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  1. Reading all these mixed messages on the days that I log into this site are so confusing...One sometimes wishes that they could have a one to one conversation with someone who actually has the intelligence and logic to rationalise all this BS
  2. Well said Uncs...You have possibly verbalised what many are thinking...
  3. I am wondering what effect the death of Osama Bin Laden will have on the expected Rv of the Iraqi Dinar...Would appreciate reading some of your thoughts...
  4. Coukd someone please tell me the benefits of a VIP Membership?
  5. Good Morning... Is this RI/RV going to happen ...or is it just a pipe dream...I read all here that say its going to be tomorrow year etc etc...I am patiently waiting for something to happen but I do know if I was a citizen of Iraq I would not be so patient... :So I am wondering on all your predicted dates
  6. Couls members on this forum please give me their perspectives on the prospects both positive and negative of the possibilities of the Dinar RV with the current state of unrest that is settling into Iraq now..My thoughts would be that it would be a positive to would give the masses cause for jubilation ,,,,your thoughts all
  7. An interesting read..Perhaps the pundits here should not be speculating on an imminent RI/RV but the how long it will be before there is a change of government ... "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"
  8. To read all the positive and negative posts on this forum is refreshing ... Perhaps it will revalue soon but I am no longer holding my breath in anticipation..The only way one really gets ahead in life is to work ...So I am away to work again..Happy waiting
  9. Now that the budget has passed..How long can they effectively carry on as they are now without revaluing or reinstating their currency...In the past years budgets have been put in place and there has been no RV/Ri...Can it still continue to be that way?
  10. Good Morning...I read the information posted and Like some wonder if I wait in vain for an investment to pay off ...I am assured it will be soon but 2011 is moving toward 2012...My question is this one today..with the American economy on very shaky ground is it important to the US financial economy for the Dinar to RV...Also with all the troubles looming ahead for the ME would it not be in the interests of Iraq to stall the RI/RV till much later till they see the outcome of this current crisis which could very well evolve into a much larger unknown scenario? ..
  11. I read articles on these forums about this happning or that happend but could someone explain(without knocking me) why its necessary for the currency to be RI/RV at this particular time..I know sanctions have been lifted but the middle east is still so volatile...Thanks
  12. An interesting open read of the rare positives on this site which is important for those on this site as they need some balance to put into prespective the rumors/ficticious facts that abound on this RV/RI is not going to happen until the GOI/IMF intends it to happen...and who knows how long that will be??? Ad infinitum could be the answer
  13. I spoke to the agent I bought my Dinar through this morning and asked him of all this speculating and rumors and his comments are they are merely rumors and hype.. the dinar is not going to be RI?RV short where does that leave all the rumor mongers??????
  14. As I sit flood bound with plenty of time to reasearch some of the info on this site ..I would like someone to tell me Honestly why they think the Dinar Revaluation is so imminent ..and secondly what do readers define as imminent?
  15. I agree with you ... I have had Dinar for two years and it is only now that I live in a state of expectation and I wonder why..From my perspective I cannot see it being RV for a few months yet. although it would please me if it were soon...being someone who needs to read true facts or and encouraging signs.. I am yet to see or read of the long term positives relating to the stability of Iraq
  16. I am wondering how we will know if the Dinar has been RV because there will be no one here left to tell us you will all be down at the bank cashing in...
  17. Thank you for informing me..It 's always nice to learn something new
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