make the unchangingnature of his purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, he confirmed it with an oath.18 God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the hope set before us may be greatly encouraged. 19 We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, 20 where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf. He has become a high priestforever, in the order of Melchizedek. I can not agree to flat earth practice intervention as being in any way abusive. After all, flat earth “adherents” bad mouth and abuse themselves and others who present honest and physically verifiable independent information to show the earth is physically spherical (geoidal) in shape, the Bible does not say the earth is flat, and man has actually gone to the moon and back to live and tell about it. To support flat earther self abuse and the abuse of others is unconscionable.
  18. So, the Red Rubymeister has yet, again, accorded ME with THEE Badges Of Honor For "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power"!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Red Rubymeister!!! Hey, Red Rubymeister, as long as YOU are according ME with THEE Badges Of Honor For "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power" then, please (OH, PLEASE!!!) accord ME with YET ANOTHER Badge Of Honor For "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power" for THIS POST!!! WHAT, pray tell, is errant about Answers In Genesis???!!! WHY, pray tell, "conflict" with Answers In Genesis honest and grounded bases that EXPOSE AND DEMONSTRATE THEE "flat" "earth" AS LUDICROUS???!!! I quoted what Answers In Genesis posted and YOU, Red Rubymeister, are embolden to accord ME with Badges Of Honor For "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power"???!!! Wuhsa matter, Red Rubymeister???!!! No more ability to promote THEE FALSE DOCTRINE of "flat" "earth"???!!! After ALL, Global Positioning Satellites DO NOT EXIST IN A "flat" "earth" "model". Man Made Global Positioning Satellites DO, of course, EXIST AND ARE USED FREQUENTLY AND REGULARLY!!! AND "flat" "earth" EMPHASIZES THEE SUN DOES NOT RISE AND SET (while ANYONE can see the sun rising and setting with REGULAR OCCURANCES)!!! THEE 'flat" "earth" EMPHASIZES THEE SUN "appears" AND "disappears" IN THEE SKY DAILY!!! Which, of course, THEE SUN DOES NOT "appear" AND "disappear" IN THEE SKY DAILY!!! Flat Earth. Flat Earth IS REALLY, REALLY STUPID!!! Simple investigations and examinations PROVE CONCLUSIVELY AND INDEPENDENTLY BY HONEST OBSERVERS THE EARTH IS SPHERICAL (geoidal) IN SHAPE, GRAVITY IS REAL, AND "flat" "earth" IS A FALSE DOCTRINE!!!
  19. Hmmm……….. Another nuisance post by @bigwave THEE ONLY “flat” “earth(ers)”BAD MOUTHING is from THEE “flat” “earth(ers)” THEMSELVES SPEWING FLAT EARTH STUPIDITY!!! The “flat” “earth” “propaganda” is deep, wide, and of infinite breadth for THEE “flat” “earthers” STUCK IN “it”. It is OBVIOUS MULTIPLE INDEPENDENT SOURCES have provided more than ample evidence to show WITHOUT A DOUBT the Earth is Spherical (geoidal) in shape NOT FLAT. The ONLY “conspiracy” is THEE CONSPIRACY OF A “flat” “earth”. THEE “flat” “earthers” ARE SELF DECEIVED AND WISH TO DECEIVE OTHERS TO BE “accepted” AS “intelligent”. Flat Earth IS REALLY, REALLY STUPID!!! Flat Earth.
