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  1. I'm a wealth manager @ a bulge bracket firm and I don't know any bank that's accepting Dinar.
  2. I hope this post is a joke. BofA is hiring advisors because they are looking to expand, not because of IQD. This forum is becoming more of a joke as days go by. Their direct competitor is morgan stanley smith barney and they have more advisors than ML, although assets under management per advisor is a bit less. They are hiring more people why? some double digit million people will retire this year, and there are alot of opportunities. Seriously, I come to this once in a while to get some information but it's becoming a joke.
  3. bingo... Flame on. If indeed it does LOP, I would not care since I didn't lose a dime..well I was invested for years so I did lose some to inflation, but that's was worth the opportunity cost. I've always stated, invest what you can lose. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. In any case, I would love for it to RV, but it doesn't I'll just exchange it back to dollars.
  4. Not to burst your bubble, but how would a regional private banker in a retail branch know anything about the underlying issues behind all of this? He isn't even in an impressive position at wells fargo, and please don't throw out titles like VP, Relationship Managers, and etc since to become a VP at a financial institution, all you need to do is fog a mirror. Maybe he has insider information that we do not know. Again, I'm just basing my statement on the tone of your post. I too a long time investor and holding a decent amount of dinar. Cheers.
  5. I agree with the OP. I've been a long time dinar investor, and I've always stated this investment is pure speculation. When I read the board, I can see desparate hope in 90% of threads. Titles such as "Holiday RV", "Jesus and RV", "It must be this friday", sorry to break it to you folks, but holidays, Gods, and weekends have nothing to do with RV. It will RV when the time is right, and that's all you need to know. Sit back and enjoy the show, I pretty much stopped posting on this forum because everyone yelled out "RUDE" when a thread was not in their favor. You can tell yourself what you want to hear all the time which is, "I will be a millionaire overnight by sitting here with my $2,000 investment in Dinar" or you can tell your what you need to hear which is, "I'm not sure if this RV will happen, so I better invest what I can lose, and move on with my business" Take care all.
  6. I wouldn't bet my money on Gold and Silver...JPM is already shorting silver. Gold is at 1504 today, how high do you think it'll go? My guess is that it will hit 2000 in the next 3-5 years then the bubble will burst. Precious metals do have a place in a portfolio to hedge against inflation but you can usually make out better with treasury inflation protection securities. What I did to invest in commodities is invested in commodity-linked notes. It has 2-1 on the upside with 10% downside buffer, and rather than investing in just gold or silver, it's a basket of well diversified commodities. I would personally be long on equities right now, short bonds, and invest 5-8% of your total liquid worth into a basket of commodities or TIPS.
  7. I own over 15 million in Dinar, and I came into this investment years ago. I still do not expect to be a I negative? or am I being realistic? It's all subjective.
  8. I have not posted here in a few months, but I think you guys are missing the boat here. The story here is always the same, it still did not happen, and the stupid rumors roll-in like clockwork. I have been invested with dinar for a while, and I realize there is no money or ROI in waiting for something to RV. My brother has been buying and selling dinar, and the profits are tremendous. I keep a few on my side JUST IN CASE it RVs but the real money is in buying and selling dinar for the spread. I would have never guessed how desperate some people are at wanting to strike "rich" with barely no work. The brokers are taking advantage of that emotion and selling dinars like hotcakes.
  9. Correct, let's make a list of rumors aka entertainment for tuesday morning. 1. All bank rumors: Your friend at the bank, your friends friend at the bank, your uncle at the bank, your uncle's friend at the bank, or for that matter ANYBODY at the bank does not know anything. The so-called head of currency desk at your branch is aka Teller manager. The real head of currency is sitting on top of a high rise building in a major city raking in $500,000+ a year not sitting at your local branch. Even that person does not know anything. 2. All okie dokie, Terry, Furry whoever it is, does not know anything more than you and me. List of things to do 1. Keeping positive does not mean dreaming in la la land of overnight bajiillionaires. Keeping positive is hoping that it will revalue or appreciate in value over time...sooner the better. If you are dreaming in la la land, then you are dreaming. 2. Invest what you can afford to lose. Don't bet your house on it. 3. Be patient. Nothing is made over night, and if you honestly want to get rich, go out there and work for it. IQD is not a ticket to instant bajillionaire status, such things do not exist.
  10. Your banker can get fired for that kind of advice or even fined or jailed if he's licensed. Tell him to watch his words, I'm looking out for his safety.
  11. I'm looking to liquidate some of my investments in Dinar. I'm in NYC and would meet in person at a public location. Price tag is $1000.00 all 25k notes.
  12. pumpers are neccessary to keep the pipe dreamers in the clouds. You know the ones who give positives to okie and teller rumors and give negatives to actual news and concerns.
  13. I would not bank your retirement on the Dinar. It's way too speculative, and does not give you any sort of guarantees. There are many ways to ensure a safe retirement, but you better atleast have a few million in a 401k, IRA, or some sort of a plan. If not, you'll be working longer.
  14. Poor soul, the kid sounds like he would have killed himself no matter what it was though. It goes to show "Guns don't kill people, people kill people"
  15. again, you resort to nothing but personal attacks and humiliation. Pathetic. The OP has a valid concern and seems like he wanted to share it with us. This is better than hearing omg5dollaRVomg which in turn really makes me think it's not going to RV.
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