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  1. 8 minutes ago, bigwave said:

    Let's see:


    23.4 - 90 degrees is   


    Wait for it....



    66.6 degrees.


    We obviously have to agree to disagree on this one...

    The description I gave is obvious to note the 23.4 degree tilt NOT the 66.6 degree tilt since I did note ACTUAL gravity and REAL rotational inertia of the rotating spherical (geoidal) earth orbiting the sun.


    Foolish to propose a Flat Earth with intent to deceive.


    So, indeed, Flat Earth proponents DENY global positioning satellites.


    I can say from personal experience that global positioning avionics were manufactured and used in personal and private aircraft long before cell towers or other stationary orientable devices (except for OMNI stations). were built.


    Further factual  notations that a Spherical (geoidal) earth is, and always has been and always will be, the case until the New Heaven and the Neq Earth are here.

    Flat Earth is a nonsensical attempt to deny physical and repeatedly provable facts proving the spherical (geoidal) earth that Flat Earth suppositions vehemently DENY.


    Flat Earth is, obviously, a LIE!

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  2. 2 hours ago, bigwave said:

    I say to you sir:


    The earth is tilted at 66.6 degrees and "wobbles" while spinning like a top at 1,000 mph.


    The earth also is leaping around the sun at 66,600 mph.


    The earth and sun are in the "spiral arm" of the milky way galaxy and traveling at 249,000 mph.




    The whole universe is expanding at 2 million miles per hour.




    We will never be "here" again.

    No, the earth is NOT tilted at 66.6 degrees.


    The spherical (geoidal) earth polar axis is tilted at 23.4 degrees from the mostly circumferential orbital path around the sun. A 66.6 degree tilt is nonsensical from an axis of rotation stand point. Rotational inertia and gravitational effect of the sun/spherical (geoidal) earth determine the 23.4 degree tilt and rule out a 66.6 degree assessment entirely.


    For the rest of Your comments, gravity is ABSOLUTELY real as noted earlier AND for constant velocity, no acceleration effects are realized.


    So we all are spinning at nominally 1,000 mph at the spherical (geoidal) earth at a constant angular velocity. Due to gravity, the earth’s atmosphere is held so that we can move within that atmosphere accordingly.


    As objects (human beings included) are propelled above the earth’s atmosphere, they orbit the spherical (geoidal) earth at a faster angular velocity up to the geo synchronous orbit of nominally 19,000 miles above the mean sea level of the spherical (geoidal) earth. Farther than that, the orbit is slowed below the earth’s rotation.


    So, again, why the flat earth lies?


    Flat earth has no basis whatsoever in, especially, a Biblical framework and BASIC reason shows readily a flat earth is not a depiction of reality.


    No relevant credentials support a flat earth.


    Only LIES support a Flat Earth!

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  3. It amazes me that some people, in spite of all rational assessments, still hold a flat earth view.


    A flat earth isn't possible for basic reasons:

    • The sun and moon rise and set as noted in the Bible. A flat earth model has the sun and moon disappearing in the sky and reappearing in their circular orbit above the flat earth. This just isn't possible.
    • Oriented by the poles of a spherical (geoidal) earth, there are stars in the Northern Hemisphere not able to be seen in the Southern Hemisphere. Likewise, there are stars in the Southern Hemisphere not able to be seen in the Northern Hemisphere. A flat earth model would have all stars equally visible at all points on the flat earth. Another reason flat earth is not possible.
    • The circumpolar route in the Antartic Ocean is a much smaller distance than the distance around the earth on the Equator. This, again, is yet another reason flat earth is not possible.
    • From a modern standpoint, Global Positioning Satellites are not possible with a flat earth. Depending on the orbit of the satellites around a spherical (geoidal) earth, some satellites are orientable at a given point on a spherical (geodial) earth at a given time. As the satellites orbit, some will arrive above the horizon into an orientable position while others will leave an orientable position having passed over the horizon. A flat earth model would have all satellites detectable at all points on a flat earth. So, another reason a flat earth isn't possible.