  20. Reflections on the Flat-Earth Movement Yep. The "flat" "earth" "movement" IS NOTHING MORE THAN AN INTELLECTUAL BOWEL MOVEMENT!!! CULTURE Miles Klee 3 years ago OK, FLAT EARTHERS, YOU WIN: THE EARTH IS FLAT. NOW WHAT? Like anyone with a Wi-Fi connection and a morbid curiosity as to the strangest things real humans believe, I’ve been amused for years by the Flat Earthers — those dogged skeptics who insist our globe is no globe at all, but altogether more pancake-shaped. YouTube, Facebook, and other social web platforms have brought these self-taught astrophysicists together and fueled a pronounced expansion of their movement. Flatheads host conventions to discuss research and swap theories. Neil deGrasse Tyson has repeatedly debunked their claims, but his desperate lessons aren’t sinking in. If there’s one quality that unites the Flat Earthers, who subscribe to a vast range of planetary models despite more or less agreeing on a basic premise, it’s their confidence. They know, with complete certainty, that scientists have lied to us about the cosmos and how we fit into it. This week, a British man was delighted to report that several bookmakers had rejected his proposed bets — of up to £100 — that Earth is indeed a level surface. “I think the reason that they won’t accept my bet is because they know that I am right in saying that the Earth is flat, and if other people joined me in placing the bet they could lose millions,” he said. I’m more of the opinion that the bookies turned him down because, as deGrasse Tyson could probably tell you, these folks have a way of dismissing any evidence of Earth’s roundness; there’s literally nothing you could show them to disprove what they hold to be verifiably true. So, fine. On behalf of all us brainwashed dupes who never questioned the accepted idea of a spherical Earth, I’m throwing in the towel. You win: Earth is flat. Now what? I’m serious. You’ve convinced me that water doesn’t stick to a spinning ball and that observing solar eclipses as we do would be impossible on curved ground. I’m sure Shaquille O’Neal wasn’t just trolling when he said, “I do not go up and down at a 360-degree angle, and all that stuff about gravity, have you looked outside Atlanta lately and seen all these buildings?” Everything adds up here. Thank you for opening my eyes, really. But also, uh, what the **** do you want me to do with this information? I ask this because sometimes I get the feeling y’all haven’t considered your long-term goals. You know, beyond securing bragging rights for when the United Nations accepts your arguments as fact and NASA is formally dissolved. What do we gain by coming to your side? I suppose they say knowledge is its own reward. Still, that would be kind of a cop-out, right? And while a few Flat Earthers are coming from a place of Biblical literalism, it seems as if many more disavow any religious affiliation, meaning there’s more to your crusade than making god happy. I’ve been messaging your august organizations to understand where a consensus on Flat Earth theory might take us as a species, and, I gotta tell you, I’m a little annoyed that I keep getting the brush-off. Sadly, I’m not finding anything in the Flat Earth Society FAQ section regarding next steps. Honestly, I respect your commitment. I like that you resist assurances from experts and trust in the empirical data available to your senses. I’m concerned, however, that once your persuasive memes and thought experiments break the dam of propaganda that keeps the world blind to Flat Earth, you won’t have much left to do but say “Told you so!” You should be examining what a Flat Earth means for projections of climate change and intercontinental travel, how it could revolutionize our view of earthquakes or the fossil record. And if you can’t even decide what’s on the other side of Flat Earth, how the hell are we going to explore it? The masses may not be ready to handle your radical refiguring of the solar system, but you’re not prepared to act on it! For crying out loud, at least pick up a telescope and start scouting out some other flat planets to colonize! It’s only natural, at a moment when the Flat Earth hypothesis invites knee-jerk scorn and mockery, that your focus would be largely devoted to outreach and basic reeducation. But it’s never too early to start planning for the Flat Earth utopia that awaits us — and how to make the most of it. Correcting the greatest misapprehension in history is no small job, as you’re well aware, though the work hardly ends there. When the awakening comes to pass, there will be further confusion, new questions, perhaps fear and hysteria. We will turn to you, oh wise prophets of a limitless horizon, for comfort and guidance in the change. Do not fail the delicate souls you’ve led out of the dark at last.
  21. Four decades ago, I learned a valuable lesson from a Bible professor from whom I took two semesters of Pauline epistles. He said that if you see something in a passage that no one else has seen before, there’s probably a very good reason: it isn’t there. But flat-earthers typically are undeterred by such advice. They dismiss it as the mere teaching of a man. They proudly proclaim that they want to stick solely with what the Bible says. They fail to understand the importance of sound teaching taught in the very Bible they profess to uphold. God has ordained the church for several purposes, including instruction in the Scriptures. 1 Timothy 3:2 says that an overseer must be able to teach. But flat-earthers frequently dismiss instruction from Godly men, insisting that they know more about what the Bible says than men who have devoted many decades to prayerful study of the Scriptures. It never occurs to flat-earthers that they may be wrong in their understanding of the Bible. Nor does it occur to them that they have set themselves up as authorities on the meaning of the Bible, but their approach completely undermines the possibility of such an authority in the first place. Flat-earthers attempt to use lexicons and other resources regarding the meaning of Hebrew words in the Bible, while dismissing conclusions about the meanings from godly Hebraists who have spent decades pursuing a deep understanding of the Hebrew language. Nor is this burn-it-to-ground sort of attitude restricted to biblical studies. Some flat-earthers also fashion themselves to be experts on science and the methodology of science. Consequently, they think of themselves as competent to dictate to scientists, both godly and ungodly, on how science ought to be conducted. But their definitions and practice of science appear to be formulated to make science as generally understood impossible. Flat Earth IS REALLY, REALLY STUPID!!! Flat Earth.
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