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  1. Natural, occurring, and predictable phenomena based on estimates of the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth's atmospheric conditions from transmission to reception. WHAT, pray tell, more of an TRUTHFUL, Logical, Decent, Reasonous, AND, of course, Common Sense explanation is needed???!!! WHERE, pray tell, are the photos of the sun rising and setting at the North AND South Poles at various places on Earth IF the Earth is Flat???!!!
  2. The direction of travel of radio waves are affected by the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth's atmosphere so no big deal wireless radio waves can travel great distances across the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth.
  3. Do YOU REALLY believe THIS STUPID STUFF???!!! WITHOUT GRAVITY, objects of differing densities WOULD NOT MOVE RELATIVE TO EACH OTHER!!! Objects of different densities in space WITHOUT the influence of a gravitational body LIKE THE SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth WOULD NOT MOVE RELATIVE TO EACH OTHER!!!
  4. Any East/West variations in time of travel is due to prevailing wind currents at the time and elevation of travel. Different elevations have different wind speeds, wind directions, and air density differences. Gravity focused on the center of the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth acts on the plane and the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth atmosphere. Depending on the plane's cruising speed and available wind currents, a plane's ground speed could be significantly different from East to West OR West to East OR North to South OR South to North.
  5. So, OK, Bigwave, WHY, pray tell, THEE LIES AND STUPIDITY???!!! THIS has ALREADY been covered in THIS thread. Nile River in Africa 4.410,267 Google reviews Description Description The Nile is a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa. The longest river in Africa, it has historically been considered the longest river in the world, though this has been contested by research suggesting that the Amazon River is slightly longer. Wikipedia Length: 4,132 mi Mouth: Mediterranean Sea 2nd source: Blue Nile Basin size: 3,400,000 km2 (1,300,000 sq mi) Sources: Blue Nile River, White Nile, Atbarah Countries: Egypt, Sudan Continent: Africa In the Nile’s case, its source is Lake Victoria, located in the Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya region of Africa, at an elevation of 3,724 feet, or 3,955 miles to the center of the Earth. It then flows 4,258 miles northward to its terminus in Alexandria, Egypt, at an elevation of 16 feet, or about 3,954 miles to the center of the Earth. The total decent from start to finish, 3,708 feet – slightly less than three-fourths of a mile with approximately 0.87 of a foot drop per mile on average (3,708 divided by 4,258 = 0.87). Influence of Earth’s curvature, none. So, INSTEAD of BigWave, YOU, BigWave, ARE BigLIE!!! The Nile has nominally one (1) foot DESCENT PER MILE NOT one (1) foot DESCENT THE WHOLE WAY!!! The article gives a great description about how the Nile "appears" to run uphill but does NOT run uphill. The SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth's center of mass and center of gravity is, well, the center of the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth. The low angular velocity of the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth is fifteen (15) degrees of 360 degrees per hour so has NO effect on the downhill path (with relation to the center of the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth) from the Nile river sources inside Africa to the Mediterranean Sea. So, OK, BigLIE, ALL You have done is regurgitate Flat Earth LIES AND LIKEWISE FALSE Doctrine. Reasonable AND established principles have been applied to show Flat Earth postulations are just plain STUPID. So, BigLIE, WHY, pray tell, the baseless opinionated badgering rhetoric???!!! Are YOU, BigLIE, opposed to TRUTH, Logic, Decency, Reason, AND, of course, Common Sense???!!! QUESTION: WHERE, pray tell, are the photos showing the sun rising and setting over the North and South poles on various places on the surface of the Earth TO SUGGEST A FLAT EARTH???!!! ANSWER: There, OBVIOUSLY, are NOT any photos showing the sun rising and setting over the North and South poles on various places on the surface of the Earth TO SUGGEST A FLAT EARTH SINCE THE EARTH IS SPHERICAL (geoidal) IN SHAPE.