    The premises a flat earth are based on do not account for basic principles such as light diffraction and, amazingly, gravity and are based among many other inconsistencies. The flat earth hypothesis is easily and readily dismissed.


    A common theme I have had in discussing what flat earth proponents are interested in is the flat earth proponents are interested in deceiving the gullible as a power trip. Likely the flat earth proponents are fully aware of the lies they are promoting yet gain great pleasure in deceiving others.


    Time to realize the flat earth philosophy for what it is - A BLATANT LIE!!!

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  4. I really appreciate all you have done for us, Adam!


    I trust you enjoyed the tryptophan as most of us did!!!


    I have always appreicated your very balanced perspectives on the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar.


    Pretty sure the ReValue/ReInstatement will take us all by surprise so remain hopeful for all the reasons noted and more!


    Go Moola Nova!

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  5. On 5/15/2021 at 8:06 PM, bigwave said:

    Wow to call me stupid.


    I have more degrees than you can shake a stick at.


    Good luck.


    Peace to you and yours.


    Degrees in WHAT, pray tell???!!!


    Regardless of YOUR, BigWave's, "degrees", YOU, BigWave, are OBVIOUSLY LYING by saying the Earth is Flat.


    I have been fortunate enough to find people (albeit VERY FEW) in the last few months who have interacted with Flat Earth "adherents". The common take away is Flat Earth "proponents" are LYING AND INTEND TO DECEIVE.

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    The video can be accessed through the link.


    Some questions to ask:

    • Isn't the COVID vaccinations to date an end all to COVID vaccinations?
    • Doesn't one round of COVID vaccinations kill ALL current and future COVID variants?
    • Who is paying for all the "free" COVID vaccines?
    • WHY, pray tell, an indication FUTURE COVID (or other) vaccinations (COVID booster or otherwise) will need to be administered?
    • WHY, pray tell, are non COVID vaccinated persons being encouraged or required to wear the (criminally indicating) mask?


    I suspected this future contagion season, maybe starting as early as September in some regions of the US, will be another session of fear mongering where all the Kool Aid drinkers will be up in arms about "the race for the cure" AND "target NON COVID vaccinated individuals EVEN THOSE WHO HAVE HAD COVID AND FULLY RECOVERED WITHOUT BEING VACCINATED AGAINST COVID.


    My concern is the immune system compromised having taken the COVID vaccination(s) will suffer the greatest harm. These people may need to undergo non COVID related vaccinations for other contagions their bodies would have successfully combated if they had NOT taken ANY COVID vaccination.


    The real indicator will be about a year from now after this coming Fall and next Spring contagion seasons to indicate overall population immune system integrity with and without the COVID vaccinations.


    I had COVID both in January of 2020 and this past March of 2021. Hey, I am still here having NOT been COVID vaccinated while now having the natural immune system antibodies to fight future exposure AND NO lingering effects. I suspect the March of 2021 bout with COVID was with the Delta COVID variant. This one was somewhat milder than the early strain I had in January of 2020.



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  7. On 4/6/2021 at 5:33 AM, bigwave said:

    Wow I took a look at NDT and the title cought my eye:


    Was the moon landing faked:


    Well he are some pictures that I found curious:

    This one shows 2 light sources on the "apollo" 11 mission:


    and again:


    and again:


    this person is completely light up - in the shadow:



    What ALWAYS amazes me is the COMPLETE STUPIDITY of denial of ACTUAL physical phenomena by the STUPID Flat Earth "adherents".


    Light refraction is REAL and is relevant to excluding STUPID Flat Earth "postulations".


