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  1. I could smile if it were to be that close also I am wondering should I Dust of the Dinar holding bag?..
  2. Your confused BETTYBOOP ... My brain is addled plus I have a headache and it’s only 7am in the morning here 😊
  3. I agree.. Things have gone quiet on almost every front ... I am wondering how much longer they can string it out.
  4. Keep the momentum of your enthusiasm up it cheers the jaded spirits along ..
  5. I would be great to think that it will be July, however I think that it could well be 2020 .. They extended the Parliament one month to get laws passed and Ministers in place and they have Done nothing constructive towards either .. Talk about an apathetic lot ...
  6. Thank you Adam .. Your update was very much appreciated..
  7. You have lost we with your calculations ... I’m old and still use an Abacus 😊
  8. Hi Adam , hoping all is Ok and looking forward to your next update.
  9. Gurus are like Seargant Schultz ... “They know nothing”.
  10. Without being a Debbie Downer I think the train will be still running this time next week ...
  11. Was expecting a recant ... because with all the smoke and mirrors news about does anyone really know but those in the know ...
  12. I’m quietly excited and Nervous at the same time but buoyed by all your enthusiasm.. one thing I am going to do is to get my husbands 1991 F150 refurbished and converted to automatic , it’s only done 105k but because it is Real petrol guzzler it was deregistered and has sat in a shed for 25 years.. Ill health may prevent him from long term enjoyment and long trips but it will be good to see it on the road again .. And stop people from door knocking to buy it ...
  13. Thanks Floridian.. interesting post as we wait and 🙏...
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