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  1. I agree .. give in kind and compassion as everyone has a story .. and sometimes even the smile you give to someone may be the only one they will receive that day ..
  2. Just love the Red Negs ... Thank you
  3. My only comment is that it seems so different now than at other times when it was “soon” or “imminent”.. To me everything seems so subdued .. and much is notable by its absence. I read into Adam’s weekly update that he is quietly positive but at the same time reserved in comment. To receive his text would be an awesome Christmas bonus. Even guru speaks are continually moving the goal posts back and forth. I cannot get excited but I pray that the ride may soon be over, because my plate is full with taking care of everything around me .. And the bonus of the RV even at 20 cents would be the icing on the cake of a stress free life. But as I head into my 12th year on this train I like every other passenger will have to wait till they call Folks this Journey ends at the next station..
  4. Tears of Joy I hope 😊
  5. I and many others I am sure admire your confidence .. Bless you Young man
  6. It may be correct but nothing is going to change anytime “soon” .. The value will limp into 2020 as valued now methinks ..
  7. Fantastic suggestion .. However as I head into my 12th year since I bought my Dinar .. I will depart in a simmer frame 😀
  8. All well and good .. Now they need to increase the value of the currency..
  9. .20 cents would do me as I don’t aspire to great wealth .. wish to live my final years without any hassles ..
  10. I’m wondering if the temporary budget will include a rate change?
  11. I’ll make sure my beloved is late for his funeral because he has never been on time for anything in his life... lol😊 But as we too are getting older by the day I just hope we are both around to see this Dinar ride end with a profit .. if that could be possible 😊
  12. It is funny 😀because it seems like we are all idiots in waiting lol ..
  13. Thank you Adam and your team for your updates.. The days between your weekly update seem to fly by fast..
  14. Thanks GregHi.. Reading about the everyday life of the people of Iraq brings to us in the west what the potential could be for the citizens if the Government and others in authority actually had their interests and their country’s interests at heart and made a difference for them instead of lining their own pockets with the gold and silver that abounds. Educating the young properly will ensure the future of Iraq .
  15. Well you may laugh and red ruby me .. however as I read the news nothing indicates to me that it’s going to be an “imminent event”
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