    Flat Earth "adherents":

    • Lie OBVIOUSLY.
    • Deny TRUTH.
    • Deny Gravity is REAL.
    • Deny Light Refraction is REAL.
    • Deny the Sun RISES AND SETS.
    • Deny the Earth's atmosphere is dynamic and travels at nominally the same angular velocity of the Earth of ONE (1) rotation per day WHICH IS FOUR (4) minutes off time PER ONE (1) degree of rotation.
    • Use "doctored" "documentation" TO "promote" THEIR "theory".

    AND so THEE STUPID Flat Earth "adherents" "promote" THEIR FALSE DOCTRINE.


    Flat Earth "adherents" "desire" A "forum" TO "debate" THEIR STUPIDITY.




    :facepalm3:   :facepalm3:   :facepalm3:


     :shakehead:     :shakehead:     :shakehead:

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  8. a·poc·a·lypse
    1. 1. 
      the complete final destruction of the world, as described in the biblical book of Revelation.
      "the bell's ringing is supposed to usher in the Apocalypse"
    2. 2. 
      an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale.
      "a stock market apocalypse"



      Whether ‘home-made’ or ‘foreign’, vaccine-resistant variants are highly likely to cause more (severe) disease in vaccinated as compared to non-vaccinated subjects. This is because the latter may still dispose upon a fully functional arsenal of CoV-nonspecific Abs provided they are seronegative for CoV-derived S protein. As a result, vaccinees will soon constitute the predominant source of Sars-CoV-2 infection and cause a dramatic surge in viral infectious pressure. As pre-symptomatic vaccinees will increasingly serve as a reservoir for Sars-CoV-2 infection, non-vaccinated persons should refrain from mixing with vaccinees.


      As patients with severe Covid-19 disease need hospitalization, circulation of vaccine-resistant variants is not only going to overwhelm the health care system but also pose a tremendous risk to all health care workers as the vast majority of them have already been vaccinated. Consequently, health care workers as well will be much more susceptible to contracting Covid-19 disease caused by vaccine-resistant variants.



      A sorry state of affairs come Octoberd/November 2021 when the next contagion season starts. Sure, a fraction of the population will be severely affected at the onset with others to follow as time progresses that have received the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine.


      Mass Pandamonium in the making.


      1. wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar.
        "pandemonium broke out"
        WHAT, pray tell, will THEE "vaccinated" "do"???!!!
        Beyond THEE OBVIOUS, "Dude, yer SCREWED" THEE "outcry" WILL BE for ALL "others" TO BE FORCED INTO THEE SAME "fate" OF "serial" "vaccinations".
        NOT me.
        COME AND TAKE IT!!!
        Personal Health supercedes MASS mRNA "vaccination" STUPIDITY!!!
        I project a couple things (ONE MAN'S OPINION):
        • "New" infectious AND contagious strains will be promulgated as the new cause for action mantra in the Whirled Wide IDIOT News Media.
        • The lies will become bigger and bolder since the Bleeple Sheeple succumbed to the previous lie and responded accordingly by WILLINGLY becoming vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine.
        • By year end 2021, a new propaganda campaign will be in full swing to target critical thinking and acting groups and individuals criminalizing non adherents LIKELY termed as "non" "vaxers".
        • THEE "useful" "idiots" WILL DEMAND "compliance" AND OPENLY HARRASS AND OTHERWISE CAUSE PHYSICAL DISTRESS TO critically thinking and acting groups and individuals.


        Are YOU LOCKED AND LOADED???!!!


        Without a doubt, IT is COMING!!!

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  9. 5 hours ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

    Actually his abuse of several members, myself included, have been noticed. More than likely he's going to be dealt with unless he changes his attitude. I've noticed that as I've been less and less abrasive he's becoming more so. I've mentioned several times in another thread to him about his abuse to no avail. As Moderators we like to give members a wide variance until enough is enough. 

    Anyways, he's been on Mod review before and is fast tracking for it again. Please feel free to report his abuse if you wish to speed it up. 

    I would suggest caution in your estimation in who is abusive, LadyGrace'sDaddy. In light of OBVIOUS facts and the supporting documentation, YOU, LadyGrace'sDaddy, are CLEARLY the ABUSER.


