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  1. It was planned to indoctrinate Americans into believing Islam is a peace loving religion, which it is not. They can call it whatever they want they want to force us into Sharia Law which is totally unacceptable
  2. we will agree to disagree Dog. Thanks for your service to our Nation
  3. Big difference. Islamics are doing this in the name of Allah. Saying G#d d@mn is not doing something in the name of G&d but is cursing God. Our soldiers are not killing to glorify God their doing the job set forth by their Government. Islamic terrorist are doing as setforth in their religion. They are terrorist in the name of Allah.
  4. Islamic terrorist shouting while murdering innocent people is a cause of alarm. They are in their on way trying to glorify allah. Per the Islamic writings their acts are done out of vengeance and to scream to their Allah says that they are doing this for allah.
  5. it's sad when the Russians can see the big picture and our government cannot
  6. NO. That is an in country problem. Let them handle it themselves. If Islam was the religion of peace we would not even be having this discussion.
  7. Rheem Weatherking hands down. Register it online for 10yr compressor warranty. 4 ton heatpump should run you sbout 4500.00 from an honest contractor unless you need ductwork improvements etc. Problem with contractor speciald (Goodman) is that they rate their units at different temps. Goodman 4 ton unit is 4tons at 78 degree indoor temp. Rheem, Trane, Carrier rate theirs at a lower temp. To get the same cooling out of a Goodman you will have to increase it to 5 ton.
  8. Things are falling into place very well. We are almost there. WOOOOHOOOOOO
  9. Thanks Adam, now if I can remember where I hid that box with the dinar in it.......
  10. hmm I wonder what the strategy is Adam is referring to???
  11. That would be worse than slamming your junk in a car door. I think rather have a Ted Nugent Charlie Daniels ticket.
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