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  1. Thanks, Thug! More good news on public information as a basis for eliminating the Maliki and associates Crimes Against Humanity criminals! Why does this article come out today with other news of the Iraqi Parliamentary sessions postponed? Hopefully, this will give room/time for the Maliki and associates crime machine to be comprehensively removed. I would like to see them removed by the ICC and never to return or interfere in Iraq or anywhere again. In my opinion, removing Malik and associates will give the Iraqi Parliament more unfettered capabilities to pass and implement the remaining necessary laws very soon. I find it interesting there is a noted Maliki tie to Tehran in the article. Maybe some Iranians implicated in Crimes Against Humanity with subsequent prosecution by the ICC? Hopefully, there will be international pressure on Iran to get out, and stay out, of Iraq's business!
  2. Thanks, Thug! Cutting off the financial resources of ISIS is really good news! Who is going to provide resources and/or fight for nothing? If the oil is cut off and their stores of currency destroyed, what is left for ISIS to fund itself? I can't imagine ISIS has any banking Letters Of Credit (or equivalent) anywhere in the world. Could be a fairly quick descent to the end for ISIS with highly pared resources. Hopefully, we'll see!
  3. It does not appear as if the key laws mentioned recently in the Iraqi news media were addressed by the Iraqi parliament on 19Jan16. My impression is there is some remaining key issue(s) yet to be addressed that were not addressed during the month long holiday. I am somewhat uneasy about, "..........the presence of a large international conference from various Islamic countries." The bombing of Sunni mosques by Shiite factions would appear to best be addressed by the upcoming (hopefully) National Guard Law so that these issues can be addressed internally to Iraq for their sovereignty and stability. However, the international conference may be a way to an agreed framework with other countries for Iraq to exercise their sovereignty without external interference. I am curious to see if Iran will be at this conference and what influence Iran will try to exert. Hopefully, the Iranian militias will be retracted from Iraqi soil immediately as well as any Turkish troops and the remaining ISIS elements are allowed to be squashed unhindered like bugs. Overall, I think the protest by absence from the parliamentary sessions, although substantive, is largely symbolic and a means to clear the way from external and menacing influences for the remaining and necessary Iraqi Parliamentary laws to be passed and implemented. Passing and implementing these laws would be very, very good news for us, in my opinion. I am giving the Iraqi Parliament about a month to get their act together. Right now, is looks like they are running around like a chicken with their head(s) cut off. I am anticipating more concerning and misinformative news for the next few weeks. If the Iraqi Parliament is still discombobulated in mid February, then I will be very concerned. For now, more drama and entertainment.
  4. Thank You, Yota! I really like the phrase,"........especially like the Marshall Plan strategies........" In my opinion, social, political, economic, and regional (related to Iraqi border controls) stability is a key component to sustaining the value of the revalued IQD. This seems to be good news for us if these type of initiatives are appealing to the Iraqi people and they are able to focus on rebuilding (maybe near term investment opportunities, here) without being hindered and obstructed from achieving their desired standard of living. Hopefully, sectarian and religious strife will be averted by the National Reconciliation (and the like) initiatives.
  5. Thank You, Yota! Looks like more misinformation from the Iraqi news media outlets indicating, to me, things are heating up nicely. Yota, thanks for highlighting the last statement indicating a position from the contrarians. The Kurdistan region getting their share is likely not what Maliki and Nassif want but this is really what is happening. So, looks like good news for HCL related behaviors from a functioning government apart from Maliki and associates.
  6. Thank You, Yota! Hopefully this will be an indication of peaceful behaviors by Iran and Iran following through with their commitments going forward. However, I just don't trust the actions of Iran in Iraq and Iraqi affairs as well as Iran's dealings with the US and other developed nations. We'll see what Iran does and how governments respond to their actions.
  7. Thank You, Yota! Good news here. in my opinion, Iraq having control over it's borders for control of terrorists, provide humanitarian relief, provide for the return of displaced people, and begin reconstruction demonstrates Iraq is on the road to establishing national sovereignty for it's territory. With help from Australia in this instance. A more difficult side is the border with Iran. Hopefully we will hear similar news for the Iraq/Iran border soon and Iraq/Turkey as well with Iranian and Turkish troops off Iraqi soil.