    Misrepresenting facts then CLAIMING someone else is abusive is UNDENIABLY unacceptable. Taking a stand for what is right AND for those who adhere to TRUTH is NOT abusive REGARDLESS of the "contestants' while YOU, LadyGrace'sDaddy, chose to be A "contestant" of TRUTH.


    So, OK, BAN me for FACTUALLY acknowledging the Earth is SPHERICAL (geoidal) in shape AND/OR Socialism / Communism / Fascism / Nazism / Leftist / Liberal / Progressive is antithetical to True The United States Of America Patriotism.


    NEITHER of the positions noted by ANY "contestant" is acceptable.


    This is NOT an idle declaration. Get me banned for noted behavior OR SHUT UP, PAL.


    Eradicating critical thinking is NOT a panacea in ANY respect for TRUTHFUL observation AND application REGARDLESS of the "contestants".


    So, banning me OR RESTRICTING me in ANY way FOR, FACTUAL critical thinking in ANY respect for TRUTHFUL observation AND application is very telling of the Administrators, Staff, AND Moderators AND affiliation.


    After all, WHO, pray tell, would want to be part of an affiliation who DESPISES TRUTH AND Critical Thinking???!!!


    Critical Thinking would note Flat Earth "beliefs" AND Socialism / Communism / Fascism / Nazism / Leftist / Liberal / Progressive "philosophies" as UNACCEPTABLE.




    I EXPECT an IMMEDIATE action.



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  10. 19 hours ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

    You're right, I submit to your opinion of my Luciferian nature. If only I could be as Godly and Holy as you. Your love for your fellow man is ASTOUNDING and I think everyone should aspire to be more like you. 


    YOU, sidestepped AND missed the whole point HERE:


    1 Timothy 1:3-7

    New International Version

    Timothy Charged to Oppose False Teachers

    3 As I urged you when I went into Macedonia, stay there in Ephesus so that you may command certain people not to teach false doctrines any longer 4 or to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies. Such things promote controversial speculations rather than advancing God’s work—which is by faith. 5 The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. 6 Some have departed from these and have turned to meaningless talk. 7 They want to be teachers of the law, but they do not know what they are talking about or what they so confidently affirm.


    First, it is for the poor souls who are entrapped by the LIE of a Flat Earth.


    Second, it is for the poor souls who find themselves "contested" by Flat Earth "believers' in the LIE the Earth is Flat AND declared by the Flat Earth "believers" to be deceived AND part of a Luciferian scheme of a SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth while the Earth IS ACTUALLY SPHERICAL (geoidal) in shape NOT Luciferian in nature SINCE God The Son Jesus Christ CREATED THE Earth THAT WAY.


    Colossians 1:15-17
    New International Version

    The Supremacy of the Son of God

    15 The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 16 For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. 17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.


    Thirdly, it is for the poor souls who have not received God The Son Jesus Christ as THEIR sole means of salvation due to the shed blood of God The Son Jesus Christ on the cross who was crucified to death and was resurrected to life due to Flat Earth "believers" LYING by saying the Earth is Flat.


    The line is crossed when people make mention of a SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth as a Luciferian scheme while the Earth IS ACTUALLY SPHERICAL (geoidal) in shape.




    I can understand YOU, LadyGrace'sDaddy (and other Flat Earth "believers"), do NOT "feel" the love in what I am saying while it is THERE.




    IF, I did NOT care, I would NOT say anything.


    Flat Earth "believers" are ENTIRELY unwilling to acknowledge the ACTUAL physical principles THEY experience WHILE viewing the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth BY SIMPLE OBSERVATION.


    On a SLIGHTLY more complex scale, current technologies (even the Starry Night software) DEMONSTRATE IRREFUTABLE PROOF THE Earth IS SPHERICAL (geoidal) IN SHAPE.