  6. I made mention of what the US Navy did to demonstrate the Flat Earth proponents use FALSE information and deception so the issue of the laser: is likely an elaborate hoax. The SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth is PROVEN TRUE AND a Flat Earth is PORVEN FALSE. NONE of the Flat Earth postulation have EVER proven to be TRUE. NO ONE needs NASA to prove or disprove a SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth. WHAT, pray tell, is there to "see". Fifteen (15) degrees per hour of 360 degrees is undetectable by the naked eye. Also, the video would need to be taken from a reference point to capture an entire twenty-four (24) hour rotation. Due to the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth orbiting around the sun, a satellite would be difficult to position to exactly capture the full twenty-four (24) hour rotation of the earth. Satellites up to geosynchronous orbit of nominally 19,000 miles and even beyond geosynchronous orbit to an extent are orbiting around the SPHERICAL (geoidal) earth. This is entirely incorrect. If so, the sun would rise and set at the North and South Poles depending on a person's location on a Flat Earth. We ALL know that does NOT happen. Molecular bonds are what keeps various materials together so, NO, EVERYTHING would NOT be imploding in on itself. The pressure at the surface of the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth is nominally 14.696 pisa due to the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth's gravity acting on the gases at the surface of the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth. As elevation increases, so does the pressure decrease until the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth's upper atmosphere where the pressure drops to near zero (psia). For gaseous components, the atmosphere is maintained from the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth to the upper atmosphere in decreasing pressure due to the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth's gravity. Helium has a low atomic density and is a very small hard sphere atom. As a result, helium can and does escape the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth's atmosphere and, eventually, gravitational pull. Nonsense for satellites orbiting a SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth above the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth atmosphere. Nonsense due to the gravity. IF the Earth IS Flat, the satellites would fall back to Earth WITHOUT constant propulsion acting against the Flat Earth pull (IF the Earth is Flat). Signal structures are placed in areas where there is reduced atmospheric distortion for transmitting signals so that is why signal structures are placed on top of buildings and likely why some are located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Flagstaff wouldn't be the ONLY location to send and receive satellite signals on a SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth.
  7. Objects regardless of density respond to gravity. Without gravity, objects will remain in a fixed position or trajectory with respect to each other. So, NO, GPS is NOT possible with a Flat Earth since the gravitational pull of the (Flat in THIS instance) Earth will pull the satellites back down. The concept of "density" NOT gravity is a FALSE concept Flat Earth proponents use as THEIR conspiracy to dumb people down so we ALL know who the "affected" are. Once in orbit, the ONLY fuel the rockets use is for minute course correction. SO, NO "gas" is needed to keep them in orbit. The SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth rotational inertia is what keeps the satellites in orbit without the aide of fuel. Again, the issue of "density not gravity" is a Flat Earth conspiracy to dump people down so we ALL know who the "affected" are. For example, gravity is active in the vacuum of space so the SPHERICAL Moon orbits AROUND the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth. The vacuum of space has extremely minute amounts of matter except for rare passing of interplanetary material like asteroids.
  8. The "so" "called" Flat Earth "proofs" have valid physical phenomena associated with the "proofs" overlooked or just plain misrepresented by Flat Earth "proponents". The US Navy has been bouncing lasers from the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth surface to man made SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth satellites in SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth orbit then back to the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth surface with high precision since the 1970's. The physical SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth world as we know it would NOT be possible with simultaneous FLAT Earth phenomena simultaneously existing. Flat Earth is a conspiracy to dumb people down so we can ALL pick out who the "affected" are.
  9. Try looking at an hour hand on a 24 hour clock. I doubt anyone could see the instantaneous movement on the 24 hour clock hand. Same thing with the Earth. Fifteen (15) degrees of 360 degrees in an hour is pretty hard to detect with the naked eye unless using sped up time lapse. It is the same SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth that rotates at the same angular velocity relative to the axis of spin no matter where the point of reference. So, no, time does not stop.
