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  1. hehe good one rendahll. stay safe and dont forget tomorrow is friday. weekend ALMOST here.
  2. If you have a fancy smart phone like my evo you can do what I do. I cancelled Comcast TV and Internet, and also cancelled my landline. I "tether"my evo to my pc and viola, "free" internet. Of course, I have Sprint with an unlimited data plan. I turn my evo into a 4g hotspot which gives network access to my pc and my ps3. Ps3 can stream Netflix, youtube, and has a built in web browser. I can download any show that broadcasts on tv, just the next day. It's actually quite the setup. So now I have a landline $30, cable tv $50, cable internet $50, Sprint Evo w/ Family plan w/ 2 phones $120. I'm sure you're son can help you set it all up!
  3. That's awesome. We need one of those at Squaw Valley! Thanks for the video Nelg.
  4. Come on Legolas, let the guy have a some fun. It's quite easy to dupe the unsuspecting and for some, it can be very entertaining.
  5. Sometimes you have to make your own fun, whether anyone else likes it or not. Nice prank last night dooder!
  6. Do a search for "where is adam" and you will see how annoying this thread topic must be for Adam. :lol:
  7. That sounds very sketchy. I don't think I'd really want to be working in Iraq, especially in 2012. It's the wild wild Middle East.
  8. I did? It was a list that showed religion next to each name. I just pointed out that none of them said Christian. I will thank my 3rd grade teacher for the qualifications to do that. Ok, thanks for your input. Now let's try to stay on topic.
  9. "The 100 Greatest Heroes includes profiles--ranked in order of significance--of the world's most spirited warriors and explorers, politicians and entertainers, innovators and peacekeepers, police officers, doctors, and nurses." Check this link out. Not all heroes are war heroes. Not for nothin' but I don't see any Christians on the list.
  10. Starring Maliki, Shabibi, Sadr, and Biden!
  11. Isn't there already a warrant out for Sadr? Apparantly it means squat.
  12. All this drama over oil... It's crazy in this day and age of technology. I, for one, am ready to move on. I wonder what that big, bright, glowy thing in the sky is for. I wonder why there are batteries freakin' everywhere. I wonder why we figured out how to make energy out of wind, water, geo-thermal, solar, etc and the world chooses to fight over oil.
  14. We don't need to own the world to be free and prosper. I appreciate what freedom I have left. It is this attitude that is tightening the noose around our necks. Your negs won't change my opinion on this issue.
  15. Dude you're on fire lately.
  16. It's called file sharing. He is just making a backup available online in case anyone loses their original that they paid for. Thanks InNoVision, very helpful.
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