    So, AGAIN, WHY, pray tell, the OBVIOUS LIES THE Earth IS Flat???!!!



  11. James 4:17

    New International Version

    17 If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.


    Proverbs 25:26

    New International Version

    26 Like a muddied spring or a polluted well
        are the righteous who give way to the wicked.


    When something isn't quite right AND the person KNOWING something isn't quite right does NOT address the situation or issue THEN:

    • Lack of addressing becomes tolerance.
    • Tolerance is viewed by others as acceptance.
    • Acceptance is perceived by others to be support.
    • Support is required by others to be applied when necessary.
    • Application is demanded by others at ALL times in ALL ways WITHOUT contest OR thinking.
    • THUS slaves are created.

    So, then, WHAT, pray tell???!!!


    Personal Acknowledgement, Personal Responsibility, AND Personal Ownership.


    Let's define these.


    Personal Acknowledgement:

    • ACTUAL facts in the matter.
    • ACTUAL principles related to the matter.
    • TRUTH at ALL times.

    Personal Responsibility:

    • Application of Personal Acknowledgement.
    • Acceptance of external influences relevant to Personal Acknowledgement.
    • Encouragement and support to external entities operating under Personal Acknowledgement.

    Personal Ownership:

    • Ownership of one's body.
    • Ownership of one's mind.
    • Ownership of one's skills and talents.
    • Ownership of one's time.
    • Ownership of Personal Acknowledgement and the benefits or consequences thereof.
    • Ownership of Personal Responsibility and the benefits or consequences thereof.
    • Ownership of one's information.
    • Ownership of one's possessions.
    • Ownership of one's land.

    The MOST sustainable of these is based on the Four (4) Textual Cornerstones:

    • The Bible.
    • The Constitution Of The United States Of America TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights / Declaration Of Independence / Federalist Papers.
    • Blackstone English Common Law (stripped of the Crown Entity obligations).
    • Magna Carta.

    So, a personal view and application of the above is partially summarized by what I shared earlier:


    Here are some things I came up with fifteen years ago of my own volition. Maybe not original but my own estimation of values.




    The heart of the nation is the center four (Equal Justice, Constitution, Free Thinking/Responsible Individuals, and Allegiance).

    The soul of the nation is the center top two and center bottom two (Personal Ownership, Territory, Security/Technology, and Military)

    The conscience of the nation is the middle two on the left and the middle two on the right (Blackstone, U.S. Constitution, Judiciary, and Law Enforcement).

    The strength of the nation is the four corners (Magna Carte, The Bible, Executive/Legislative, and Unique Economy).


    There are relationships between the Physical and Foundation such as the Executive/Legislative and Military, Territory and Security/Technology, Personal Ownership and The Bible, Magna Carte and Unique Economy and others. Each of the items in the matrix here have their unique and definitive definition that for brevity I will not include here. I only post for viewing and consideration.


    Here is a diagram of the balance of necessary items:




    Any one of these spheres of influence left to themselves is highly problematic. The balance of them all would suggest the most necessary form of government is the County Government. More can be said about the health and integrity of any community by what happens on the County Fair Grounds year around with the types and amounts of activities relevant to the community while still having exposure to the County Government elected and appointed individuals so that Government is of the people, by the people, and (notably) for the people. Here is the culmination of the aspirations of We the People and making the best use of the God Given Reason and Common Sense to avert enslavement of any sort. Personal Responsibility begins with the person the the nuclear family (one man married to one woman with associated minors), extended family, church, community, and (lastly) the County without State or Federal interference.


    The Functional Sphere is anything physical necessary to conduct one's affairs apart from external impositions. As such, Personal Ownership is key while Government only apportions Appropriate Taxation with Moral constraints. Willful Freedoms are a balance between the Functional and Moral Spheres with limited framework provided by the Government. Lastly, the Moral Sphere is the Church (Body Of Jesus Christ) that provides the Basis for Principled Governance so that the Government can provide Laws and Policy only where necessary.