  10. Synopsis, this is actually fun stuff. I am having a good time. The reason i come to DV is cuz i like to go into threads to peak my curiosity... its not harassment when you open the door yourself...or is it?! Well, OK, opening the door of Biblical FALSE Doctrine like a Flat Earth is NOT my idea of a good thing.
  11. More like, liar, liar pants on fire AND, since they were in THEIR house, THEIR house got caught on fire, too.
  12. The SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth gravitational rotational inertia is a key force that keeps SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth satellites in SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth orbit. In a Flat Earth model, what goes up MUST come down due to gravity. So, NO Global Positioning System Satellites POSSIBLE with a Flat Earth. NO doubt about it.
  13. This as well as ALL other Flat Earth postulations have been addressed. For review: Earth/Diameter 7,917.5 mi Earth/Circumference 24,901 mi There are 24 hrs x 60 minutes = 1,440 minutes. There are 360 degrees in a circle taken to be the circle at the Equator of the SPHERICAL (geoidal) shaped Earth. 1,440 minutes / 360 degrees = Four (4) minutes per degree of rotation. Would ANYONE be able to see the Earth spin AT THAT RATE???!!! Sure, tangential velocity IS at the Equator of SPHERICAL (geoidal) shaped Earth: 24,901 miles / 24 hours = 1,037.54 miles per hour. The angular velocity of the SPHERICAL (geoidal) shaped Earth is fifteen (15) degrees per hour and is CONSTANT. THEREFORE, NO ONE IS THROWN OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH DUE TO THE CONSTANT RATE OF ROTATION OF THE EARTH. Driving a car at a constant speed of 70 miles per hours does NOT mean the cell phone will smash into the rear window when You drop it into the console, front seat, etc. SAME THING with a CONSTANT angular velocity of the SPHERICAL (geoidal) shaped Earth of fifteen (15) degrees per hour having a constant tangential velocity of 1,037.54 miles per hour at the SPHERICAL (geoidal) shaped Earth Equator. Make sense NOW how STUPID AND "intellectually" "challenged" Flat Earth "beliefs" are when REAL Logic, Decency, Reason, AND, of course, Common Sense is applied???!!!
  14. Well, OK, I do NOT know what Your "Common Frame of Reference" means. If it is a Flat Earth FALSE Doctrine, then no. If it is from a there is NO Global Positioning System agglomerate of satellites, then no.
  15. But the pictures show the Moon is FLAT!!! HOW, pray tell, are WE going to put Global Positioning System Satellites in the Moon's orbit for IFR type manned flights across the Moon's surface???!!! HOW, pray tell, will THEY be able to get back to "home" "base"???!!! Think of the number of drones we WILL lose on that ONE, too!!! Moon "surface" "clutter". Well, OK, the Moon's atmosphere is nominally one (1) percent of the Earth's atmosphere. So.............................................................. Manned flights across the surface of the moon of are likely NOT possible with currently utilized technologies. There may be publically unknown advanced technologies available to make manned flights possible across the Moon's surface possible so will need to wait and see. STILL need Global Positioning System Satellites orbiting the Moon, though. UNLESS................................................... The Moon IS Flat. Like the pictures show.