  8. Thanks, Yota! If Kurdistan actually did receive the 17%, it looks like provisions of the HCL are being observed. Hopefully, it is more than just an HCA! I suspect this next week will have more good news about the HCL.
  9. Moose57 - How true. The solution to the school (and life's) problems is right there. Just need to apply! SnowGlobe7 - Oh, Yeah - Thanks for posting!
  10. Tigergorzow - The extensive official Iraqi news outlet misinformation is one of the key indicators, for me, to what we have been looking for is soon to occur. I could be wrong, but I think the event we have been looking for should occur very soon and likely before the end of 1Q2016. I think there are a few major laws in the news that need to be passed, Maliki and associates on the prosecution train via the ICC, ISIS smashed like a bug, and the foreign (Turkish and Iranian) troops off Iraqi soil before the event will occur. All of these things look like, to me, they are on the verge of reality and will occur soon. Thanks for your post.
  11. .....the delegation is only 12 people that will go to Baghdad on the 17th..... 12th man, 12th man...... Must be Texas Aggies - GIG 'EM AGGIES!!! Oh, yeah, the Texas Aggies will get 'er done!!! The 17th is our day!!!
  12. Divermaster5734 - thanks for the feed back. Yes, if only 47% of all Americans would wake up and get themselves off of the US Government support system, the resulting actions would in fact shake and inspire the entire world - likely for eternity and in the history books for sure!
  13. Hmmm....... The video seemed to make a position statement or communicate their philosophy for their existence and a promotion of their ideals. I may have missed it, but what is the Coming Big Event?
  14. Looks like good news to me! Now why would there be a need for SMPs at this point? Hopefully the SMPs can forward any CBI or other corruption attempts to the appropriate corruption exterminating authority and we get the event we have been waiting for!
  15. Apparently, this is a Hilla Textiles plant. If the investment is in dinars, then 3,000,000,000 dinars/(1,100 dinars/USD) = 2,727,273 USD. The production claimed is 60,000 m2/yr or 71,760 square yards per year or 230 square yards per day for a six day work week. This is roughly equivalent to a strip of fabric one yard wide that is laid on a football playing field 2.3 times side to side and hardly covering any football playing field area. This doesn't seem like a significant textiles plant but maybe the type of fabric makes it significant.
  16. Zebra0101 - I have been tracking the IQD/USD exchange rate for some time on Lately, the high has been 1,106.37 IQD = 1 USD. The low today I saw was 1,089.00 IQD = 1 USD. Looks like the low has been slowly reduced by 1.00 IQD each day (approximately) on An approximate 2% spread on implies a high of 1,106.37 IQD = 1 USD and a low of 1,084.24 IQD = 1 USD. Maybe of interest, the low of 1,084.00 IQD = 1 USD could occur on or about the 19th of January when the Iraqi Parliament is back in session after their holiday. Not sure if this means anything, but here's hoping that January 19 or there abouts will be the day we have all been waiting for!
  17. I agree with Laid Back. To me, this indicates an increasing push to pull all of the old dinars off the streets and replace them with dollars. With the slowly declining exchange rate, the locals may want to be rid of all the old dinars sooner than later. I suspect Iraq will RI/RV when the desired amount of old notes are pulled in and simultaneously introduce the new and lower denomination dinars. The increase in value of the dinar will then help pull all the dollars out of circulation (will take more dollars to get a dinar) so the locals will want to rid themselves of the US dollars as soon as possible.
  18. DinarThug - Or whatever Maliki would like to consider himself a Vice President or Prime Minister of!!!
  19. I would think anyone impersonating a Government Official in any capacity would be prosecuted and suffer the consequences. As DinarThug mentioned, I would like to see Maliki Airdropped into Mosul from high altitude and no parachute! And then for added grins, maybe a few time and then all over him to cover up his stench!
  20. Najafi appears to be a coconspirator with Maliki. Hopefully Najafi will be taken up in the ICC crimes against humanity drag net with Maliki along and all the other cohorts in allowing or promoting Daesh or ISIL to succeed.
  21. My opinion is if Maliki tries anything stupid, he will be dealt with swiftly by international authorities - hopefully Interpol directing him to the ICC.
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