    In light of ACTUAL facts in THIS and ALL matters:


    Appropriate Principle ABOVE ALL People. ALWAYS. If anyone is above the Principle, the People are abused. If the Principle undermines the People, the People are also abused and the Principle IS NOT Appropriate.


    - Synopsis


    In light of Deconstructionists, THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION TO TAKE A STAND AND REVEAL TO THEM THEN STAND AGAINST THEIR InAppropriate Principle(s).


    THIS Great Nation AND the peace of We The People THEREWITH depends on True The United States Of America Patriots STANDING AGAINST THE Deconstructionists WHETHER THEY BE Flat Earth "believers" AND/OR Socialist / Communist / Fascist / Nazist / Leftist / Liberal / Progressive AND/OR JUST PLAIN STUPID.


    Well, of course, STUPIDITY in ANY form MUST NOT "rule".






    My biological father AND paterfamilias is an HONORABLY DISCHARGED The United States Of America Marine. I never served in The United States Of America Marine Corps. HOWEVER, I was "regularly' "drilled" by an HONORABLY DISCHARGED The United States Of America Marine being my biological father AND paterfamilias. One of the "regular" "drills" was, "THINK ABOUT THE NEXT GUY THAT HAS TO USE THAT!!!".


    In light of, "THINK ABOUT THE NEXT GUY THAT HAS TO USE THAT!!!", yeah, as a True The United States Of America Patriot, I consider the graves of those who SERVED AND DIED AND WHY THEY SERVED AND DIED AS True The United States Of America Patriots. THEY paid it forward. SO MUST I AT ANY COST REGARDLESS OF THE STUPIDITY OF THE "contestants" TO PAY IT FORWARD FOR OTHERS AND MY Descendants.


    I shudder to think of the STUPIDITY the NEXT generation will have to deal with ALONG WITH THE FALLOUT of the STUPID Flat Earth "believers" AND/OR Socialist / Communist / Fascist / Nazist / Leftist / Liberal / Progressive "adherents.


    So, NO, as a True The United States Of America Patriot, I will NOT allow STUPIDITY to "rule".




    NOT ME.

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  12. On 4/3/2021 at 9:04 AM, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

    The IGNORANCE of this comment is beyond belief. Whether flat or a ball, a series of satellites looking down from above WILL locate anything. If you cannot understand this SIMPLE fact of physics then you introducing yourself into this INTELLIGENT DEBATE just to call everyone STUPID shows your own level of childish, immature and uneducated nature. 


    LadyGrace'sDaddy, YOUR comments are SO STUPID HERE.


    Due to the Earth ACTUALLY being SPHERICAL (geoidal) in shape AND Global Positioning Satellites orbiting the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth, NOT ALL Global Positioning Satellites will be able to feed the Global Positioning Satellite device since MANY of the Global Positioning Satellites will be orbiting AND below the horizon of the SPHERICAL (geoidal) shaped Earth.


    In a Flat Earth model, ALL Global Positioning Satellites will feed the Global Positioning Satellite device AT THE SAME TIME.


    Since ALL Global Positioning Satellites do NOT feed the Global Positioning Satellite device at THE SAME TIME, the Earth can NOT be Flat but SPHERICAL (geoidal) in shape.


    So, AGAIN, LadyGrace'sDaddy, WHY, pray tell, ALL THE LIES of a Flat Earth???!!!

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  13. On 4/3/2021 at 9:16 AM, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

    I'm shocked that someone claiming to be a staunch conservative has sunken so low as to make the same format in his argument as a Luciferian liberal. 


    For starters, using an Astrologer, a science that is FORBIDDEN in the word of God :facepalm1:

    Then the BIMBO begins by admitting that she doesn't even know why we're having this conversation. Like a Demon possessed liberal she's so blind that she doesn't even realize that in her statement she shows her unwillingness to even consider the evidence from both sides. 