  16. Link above is for the article. Link at the end is for the article video. No matter how one looks at it, the vaccine does contain multigenerational aborted fetal cell tissue components (likely mRNA) otherwise the virus would not have been grown in the multigenerational aborted fetal cell tissue. Johnson & Johnson are mentioned here as well as AstraZeneca. I do NOT think Pfizer and Moderna are outside of using materials completely outside of aborted fetal tissues and/or multigenerational aborted fetal cell tissue. VERIFY: Yes, Johnson & Johnson used aborted fetal cell lines in its creation of the COVID-19 vaccine Our VERIFY team contacted three sources to confirm how Johnson & Johnson produced its vaccine. Author: Cheryl Mercedes (KHOU) Published: 5:28 PM CST March 8, 2021 Updated: 6:58 AM CST March 9, 2021 Was the Johnson & Johnson vaccine developed from aborted fetal cell lines? It is a question many of you have asked the VERIFY team after the Catholic church issued a statement warning Catholics that the shot is “morally compromised”. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Committee on Pro-life Activities posted a statement online and social media. It said, in part, “The Johnson & Johnson vaccine … was tested and is produced with abortion-derived cell lines raising … moral concerns. Therefore, if one has the ability to choose a vaccine, Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccines should be chosen over Johnson & Johnson.” Ms. Adams, Victoria, and several others asked the VERIFY team, “Did Johnson & Johnson use cells, derived decades ago from an abortion, to create the vaccine?” We have three sources for this: The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Johnson & Johnson Dr. Amesh Adalja, a Senior Scholar at Johns Hopkins who treats infectious disease, critical care and emergency patients and also works on pandemic policy. “The vaccine itself does not include any kind of fetal cells. However, the vaccine is manufactured using fetal cells, as is the AstraZeneca vaccine. The origin of these cell lines is from aborted fetuses,” Adalja said. Johnson & Johnson issued a statement to the VERIFY team saying, in part, “There is no fetal tissue in our Janssen COVID-19 vaccine. Our COVID-19 vaccine is an inactivated/non-infective adenovirus vector (similar to a cold virus), which codes for the coronavirus “spike” (s) protein. We are able to manufacture hundreds of millions of doses using our engineered cell-line system that enables the rapid production of new viral vaccines to combat many of the most dangerous infectious diseases.” So where do the aborted fetal cells come in? Dr. Adalja explains they were used to produce the adenovirus vector. “What happens is they grow the virus through those cells. They then harvest the virus, filter all of that material. What you get in your vaccine is actually the virus that's been engineered,” Adalja said. Dr. Adalja says, while the COVID-19 vaccine is getting a lot of attention right now, fetal cell lines are used to make many vaccines. “The Chicken Pox vaccine, the shingles vaccine, the hepatitis A vaccine, the rubella vaccine, one of the rabies vaccines, all used fetal cells. So, this is nothing new,” Adalja said. So, we can verify that Johnson & Johnson did use aborted fetal cells in its creation of the COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Adalja adds fetal cells are an important part of life-saving enhancements. He says has full confidence in Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine.
  17. People doing this kinda thing to our National Guard and Military MUST be drawn AND quartered ON THE SPOT!!! National Guard Soldiers In DC Intentionally Fed Raw, Undercooked Meat, Meals Laced With Shaved Metal For weeks, National Guard troops have been fed poor quality meals as they remain deployed in DC. by ANDREW WHITE March 3, 2021 Multiple Michigan National Guard troops have been hospitalized after being repeatedly served raw, undercooked meat, including meals with metal shavings, while deployed in Washington DC. A whistleblower revealed to 7 Action News that National Guard troops in DC were being served raw, undercooked meals for several weeks, causing many of them to get sick and be sent to the hospital. On Sunday, almost 75 meals were subsequently thrown away after they were found to have contained pieces of metal inside. The disturbing report also suggests that service members have been subject to inadequate portion sizes when being served meals. For breakfast, “You were getting maybe a Danish and some sort of juice,” said the sergeant. For dinner, “we had certain days where it was clearly a dinner roll and Sunny D.” In one instance, 12 National Guard members fell ill after receiving undercooked meals, with some being hospitalized. After the food issue was revealed to the chain of command, there was a noticeable change on the boxes, according to the insider. “They said alright, we’re going to make sure we spot check them. And we’re also going to start having them add temperatures to it,” said the whistleblower. “At 140, you cook that chicken, undercook it to 140, and now you’re telling… you’re telling us that it’s… a 30-minute drive. This is what they say on the little placard that’s (inaudible) good for four hours. No, it’s not. It wasn’t good from the start and now it’s had hours to become even more dangerous.” Democrat Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer has reportedly been informed of the situation, saying that the food quality was “unacceptable.” Rep. Brenda Lawrence plans to try the poor quality food for herself while eating with the Michigan National Guard this week. “Now after the raw meat yesterday for dinner they have told us not to eat the meals for the next two days and are giving us MRE’s instead,” said the anonymous sergeant. “Soldiers are now paying for all their meals for the next two days in order to get real food.” In response to the allegations, the National Guard released a statement. This would not be the first time that National Guard troops in DC have been subject to mistreatment following the inauguration of Joe Biden. Just two days after he was sworn in, National Guard troops were ordered to sleep on the floors of parking garages. President Donald Trump allowed them to be housed for free in the Trump Hotel in DC as a result, as National File reported. Respite for the National Guard does not appear to be on the schedule any time soon. As National File reported, The Biden regime is demanding that National Guard troops should be deployed in DC through the fall of 2021.
  18. You Go, GIRL!!! The basic issue is the Satanic gender change. Satanic gender change should NEVER be allowed OR accepted on ANY level. Genesis 1:27 New International Version 27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. So, if God HIMSELF creates male AND female, do men and women make males females AND females males? WHAT, pray tell, is the image man and woman are creating for THEMSELVES???!!! YEP!!! UGLY SATANIC IMAGE(S)!!!
  19. YYYEEEAAAHHH BBBAAABBBYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! South Dakota passes bill banning biological males from participating in female sports to mark Women’s Day 9 Mar, 2021 03:11 / Updated 1 day ago FILE PHOTO.Reuters / Eric Draper South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem vowed to sign the legislation that will ban biological males from competing in female sports, following other Republican-controlled states in sending a message on gender politics. “We're celebrating International Women's Day by defending women's sports,” Noem said Monday on Twitter, minutes after the South Dakota Senate passed the state's Women's Fairness in Sports legislation. “I'm excited to sign this bill very soon.” South Dakota's bill was passed after Mississippi lawmakers approved similar legislation last week. Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves said on Thursday that he would sign the bill, making it law. Idaho last year became the first US state to enact a law barring transgender females from competing in girls' and women's sports, but a federal court ruling has held up implementation. South Dakota and Mississippi were among about two-dozen states that had such legislation pending this year. The bills are advertised as protecting girls and women from unfairly having to compete with biological males. Among other concerns, parents have raised fears that biological males with physical advantages over girls could stand in the way of their daughters winning college athletic scholarships. The legislation also reflects efforts by Republicans to push back against Democrats on transgender politics, including President Joe Biden's Inauguration Day executive order expanding LGBTQ discrimination protections. The order condemned denying children “access to the restroom, the locker room or school sports.” The political divide was evident on Monday. While Noem, a rising star among conservative Republicans, was touting a bill banning transgender females from female sports, Biden marked International Women's Day by creating a White House Gender Policy Council and announcing that two female generals would head US combat commands. Before it was passed on Monday, the bill ran into unlikely opposition from some members of the Republican-dominated legislature. Republican Senator V.J. Smith argued the passage of the bill would be tantamount to a “political statement,” that is bound to be challenged in a federal court. Opponents of the bill have argued that it's discriminatory and purports to solve a problem that doesn't exist. While there is believed to be no transgender females playing in any high schools sports league in the state, instances of transgender females dominating women’s sports have grabbed headlines in the recent years. For instance, two transgender girls dominated Connecticut high school sprinting championships, leading to lawsuits filed last year by the families of female competitors who said they were deprived of track titles and scholarship opportunities. In 2018, Rachel McKinnon, a Canadian transgender woman, became a world cycling champion in the 35-44 age bracket, drawing complaints of unfairness from some competitors. McKinnon defended her title the next year, attracting more attention to the cause.
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