    So now you are a liberal or blinded by a demon so powerful that you don't even realize the sinful nature of your statements here. 

    Which is it?


    For starters, it is ASTONOMY NOT Astrology.


    What IS Luciferian is a Flat Earth.


    Flat Earth "proponents" are promoting a Luciferian philosophy that the Earth is Flat.


    Flat Earth "postulations" are STUPID and hold NO WATER.


    The sun rises AND sets as a SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth DEMONSTRATES.


    The sun does NOT "appear" AND "disappear" in the sky as the Flat Earth Model shows.


    So now you, LadyGrace'sDaddy, are a liberal or blinded by a demon so powerful that you don't even realize the sinful nature of your statements here. 

    Which is it?


    Well, it IS clear. LadyGrace'sDaddy IS:

    • Liberal.
    • Blinded by a demon so powerful LadyGrade'sDaddy doesn't even realize-------
    • LadyGrace'sDaddy's sinful nature of LadyGrace'sDaddy's statements HERE.


    We ALL know, LadyGrace'sDaddy, the Earth IS SPHERICAL (geoidal) in shape by PERSONAL OBSERVATION AND BY MATHMATICAL MODELS.


    Starry Night is a very accurate computer model to show where the celestial bodies are located, were located, and will be located. ALL BASED ON A SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth SINCE THE USER NOTES THE POINT OF VIEW BY THE LOCATION ON A SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth.





    So, again, WHY, pray tell, THE LIES, LadyGrace'sDaddy, of a Flat Earth???!!!


    Here is an ASTONOMY/Astrophysicist who brings out some relevant points. Did YOU, LadyGrace'sDaddy, catch them?


    Look at the 3:21 to 8:03 section.



    What he is describing is a key REASON WE DO NOT LIE TO PEOPLE ABOUT A Flat Earth.


    The Bible does NOT describe the Earth as Flat.


    NEVER does the Bible describe the Earth as Flat.


    Saying the Earth is Flat LIES to people. HOW, pray tell, are THEY going to know the ACTUAL TRUTH of the Bible IF one claiming to be a Christian says the Earth is Flat since the Earth is NOT Flat???!!!


    STOP LYING the Earth is Flat, LadyGrace'sDaddy, since YOU, LadyGrace'sDaddy, are a Luciferian tool to turn people AWAY from the TRUTH of the Bible by saying the Earth is Flat (since the Earth is ACTUALLY SPHERICAL (geoidal) in shape), AND God told YOU, LadyGrace'sDaddy, the Earth is Flat (since HE did NOT), AND the Bible says the Earth is Flat (the Bible does NOT say the Earth is Flat).

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  14. On 4/1/2021 at 4:29 AM, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

    So listen to the beginning as the XR-71 pilot describes all he can see from just 80 plus thousand feet. 


    Not possible on a ball earth. 






    EVERY view of the earth shows a CURVED SPHERICAL Earth. At the altitude noted, OF COURSE the pilot could see ALL he described on a SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth.


    As a side note, my biological father AND paterfamilias had his Cessna 175 avionics changed out with modern (at THAT time) Global Positioning System avionics. GPS is NOT possible for a Flat Earth.


    Flat Earth is STUPID.




    NO doubt about it.

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  15. 9 minutes ago, Slave2Spartacus said:

    What About this One.?







    :facepalm3:   :facepalm3:   :facepalm3:


     :shakehead:     :shakehead:     :shakehead:






    1 minute ago, bigwave said:

    AA shows this:



    Quantum Shows this:


    The return gives options:



    I guess I ain't as smart as the airline people.


    Like I said earlier in this thread - If and when the dinar goes off I buying a balloon, getting a camera and take bets from any and all ballers and we will see....


    Peace brother,


    Come on RV. 




    The times noted are LOCAL times AND LAY OVER TIMES ARE ALSO NOTED!!!


    :facepalm3:   :facepalm3:   :facepalm3:


     :shakehead:     :shakehead:     :shakehead:

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